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Best Brand of Keyboard Piano for 2020

There’re loads of brands providing quality keyboard piano on the market. Each brand is specializing in producing keyboard pianos with special features and functions. So, with so many options, let’s see what’re the best brands of keyboard piano and which one you should go for!


What’re the Best Brands of Keyboard Piano?

Firstly, let’s dig into reviewing the best brand of keyboard pianos, including Yamaha, Casio, Roland, Kawai, and Korg.

1. Yamaha

If you have attempted to play any musical instrument, you have probably come across the Yamaha. This is a common name in the field of musical instruments. But just what is it? What does it stand for? In what ways does its line of products stand out from the rest? You will receive these and many more answers here.

For a start, Yamaha Corporation is a Japanese multinational that specializes in the manufacture of all kinds of audio and keyboard instruments. Like many of the top manufacturers of these gadgets, it is similarly, based in Japan. Find out the many superior benefits its product does have to confer.

Why Choose a Yamaha Keyboard Piano?

  • High-quality Sound

Topping the list of the many benefits that Yamaha has to offer is the exceptionally high sound quality output. Indeed, no other brand mimics the natural voices of the instruments at hand better than this particular brand. If you do not want to strain, we strongly recommend it.

  • Authentic Key Actions

Its key actions are authentic in the sense that they are unique and unlike any other. It hence goes that Yamaha is the brand of choice for the best digital piano with weighted keys. They hence have that distinct capability of generating higher quality sound outputs.

  • Ubiquitous Presence

Of all the leading brands of musical instruments and electronics, it is Yamaha that has the most ubiquitous presence. You will always come across the brand or its product regardless of where exactly you find yourself in at any given time. It is hence a brand you may rely on.

  • Excellent Customer Service Regime

One of the reasons that make many to love this product is the excellent customer service regime that characterizes it. Indeed, the company has put in place a robust customer service framework that seeks to minister to the needs of the many who have attempted its products.

  • Simplicity of Stature

Compared to the many other brands in existence at the moment, Yamaha is by far the simplest kind of brand. Its products are cheaper to understand as they are devoid of the ordinarily complicated traits. Many people, in fact, tend to use their products as the stepping stone to greater heights.

  • Wide Voltage Applicability

Many electronic pieces of equipment of these kinds are limited in their geographical reach and applicability. Not so with Yamaha. Instead, its products tend to be applicable in a vast array of voltage settings and geographical locales. On the strength of this feature, the products do imbue a sense of convenience to you.

  • Extremely Low Cost

Due to their simplicity, these products are similarly cheaper to come by. If all you care for is your own financial strength, you want to give the Yamaha line of products a topmost priority. You will not have to dig too deep in your pocket to be able to afford them as a result.

  • Lower Operational Expenses

Closely tied to the above is the benefit of the lower operational expenses. These are mainly brought about by the equally lower power consumption and the simple parts that do not require excess expertise to handle and operationalize. Why stress yourself with more sophisticated items with this brand at your fingertips?

Overall Thoughts

Yamaha is the brand to look up to if all you want is to launch your career in music. Its combination of the utmost simplicity, relative ease of use, and the lower costs of acquisition combine to make this possible. Is it not advisable for you to share this information as far wide as may be practically possible?

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2. Casio

Casio is undoubtedly a global leader in the manufacture of consumer electronics. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has a worldwide presence. If you are searching for the right keyboard piano, you must place this brand at the top of your list. But why is this the case? Well, our discussions hereunder endeavor to shed more light on this.

Why Choose a Casio Keyboard Piano?

casio brand

  • Strong and Durable

Casio keyboards are strong and durable. They consequently last longer than many other like-minded electronics. Expect them hence to take you further for a prolonged duration of time. On the same note, you will also spend less to care for and maintain them in their perfect shapes.

  • Latest Technology

Next, the brand does incorporate the latest technology. That is because it is constantly innovating and adding the latest features to its product offering. By choosing to leverage it, you stand a fairer chance of staying ahead of your peers and leveraging the latest benefits that come along.

  • Excellent Acoustics

Many people who have attempted to use these keyboards have noted that they generate excellent acoustics indeed. The sounds they produce are clear as they are completely devoid of the harmonics and other distortions that have been noted to arise with use. That leads to unambiguous sound outputs.

  • Long-term Reliability

Also stemming from their strength and durability is the fringe benefit of long-term reliability. This manifests in various shades. Key among these are the reduced costs of repairs and maintenance, limited incidences of breakdowns, and the reliable sound outputs that ordinarily come along. Also of note is the comprehensive back-end customer service support.

  • Pretty Affordable

Though packed with tons of elegant features, Casio offers lots of affordable keyboard pianos. Users have repeatedly noted that they cost less than other leading brands. No one wants to spend a fortune just to acquire a keyboard, certainly not you. That is one more reason why you should prioritize it.

  • Simplistic Stature

Inasmuch as the brand is loaded with many elegant features, it is still simple and way very convenient to master and engage. Several interventions exist for this to be realized. Chief among these are the instruction manuals, back-end support for ay starter and conveniently-placed controls.

  • Highly Versatile

Many of its line of products are designed to accept and pair with many vital accessories. In doing so, they extend the functionality of the keyboards considerably. It is this specific trait in fact that guarantees your long term use and application unhindered. You also get to earn more returns for your investments.

  • Modest Power Consumption

Compared to the many leading brands, the Casio range of products does consume modest levels of electrical energy to stay afloat. They are subsequently cheaper to operationalize. Even when you have to use them for too long, you won’t have to dig too deep in your pocket.

Overall Thoughts

You have all the good reasons to prioritize Casio in your search for the right keyboard piano. The benefits we have highlighted above are indeed awesome. They have also been noted to perform exceptionally well in the field of acoustics. Why not make appropriate plans to leverage the brand?

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3. Roland

Roland Corporation is a leading manufacturer of musical instruments. It also pioneers innovation that touches on music technology and instruments. One chief example of its milestone is the role it played in pioneering the development of MIDI that standardizes the synchronization of electronic instruments.

The company, like many leading manufacturers of electronic equipment, is based in Japan. You will find it situated in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture. Though it is first among equals in the field of the manufacture of musical instruments, it does have some inherent advantages. We dare to discuss a sample of these benefits here below.

Why Choose a Roland Keyboard Piano?

best roland keyboard

  • Higher Innovation

We have already explained how that Roland pioneer many technologies that elevate the musical experiences to the next level. This has seen its products feature the technology of tomorrow but in the home of today. You definitely want to tap into this one as well by purchasing its products.

  • Highly Versatile

Its range of products is highly versatile. That simply means that they have the ability to perform numerous closely related chores. The main reason underlying this is the fact that its products can attach to many accessories and extras. It hence goes that you get to enjoy a fairly high degree of convenience with them.

  • Latest Technology

Owing to its highly innovative stature and character, this brand’s products similarly feature the latest technology. If given a chance to choose its products over and above those of other brands, you will definitely want to prioritize this one. Your experiences shall never really be ordinary or of the common level.

  • Value for Money

The combination of the latest technology, higher innovation, and maximum versatility yield forth the benefit of higher value for money. Put differently: by choosing to work with this brand, you get to enjoy higher returns on your investments. That is definitely good as you obtain benefits for the amounts you spend.

  • Modest Power Consumption

Though its products are richer in quality, they do not consume too high power input. Instead, they consume moderate to low levels of power. That again is some good news for you as you won’t have to spend too much to operationalize the gadget after you have obtained it.

  • Variable Tones

The Roland line of products does generate variable tones. Its ability to mimic many of the sounds we make use of on a daily basis is what is chiefly responsible for the attainment of this feat. With these variabilities, you may be sure to be able to handle all of your recording and home applications with ease.

Overall Thoughts

There you have it! If you are still doubting whether or not Roland is a good brand, you have your answers explained above. As you may see, this is a brand that you want to pay maximum attention to. Its mix of quality traits is definitely something you want to take maximum advantage of all the while. So when, are you planning to make your own purchase?

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4. Kawai

Kawai Musical Instruments is a leading manufacturer of musical equipment. It is headquartered in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan but nonetheless has a universal presence throughout the world. The company is overall known for its electronic synthesizers, electronic keyboards, and grand pianos.

Why Choose a Kawai Keyboard Piano?

It was started out in August 1927 and has earned deep respect among the music enthusiasts. Several reasons attempt to explain this preference and respect. We have assembled and are going to look into some of these here below. They will guide you in your choice of the right brand.

best kawai digital piano

  • Awesome Sound Output

The sound output of Kawai stands apart from the many alternatives that exist out there. Its pieces of equipment generally exude some warmer and full quality tones of sounds. These sound outputs are generally devoid of any harshness that typify those of your ordinary pianos.

  • Long Experience

Kawai, as we have already stated, was founded in 1927. With close to 100 years of continuous operations, the company’s range of products is similarly rich in experience and hence better placed to accord the selfsame great benefits to any user. The long experience is manifested in the higher quality of goods.

  • Upgradable Parts

One of the worst nightmares of any user of a piece of electronics is the likelihood that the equipment will become too obsolete a bit too soon. That, of course, forces the users at the other end to dispose of the gadgets a bit too soon. Nobody wants that. Thankfully, Kawai’s products are upgradeable and hence long-lasting.

  • Exceptional Voice Clarity

On the whole, these products do reproduce exceptional voice clarity indeed. The sound outputs are not only devoid of any harshness but also leave behind almost no ambiguities at all. You will find the gadget a good one to deploy for use in enterprises and applications that demand such quality of output.

  • Wider Suitability

Owing to the superior strength and vitality of the apparatus, these products are useful for a wider variety of applications. You will find it worthwhile for use in chapels, schools, assembly halls, and recording studio facilities to name but a few! The pleasure of maximum convenience is here for you.

  • Commercial Values

The last spot is the fact that these products have awesome commercial values. They last longer, are more sophisticated and also tend to serve many purposes that center on large scale commercial uses well. You will find them particularly suitable for studio recording and other applications that border on large scale uses.

Overall Thoughts

You need not more conviction that Kawai is the brand of choice when it comes to musical instruments. The reasons we have explained above definitely vouch for its superiority and relevance insofar as the suitability for the purposes of expediting your musical performances are concerned.

Why would you trade the brand for anything else? If I were in your shoes, I would move with haste to take full advantage of this brand and make good use of the same. The benefits are far too many for me to forfeit or defer to a lesser brand.

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5. Korg

Originally founded as Keio Electronic Laboratories, Korg Incorporated is a Japanese multinational corporation. It does specialize in the manufacture of electronic tuners, recording equipment, guitar pedals, audio processors, and electronic musical instruments.

Other than these, it also manufactures electric guitars and guitar amplifiers which it handles under the Vox brand name. Beyond that, could it be that there is anything that makes the brand tick? Are there are unique or distinct traits that particularly make the brand stand out from the pack? Well, we have some answers to these questions in the ensuing segments of our discussions.

Why Choose a Korg Keyboard Piano?

Best Korg 88-key Weighted Digital Piano for Beginners

  • Unbridled Portability

If you are looking for a portable gadget, look to no other than this one. It is small and compact enough to haul from one place to another one. On account of this, it spares you from the struggles you have to undergo to deploy yours to the desired area of use.

  • Improved Playability

A host of features do combine to make the brand deliver on improved playability. Some of these are the exclusive 61-key Natural Touch mini-keyboard. This one requires limited effort and expertise on your part to handle and operationalize. Thus, it tends to give you the benefits you so yearn for but at less input.

  • Full-bodied Tones

Whenever the gadget is engaged, it does deliver some full-bodied tones and notes. By ‘full-bodied’ we mean tones that are rich and satisfying in sounds. They do not truncate or negate any vital component of the sound outputs as is the case with many of the alternatives that exist.

  • Compact Size

As Korg offers many portable keyboards, the brand of pianos also come at more compact sizes. The sizes being smaller, allow for the convenient handling and hauling to the remote or desired places of use. With these products at your fingertips, you may be sure not to confront too much hassle as you move along.

  • Elegant Finishing

The products that fall under this brand are not only designed for functionality. They also imbue a sense of elegance and aesthetics to the areas or locales wherein they are deployed. Many of its keyboard pianos have some distinctively high-quality mirror finish. Consider placing the same strategically at a room for all to see.

  • Awesome Makeup

Also of note is the fact that the products do exhibit some awesome makeup indeed. Some of the distinguishing traits the pianos exhibit are over-hanging lip and a square front. These two combine to allow for the projection of a true sense of quality. They also see to it that the items perform their tasks appropriately.

Overall Thoughts

For your pure piano enjoyment, the Korg is the brand to place your bet on. As you may deduce from the foregoing explanations, it does embody all the vital traits a brand of its stature ought to exemplify. Though you will dig deeper into your pocket to afford them, you will still be able to enjoy a lot more benefits.

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Recommended Keyboard Pianos from Best Brands

Let’s see some recommended models from these best brands.

Best Yamaha Brand Keyboard Piano


1. Best Professional -Yamaha YDP184R

Yamaha YDP184R has an upright design making it perfect for a living room. It is a professional digital piano for all levels of players including beginners to advanced pianists because it provides better features that are close to an acoustic piano.

The weighted keys also provide a feel of real piano at a considerable price. The quality of the sound is surprisingly amazing.

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2. Best Sounding -Yamaha P125

yamaha brand sounding best keyboard piano

The feel of the weighted keys on Yamaha P125 is realistic. The black keys are matte making it easier to play in high humidity areas and help to prevent mistakes since the fingers are less likely to slip.

Yamaha P125 produces a very rich and high-quality piano sound for players to enjoy. It’s great for intermediate players to improve their skills and is also great for beginners to improve finger strength.


3. Best Versatile -Yamaha DGX660

88 key yamaha brand keyboard piano

Yamaha DGX660 is a great digital piano that combined the features of pianos and synthesizers. It has hammer-action weighted keys and high-quality sound. In addition, you can enjoy a wide range of instrument voices and rhythms as well as other synthesizer functions.

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4. Best for Beginners -Yamaha P71

weighted brand keyboard piano

The first thing to notice about Yamaha P71 is the response and the action in the weighted action keys. They provide the feel of playing a real piano by providing more control over the touch of the keyboard. This feature makes it a good choice for beginners. Additionally, Yamaha P71 is a digital piano that has all high-quality piano essentials yet no bells and whistles to distract you. So, it’s great for beginners to practice.

The user interface and switching between keyboard voices make it easy to use. It has different voices giving you options to choose from. Also, it is slim and lightweight.


5. Best Budget -Yamaha YPT260

cheap keyboard piano

It is a good keyboard piano for learning because it has Yamaha Education Suite with 9-lesson plans, with step-by-step instructions, making it easy to play. The 61-keys is enough for a beginner, and this makes it portable.

Yamaha YPT-260 is around $100 and has a number of features that make it one of a kind. Even though the keys are not weighted, the piano plays very well.

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Best Casio Brand Keyboard Piano


1. Best Cost-Effective -Casio PX870

best casio brand of keyboard piano

Casio Privia PX-870 comes in the style of furniture, which has 88 keys with ivory and ebony key surfaces as well as a 3-pedal unit. The keyboards use hammers in the recreation of touch and feel of playing a real piano. The weight of the keys is close to that of an acoustic piano.

It comes with everything you need, from the learning tools for beginners as well as advanced features for pro players. Plus, it’s very cost-effective and you can enjoy the features that are not common in this price range.

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2. Best Portable -Casio PX-160

best casio brand weighted of keyboard piano

Casio PX-160 is very compact and portable making it easy to move around. Even though the piano is made of plastic, it provides a great feel and does not feel cheap. Its control panel responds to intention and it is very easy to navigate.

PX-160 has five grand piano sounds that are high-quality and are stereo-sampled. The sound quality gives it a feel of a real grand piano.


3. Best for Kid Beginners -Casio LK-265

Casio LK-265 is great for kids to get started with as it’s equipped with light-up keys for teaching. Because of it, you can easily learn different songs and gradually improve the piano skills. Plus, it comes with the Chordana play app, which has loads of funny features and functions for you to learn.

It is portable with 61 piano keys. The player can control the volume from light to moderate depending on how soft or hard you press the keys. The lighted keys are important for visibility. The lighted keys help in understanding the different keys and their functions.


4. Best Budget -Casio CTK-2550

casio cheap keyboard piano

Casio CTK-2550 is a good piano for absolute beginners.  It has built-in voices, rhythms, and dance music mode. This makes it easy for players to learn how to play. In addition, it has a Chordana Play app as well, which can transform music into games. This feature stimulates interest and lasting engagement with the instrument.



Best Roland Brand Keyboard Piano


1. Best Entry-level -Roland FP 10 Digital Piano

roland brand of keyboard piano

Roland FP-10 is advertised as an entry-level digital piano while it has some advanced features as well. For example, it’s equipped with Bluetooth MIDI that helps the instrument to be connected through a wireless connection to popular apps.

Additionally, it produces quality and natural sounds. The different key velocities do not produce specific sound notes which a good thing.

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2. Best Stage Piano -Roland GO-61K

roland brand stage piano

Roland Go-61K is one of the best 61-key stage pianos on the market. It is lightweight and can be carried around. The sounds produced are more than 500 and are of high quality. It has 61 keys that are touch-sensitive and offers an ivory feel.

It also has a Bluetooth MIDI control application that can be controlled using wireless devices.

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3. Roland JUNO-DS88

roland 88 key piano brand best

Roland JUNO DS88 comes with 88 weighted keys, with an ivory keyboard that gives it the feel of an acoustic piano. The instrument is balanced well, it is not too stiff. It responds well and the sound of the piano can be shaped on-board using the different filter types. It is very easy to use.

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4. Best Synthesizer -Roland JD-XI

roland midi keyboard brand

Roland JD-XI is a 37-key synthesizer. It has a big category knob that is helpful since it cycles through different categories of 256 sounds of the digital piano. It has both the digital and analog sides which makes it interesting.

The 37-keys are too small but JD-XI produces stunning sound quality. It also offers different sounds that make it useful.

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Best Kawai Brand Keyboard Piano


1. Best Upright Piano -Kawai KDP-110

best kawai brand of keyboard piano

Kawai KDP-110 is one of the best upright digital pianos. It has full 88 weighted and graded keys that are made of plastic with a matte finish that gives it a feel of a real piano. I did not notice any uneven spacing between the keys like it is evident in many entry-level digital pianos.

Each key is sampled individually with different volume levels thus providing high-quality sounds. Also, it has five built-in songbooks and gives players options. However, It is heavy and thus it is not portable for moving around.

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2. Best for Starters -Kawai ES-110

kawai weighted keyboard piano

Kawai ES-110 is compact, has good action, responds fast, affordable, and produces very high-quality sounds. The fast response is mainly because of touch sensitivity. The weighted keys give it a feel of an acoustic piano.

The 192-note polyphony number improves the quality of the sound for you to enjoy.

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3. Best Professional Stage Piano -Kawai MP6

kawai brand stage piano

Kawai MP6 is a professional stage piano. It’s very light, thus making it portable. The touch sensitivity of Kawai MP6 is magnificent. Additionally, the quality of sound is amazing. It provides the option of mixing various music. It offers USB connection capabilities and thus I was able to connect to a computer and other devices.

MP6 can record songs and the player is able to listen to their songs later on. The black and white weighted keys give it a realistic feel.

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Best Korg Brand Keyboard Piano


1. Best Digital Piano -Korg SP170SBK2

best korg brand of keyboard piano

The 88 keys are weighted and the sensitivity that both provide the feel of a real piano. It has speakers that are built-in and is a good instrument for the price. However, the sound is warm and rich. It uses stereo sampling technology for the sound and feel of an expensive grand piano. This gives it a sense of realism.

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2. Best MIDI Controller -Korg MKEYAIR37

best korg brand of midi

Korg MKEY AIR37 is a 37-key MIDI controller. It has a Bluetooth MIDI that promotes Bluetooth connectivity and excellent velocity sensitivity.

The stability, as well as the speed of the MIDI connection, is from a wired connection. The 37 keys are not weighted. It is small and portable and it produces great sounds for its price. It is made of plastic but provides unbelievably sturdy feel.

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3. Best Workstation -Korg KROME

best korg brand of synthesizer keyboard

Korg KROME Workstation is lightweight and portable. It has 88 semi-weighted keys that give the feel of an acoustic feel. It offers a variety of expressive sounds which makes it interesting. It’s a great workstation for you to create.

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Final Thoughts

Yamaha, Casio, Roland, Kawai, and Korg are all great brands of producing keyboard pianos. They come with different features that meet different needs. Do as much research as you can and find the best one!