Top 10 Best Upright Piano On the Market for 2020

December 12, 2019 Catchy

Buying a keyboard piano can be a really exciting investment. If you are the type of person who loves the upright piano, then you come to the right place. We’ve selected the Top 10 best upright piano on the market to help you to decide which one you should go for.


Top 10 Best Upright Piano On the Market 2019-2020


Top 10 Best Upright Piano Reviews 2019

1. Best Value Upright Piano -Casio Privia PX-870

best value upright piano

Brilliant features
  • 88 weighted hammer-action keys
  • Stylish design with a wooden cabinet hence attractive
  • Produces more than 18 tones
  • Four powerful speakers system
  • Comes with everything you need
Watch out for
  • It is a little bulky

Why we choose it

Casio Privia PX-870 is the first option that we would recommend for you. It has 88 weighted hammer-action keys. This gives you a chance to enjoy all that you want to be done, producing the best musical tunes. It gives you a detailed resonance and other 18 tones. Whoever the key that you need to can be achieved through this brand of piano.

The model pf this piano is just an extra-ordinary one. It is made of a wooden cabinet that has a sliding key cove. With the side stool, you can sit comfortably on the since the piano height is adjustable. It can be connected to the four-speaker system, and so any sound from the piano can be well magnified.

Are you looking for a piano for practice, recording, and performance? This is the best option that you can go for. This piano is not limited to any expertise, although you might have to learn the necessary skills for playing the piano before you can be comfortable with this.

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2. Best Yamaha Upright Piano -Yamaha YDP184R

Best Yamaha Upright Piano

Brilliant features
  • Very excellent and resonant piano sound
  • Super authentic piano touch feel
  • Delicate pedal unit
  • Anti-slipping and textured keytops
  • Known for powerful tone outcome
  • It has an LCD for smooth navigation
Watch out for
  • Relatively expensive

Why we choose it

Yamaha is a relatively beautiful piano brand that nearly everyone knows about. It has crowded the market today because it is one of the best brands people know about. Yamaha YDP184R is an upright piano with the CFX premium grand piano voice, which recreates the tone to produce a powerful outcome.

This piano is well designed too with hammer three actions, whose tops are well coated with synthetic ivory keytops. This adds a tactile surface to absorb finger moisture. This means that you can play with this piano for a long time without feeling some discomfort of finger flipping. It also has a virtual resonance modeling, which allows for varied expressions and so you can produce more than what a concert can demand from you.

With your package, you will not only get the piano but also get the music stand, padded bench, a power supply, and a sheet music book. You don’t have to buy any accessory alongside the package.

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3. Best Affordable Upright Piano -Lagrima 88-key

best budget upright piano

Brilliant features
  • A versatile upright digital piano
  • Connects to other devices through a USB connection
  • Its recording function helps you to track your practice
  • Very affordable price
Watch out for
  • A bit confusing

Why we choose it

Lagrima 88-key is a great upright digital piano for beginners. It’s equipped with 88 fully-weighted piano keys and educational features for you to get a proper way of learning.

This upright piano comes in two types but with similar specifications. When you make your order, any of them will be delivered randomly. They are an all-electric piano with the same outcome, and so you don’t have to be worried about the one that will be delivered to you. For an expert in playing piano, you might have to play around with the digitals standard 88 piano keys to get a marvelous feel of tone.

Unlike most pianos in the market, this very option gives you a multifunctional option. You can adjust the sound volume; select multiple tones, as you enjoy other functions at a go. It allows for recording and playback function. If you want to learn piano skills, this is the best piano to go for.

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4. Best Digital Upright Piano -Yamaha Arius YDP-144

yamaha digital piano

Brilliant features
  • Weighted keys for practicing finger techniques properly
  • Combines the piano and the string voices
  • Comes with an App to allow you access your favorite features
  • Authentic piano sound
  • Sturdy construction
Watch out for
  • Need two people to assemble

Why we choose it

Have you tried playing the piano, and you realized that your fingers were not flexible enough to follow instructions? Do not worry. This is something that happens to most people, especially for those who start the piano classes at old age. Well, you have to change your attitude and also go for the best piano for practice. Yamaha Arius YDP-144 is the best for this case. It has a GHS that is great for helping you to build finger technique.

Unlike most pianos in the market, this piano combines two voices so that you play it as though you are playing a keyboard and a string at the same time. Such an experience can be attractive to you so that you feel fulfilled even when you are just a beginner. This piano also outsmarts any other keyboard in the market when you are to play it alongside some music. It has a half-damper pedal control, which creates subtlety so that when the sound key is changed, the key tone can be maintained for some time to allow you to join the song on the current key.

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5. Best Upright Piano for Beginners -The ONE Smart Piano

Best Upright Piano for Beginners

Brilliant features
  • A full set of 88 keys
  • 4000+ sheet music & 100+ videos for learning
  • It is guided by LED lights to start it on
  • It maintains the music even when you change key by the use of the three pedals
  • Favorable for beginners
  • MIDI output and recording function
Watch out for
  • Limited song choices

Why we choose it

The ONE Smart Piano is yet another beginner upright piano option that you can go for. It is also recommended for beginners since it comes with 100+ videos, 4000 sheet music as well as tutorials and games in an App for your practice.

You don’t need any teacher to learn this piano as long as you are passionate about it. Piano training costs can be very high and inconveniencing, especially if you don’t get a teacher that you can understand well. To avoid such inconveniences, you should have this upright piano as your first teacher so that you get to advance your skills through other lessons.

Like most of the other pianos in the market, it has 88 weighted keys to give you the best outcomes. It also has three piano pedals and a classic wooden body. This gives you the best experience. It also supports Android and iPhone as well as other tablets. Basically, this is the best keyboard piano for beginners. Even most piano teachers love this very option since it easy to handle.

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6. Best Home Upright Piano -Kurzweil CUP2A

compact upright piano


Brilliant features
  • The keys are adjustable and touch-sensitive
  • It comes with a scrolling alphanumeric LED display
  • Comes with a matching bench
  • Relatively easy to operate
  • Polyphony number of 128 notes
  • Super compact
Watch out for
  • A bit costly

Why we choose it

Kurzweil CUP2A is a high-end upright piano recommended for home music. If your spouse is a musical, you should consider giving him or her a chance to enjoy playing this kind of time as you give him or her some beautiful dance. Kurzweil CUP2A is a wood embedded option with a hammer action, which makes it easy to play. With its touch-sensitive keys, you can be sure that every sound will come out as desired. It has ten selectable response levels, which assures you that you will have a variety of musical tones to make use of.

This piano also comes with a matching bench that you can use in case you are not comfortable playing it while standing. The good thing is that it is adjustable and so any height can be accommodated. Do not worry about your height as all heights are catered for. It, therefore, gives you a chance to train your children on piano skills when they are still young and learns very fast.

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7. Best Small Upright Piano -Yamaha P125

Best Small Upright Piano

Brilliant features
  • Super great sound quality in this price range
  • Has a three-pedal unit to sustain the music
  • The stand is made of wood hence durable
  • Very compact and lightweight
Watch out for
  • You might have to buy a sitting bench separately

Why we choose it

Yamaha P-125 (full review here) is a piano type from the famous Yamaha brand. It is a powerful digital piano with a fully weighted 88 standard size piano keys. You can trust this piano for both your practice and for other advanced purposes. It is compatible with the Yamaha LP1B 3-Pedal Unit. This tells you that in case of anything, you will quickly get its spare parts.

A fully weighted digital piano with 88 full-sized piano-style keys also gives you an exceptional response when it is trying different tunes. For low keys, it is heavier but lighter on high keys hence giving an acoustic piano. Generally, this piano can guarantee you the best experience. Unfortunately, this is not the best option for beginners. You might have to have learned some skills to be effective in managing this piano.

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8. Best Sounding Upright Piano -Yamaha YDP-164R

Best Sounding Upright Piano

Brilliant features
  • Great for both beginners and professional musicians
  • Very Authentic sound and key action
  • Beautiful piece of instrument
  • It absorbs finger moisture when playing
  • 24 high-quality instrument voices
Watch out for
  • Only favorable for experts

Why we choose it

Yamaha YDP-164R gives you an excellent upright piano option for you. The package comes with an 88-key weighted piano, a stand, and a three-pedal unit and bench. These specifications assure you that there is no any other accessory that you will need once you have bought the piano. It also comes with some unique matte black keytops, which ensure that the moisture that gets formed in the fingers as you play the piano is absorbed. You can, therefore, play your piano for hours without your fingers sliding to cause discomfort.

Its half-damper pedal control also allows for continual sound output without having to distract the congregants in case you are playing it for such a forum. It is not well recommended for beginners but can give you the best results when you already have some basics. The smart pianist app can be essential in boosting your already gained skills. It keeps your recorded favorite tunes so that you don’t have to keep setting it when you want to replay them.

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9. Best White Upright Piano -Roland F-140R

Best White Upright Piano

Brilliant features
  • Realistic sound and key action
  • Pleasant and rich sound quality
  • Very great for beginners to learn on
  • Easy to assemble
  • More than 305 tones and about 72 different rhythm
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • A free App for extra features and navigation
Watch out for
  • No bench included

Why we choose it

Roland is one of the top piano brands that compete favorably with Yamaha in giving the best pianos in smart technologies. If you are worried about space in your house, then you should go for Roland F-140R. It is small in size and so can fit in tiny house space. This piano is known to deliver some rich, authentic tones that is more fulfilling. You got to try this option for your home. This will give you chances of even training your children.

This piano also has 4 standard keyboard features with high-resolution sensing, which maximizes the sound so that you can use it favorably even without a speaker. If you are using it for home purposes, there is no need to struggle to add some speakers at home, which would occupy more space and be a nuisance to your kids.

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10. Best Upright Piano for Kids -Donner DDP-100

upright piano accessories

Brilliant features
  • Has an adjustable stand height
  • Three pedal unit
  • A streamlined design gives key protection
  • Comes with pure tone samples
Watch out for
  • No transposition key

Why we choose it

Not every time you are buying a piano, you should be thinking about yourself. At times you should be thinking about how to make your kids happy. This last review is basically for your kids. How could we forget about them? There is, however, no difference between this piano and the one for kids.

The streamlined design in a wooden cabinet helps your kid to hold the keys firmly without sliding away as the keys get protected. This piano can guarantee your kids the best platform for practice even when they are to use it as beginners. If you realize that your kids are musical, you can give an attempt at this piano. You never know the generation you are raising. The good thing with this piano is that it allows for input and pay of MP3 and so you can have your kids listen to their favorite music as they try to play the piano alongside.

The sound that comes from this piano is very realistic, helping the player to differentiate between different sounds. Such a feature gives proper training to the player in such a way that he or she will be able to distinguish appropriate sounds from any other musical sound.

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Buying Guide on Purchasing the Best Upright Piano

There are several factors you should take into consideration so that you can buy the best upright piano. Some of the factors to check out are explained below:upright piano

  • Compare the different upright piano brands

There are several brands of pianos in the market. You need to compare as many brands as possible. Some brands are known to have more features than others. You need to check on such brands so that you can increase the chances of having the best piano in place.

  • Check on the price of the pianos

The pianos will attract different prices based on a wide range of factors. For example, a piano that has been made to have several features will tend to cost more than a simple piano. It is upon you to take time and check on the features available on a given piano before you can proceed to order.

  • Warranty

The durability of the piano will determine its warranty. If you are buying a top-quality piano, it will come with a warranty to cover for several years. Ensure you check on the warranty to avoid making an investment which you will regret later.


How to Choose the Best Upright Piano?

the one upright piano

The best upright piano will come with several features. Here are a few factors to check out so that you can land on the best upright piano:

  • Padded bench

You need a comfortable place where you can relax as you play the piano. With a padded bench, you will have a comfortable place where you can seat for several hours as you perform. Take time to assess the materials used to make the bench before you can proceed to buy the piano.

  • LCD display

A clear display will make it easy to input commands. It will be easy to enjoy your performance if you can have a piano which you can easily input and read commands. There is a wide range of pianos available out there; you need to go for one which has been built to guarantee you great performance. Avoid a unit you will struggle to see the display.

  • Quality sound production

The sound production of a given piano you are about to buy should be top-notch. It is upon you to assess the quality of the sound before buying. Most units will have a clear display of the sound technology applied. Ensure you invest in a piano that will enhance the quality of sound so that you can make people listening to your music entertained.

  • Key tops surface

There are some pianos that come with high-quality keytops to prevent moisture damage or abrasions. You will be assured of quality sound production if you can buy a piano with highly responsive keytops. You can check out reviews that other people offer about the quality of the key tops before you can proceed to invest in a given piano.


What is the Dimension of An Upright Piano?

Yamaha small keyboard

Pianos come in different sizes. A standard piano will have a width of about 5 inches and a depth of about 2.5 inches. The floor space of a standard piano is about 5 inches by 5 inches. To be sure of the dimensions, you need to check with your given piano brands. The deferent brands will tend to have allowances to make them stand out.


What is the Best Upright Piano Brands?

There are several brands of upright pianos in the market. You need to take time and assess the wide range of piano brands so that you can make the right buying decision. The best brands are known to use the latest technology which makes them superior to most pianos available in the market. Here are some of the best piano brands in the market:


yamaha Brand

Yamaha is among the most preferred brand. The company has been producing top-quality pianos which many musicians across the world use. They have been in the business for long where they have incorporated the latest technology in their piano production. You can rely on the company to get a top-quality piano which will allow you to accomplish a wide range of tasks when playing music.



casio brand


Casio is another brand of pianos that you can get in most music equipment shops. The manufacturers of the piano employ the latest technology to avail top quality products. Their products are known to be highly durable. You can buy an upright piano from the company and it will serve you for long till you realize value for money. All the features you need to achieve the best when playing music have been incorporated into the design of the piano.


Suzuki Musical Instrument

The company produces pianos of different sizes. You can get an acoustic or a digital piano from the company. Their fair pricing of the pianos makes many people who love music buy from them. You can get a piano from the company and they will ensure it arrives with a warranty to allow you to enjoy playing it with peace of mind.



There is a wide range of upright pianos in the market. It is essential to take into consideration factors such as sound quality, durability and price before you can buy. There are some moves which are best suited for professionals. If you are a professional musician, then you will have to invest in the professional upright pianos so that you can achieve the best performance. For beginners, you can start with a simple model that will cost less. It will offer you the best introduction to the music world.

If possible, take time to check out reviews that other people offer about the given brand of a piano before you can proceed to invest. You will realize value for money after you research and land on the best upright piano. A piano built to meet the highest quality will make it easy for you to enjoy your music path.