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The 5 Best Wavetable Synthesizer Reviews for 2020

April 15, 2020 Catchy

Wavetable synthesis is one of the techniques used to produce note-like sounds. In this case, an instrument’s note is sampled and parsed into a sequence of wavetables. They differ from additive, FM/AM, and subtractive synths. You can use the best wavetable synthesizer to create pads and drones that change in different ways to sustain the note. Moreover, you can make percussive sounds by using the angular waveforms with a short envelope.


5 Best Wavetable Synthesizer On the Market


5 Best Wavetable Synthesizer Reviews

#1. Our Top Pick -Modal Electronics Argon8


The Modal Electronics Argon8 is designed to be massive in sound and complex in character. With a 32-oscillator configuration, it has a lot to offer when it comes to creating note-like sounds. Even with its slick-looking design, it provides eight voices of polyphony, and it is packed into an aluminum and steel chassis. You will also like the fact that it has 37 keys with aftertouch, allowing you to enjoy a lot of sound design features.

Key Features 

1. Powerful Sound Engine 

According to the manufacturer, the Modal Electronics Argon8 has a new sound engine that delivers complex synthesis. With a cross-complaint USB connection that enables you to use it as part of an integrated setup. Also, there is a free software editor for mobile and desktop platforms.

2. Envelop Generators 

The unit comes with 3 dedicated envelope generators for FILTER, MOD, and AMP and can be accessed independently or simultaneously to include negative versions.

3. Stereo FX Engines

It has 3 powerful user-configurable and independent engines that can create sophisticated delays, flanging, phasing, rich choruses, and lush reverbs.

4. Excellent Durability 

With aluminum and steel chassis plus bamboo end cheeks, this is a durable wavetable synthesizer that looks quite beautiful in the studio and can easily withstand heavy gigging. It provides ample connectivity that fits snugly into the existing multi-synth setup.

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#2. Novation Peak Synthesizer


The Novation Peak Synthesizer is a powerful tool designed for music-making. You will find the layout fairly intuitive and great for the desktop module, where there is minimal space. Its oscillator banks reside on the left side, and signal flow is quite straightforward.

You can go through the mixer and then into programmable mod sections and envelopes before hitting built-in effects. The oscillators offer you standard wave shapes that deliver FM modding capabilities and unique shaping that encourage experimentation with different sounds.

Also, you can get a ridiculous amount of modulation choices to shape your patches. Also, there are several low-frequency oscillators and envelopes. Thus, you can easily create a lot of polyphonic movement. Also, there is an ability to dial the expressive polyphonic aftertouch from the external devices.

Key Features 

1. New Oxford Oscillators 

This synthesizer uses two waveform techniques: 17 digital wavetables and numerically-controlled oscillators. Other important things include post-filter and pre-filter distortion per voice.

2. Compact Design

This wavetable synthesizer has a compact desktop design with a die-cast aluminum stand for proper positioning.

3. ADSR Envelopes 

The unit comes with 3 ADSR envelopes and 2 LFOs per voice. It also has animate buttons for high-quality reverb, modulation switching, and chorus effects.

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#3. Waldorf Quantum Wavetable Synth

Waldorf Quantum


After a lot of painstaking development, came the Waldorf Quantum Wavetable Synth. This is a groundbreaking synth that is known to be powerful yet flexible. Its digital oscillators, plus their efficient simplicity and immense power, help generate quality sounds for music-making. You will find this to be truly a great synthesizer. In fact, its elegantly engineered interface and lots of features are yet to be seen on the hardware synths.

Key Features 

1. Touchscreen 

You will find the touchscreen display quite useful. In fact, maybe you are spending a lot of time with rotary pots, but the presence of touchscreen offers an important clue and escape route when delving into the architectural depths of programming.

2. Adequate Storage 

Remember that this is a sampler that provides 4GB of storage. That means you can import your samples from the SD card. Its playback functions can be compared with the traditional sampler. You should note that audio samples offer fuel that is exploited by the oscillators in different creative ways.

3. Handy Additions

The synth has a local preset system that offers a useful starting point for massive sound creation. Thus, you can save your presets and build your own libraries of your favorite settings.

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#4. Dave Smith Prophet-6

Dave Smith Prophet-6


The Dave Smith Prophet-6 boasts similar LEDs, graphics, and buttons. It has a vintage interface and offers the much-needed control to access all the new features. You will find this synth stable enough that you do not need to be concerned with tuning. It is analog enough to make a slop between the oscillators as needed.

Key Features 

1. Filters and Mixer 

Just like other vintage analog synths, it comes with a lowpass filter. Also, you will love the versatility that comes with the highpass filter. In fact, it has a resonant highpass filter. This is a new design that has been found to work quite well to create amazing effects, formant simulation, nasal sounds, and more.

2. LFO

You can easily direct the LFO modulation to every oscillator. Also, you have the freedom to control the amplifier with LFO modulation, and this increases synthesis capabilities. This can affect highpass and lowpass filters independently and simultaneously. In addition, the LEDs assist you in keeping tabs on the filters you are modulating.

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#5. Modal Electronics Portable Wavetable Synthesizer

portable wavetable synthesizer


The Modal Electronics Portable Wavetable Synthesizer is highly compact but stylish. Measuring only 150mm wide, it is not a grand scale synth, but you will be surprised to learn that it sounds big. The beneath molded plastic exterior is an extensive synth engine with a lot of playability and control.

This digital synthesizer integrates beautifully with the computer-based devices in a wide range of ways. That makes the importance of making pots quite easy to rotate fully. Although it is a non-expensive unit, the pots are exclusively Bourns encoders that feel great in use and offer a certain degree of assurance.

Power us supplied by the 3 AAA batteries. That means you can use your synthesizer as a standalone unit. Even then, there are many real-time control features available for you. All the filter options and oscillator functions are there.

Key Features 

1. App Connectivity 

You can use this digital synth with the Modal App. Thus, you can link this device to your iOS or Android device. The good thing about this is that it allows easy editing and makes a nice user experience.

2. High-Level of Integration

You will find the level of integration being highly usable and pleasant. It has a modern sound-especially when you sync two oscillators, and the filter is characterful with the morph-based tricks. Ideally, you have a powerhouse with a pocket-friendly budget.

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What is Wavetable Synthesizer?

wavetable synth

Wavetable synthesis is a sound synthesis technique where the soundwaves are modeled into a single cycle waveform. With the use of this technique, a lot of interesting and cool sounds have been produced. In fact, this technique is considered the simplest and easiest form of synthesis. Thus, sound engineers can have a lot of fun experimenting with unlimited possibilities of morphing and textures.

Wavetable synthesizers play an important role in modern music production and making. Therefore, knowing how to use a synthesizer will go a long way in the music-making journey. The synth offers you the power to create amazing sounds without having to use a lot of controls, as found in most synths. There are different ways frequency generated may be manipulated to create a wide range of sound textures.


How to Choose the Best Wavetable Synthesizer

best wavetable synthesizer

Whether you are buying a new synthesizer or upgrading the current one, you will find the process a bit challenging. These are some of the factors you need to consider.

  • Features

Some synthesizers are meant to offer a lot of features as possible. You can even find synthesizers that are meant to produce specific sounds. Before you purchase a synthesizer, you ought to know the type of features you need and the synths that are on offer.

There is no need to save money to buy a synth that does not have the features you need. However, this does not mean that you pay a lot of money on a synth that is packed with a lot of features that you may not even need. Therefore, you need to find a balance between price and features.

  • Brand

The truth is that synthesizers can be quite expensive. Therefore, finding a budget synthesizer can be quite tempting. You should avoid being hasty when the deal is too good to be true. You should be careful and look for quality synths. Ensure you go with established brands and buy from authorized online shops.

  • Look Past Technical Specifications

The synth is an important instrument when it comes to music productions. No matter the features and functions a synth has, you cannot enjoy using it if its design does not suit you.

You may be surprised to learn that a synth can be great theoretically, but not practically. Therefore, it is advisable to get your hands-on with the wavetable synthesizer that you want to purchase. You can also read reviews and watch videos. It is advisable to go for modern synths as they have minimal problems.

  • Your Skill Level

The truth is that modern wavetable synthesizers are less complicated as compared to their vintage counterparts. However, you may find some to be quite difficult to master. Thus, if you are a beginner buying the first synthesizer, you should opt for something that is quite easy to play and learn without frustrating or discouraging you. If you are an expert, you should get a wavetable synthesizer that offers you freedom.



The above are the top five best wavetable synthesizers currently on the market. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you are sure to get something that suits your needs. When choosing one look at different features such as the sound engine, power, portability, and cost. In this way, you will find a wavetable synthesizer that works for you.