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Top 7 Best Korg Keyboard & Workstation Reviews 2020

December 5, 2019 Catchy

Are you a lover of music? Would you want to enjoy the best possible experiences? You have no better keyboard and workstation than the Korg Brand. This Japanese manufacturer of electronics has indeed been noted to produce quality instruments that have stood the test of time.

So, today, we’ll be reviewing the top 7 best Korg keyboard and workstation on the market. Let’s dive into it!

Best Korg 88-key Weighted Digital Piano for Beginners


Top 7 Best Korg Keyboard & Workstation On the Market 2019-2020


Top 7 Best Korg Keyboard & Workstation Reviews

Are you looking for the best workstation piano models, well Korg is the right type to consider? The following is a review of the top seven best Korg pianos on the market. They work perfectly for both beginners and professional users. They are also versatile in terms of use since they fit home use, live performance, and even for recording purposes.

1. Best Korg 88-key Weighted Digital Piano for Beginners

Best Korg 88-key Weighted Digital Piano for Beginners

Brilliant features
  • 88 hammer-action keys
  • One of the most affordable pianos on the market
  • Easy to operate and has excellent sounds that are ideal for beginners
  • Touch-sensitive for responding to different playing styles
  • Super light in weight for the convenient transporting of the piano
Watch out for
  • The sustain pedal included is not really great

Why we choose it

Whether you want this piano to practice at home, perform at a concert, or even for a recording studio, it will suit all these activities and much more. The keyboard provides excellent and resonant sounds, so you can have an easy time selecting your preferred sound volume and tone set as well. There are a total of ten sounds to choose from, depending on the kind of music you want to play.

The available inbuilt sounds include; harpsichord, organs, strings, and electric piano. This piano is light in weight; thus, carrying around is quite convenient and easy.

This keyboard is ideal for all people, including beginners, since you can adjust the levels of touch sensitivity to suit the styles you’re playing.

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2. Best Korg Krome 88-key Workstation Keyboard

Best Korg Krome 88-key Workstation Keyboard

Brilliant features
  • A full set of 88 piano-style keys
  • Loads of programs, combinations, Arp patterns, and drum grooves
  • An internal SD card for saving your plays when recording or before performing
  • Consists of a reliable speaker
  • Quite versatile in terms of use
Watch out for
  • Limited Split function

Why we choose it

If you are looking for a keyboard workstation with lots of versatile features and functions, then I would suggest this model.

This piano has all the features and parts ideal for people who want to have a synthesizer or workstation. There are over 600 programs and other play instruments such as drum grooves, and ARP patterns to use when making music tracks.

This is also a perfect piano to use when performing at concerts or when recording music in the studio because the drum sounds and the electric piano effects provide tremendous and reliable sounds for these practices.

Other authentic features include the 16 different track sequencers and a touch base piano roll for editing purposes. There is a large LCD full-color display so you can view your playing patterns, which is a great feature for beginners. The piano has a total of 88 keys to allow you to enjoy different sounds.

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3. Best Korg 37-key Midi Controller

Best Korg 37-key Midi Controller

Brilliant features
  • Very portable for easy carrying around
  • Powerful Bluetooth connectivitity
  • The keys are touch sensitive
  • Lots of instrument voices
  • Comes with several powerful music software for free
Watch out for
  • The Bluetooth connectivity is only compatible with iOS devices

Why we choose it

Are you looking for a powerful MIDI controller? You wait is over here.

If you want to record your beats or saved songs with this piano, it is quite natural because it has all the necessary connectivity ports. The keyboard is compatible with other gadgets like iPads, iPhones, and also mac devices for this purpose through the Bluetooth connectivity. The piano is powered by a durable rechargeable battery that can last for up to a month before charging. The keyboard is packed with a USB port for connection purposes.

You can use this piano to practice at home, at the studio, and prerecording for concert performances. The retail price is affordable, so it is an excellent instrument with great value for your money.

The lightweight of this piano makes transportation to be convenient and comfortable. The keys of the piano are quite sensitive, which makes playing easy and pleasant. The keyboard has multiple devices, including drums, to suit your music sounds and playing styles.

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4. Best 37-key Korg Synthesizer Keyboard

Best 37-key Korg Synthesizer Keyboard

Brilliant features
  • One of the best-selling synthesizers on the market
  • Powerful features and functions for music-making
  • Six types of arpeggio patterns
  • There are a lot of activities you can do with it
  • A headphone port to reduce noise
  • Very affordable
Watch out for
  • A bit expensive

Why we choose it

If you are looking for a powerful synthesizer for making music, this is the right model to buy.

This Korg synthesizer is loaded with six types of arpeggio patterns for adjusting the length and resolution of the notes. In addition, you can also use it to produce cool patterns easily by switching steps on and off.

The keyboard has 37 keys essential for providing different sounds to suit your styles and tones. Note that this piano is wireless, and so you can easily travel with it to use in different areas. This piano has four voices and has a headphone connection port so you can reduce noises when playing at home.

It is compatible with other devices like Windows, Mac, and iOS devices in case you need to share or save your sounds.

This synthesizer works for people in the studio well since you can easily record your studio beats and sounds with this piano. Plus, the piano is light in weight, so moving around with it is quite easy and convenient. The slim design also allows the keyboard to fit in small working spaces around the home or studio.

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5. Best Korg Professional Arranger Keyboard

Best Korg Professional Arranger Keyboard

Brilliant features
  • Powerful professional arranger keyboard
  • Very high-quality sound with resonance and 3-band EQ on each sound
  • Comes with everything you need
  • A one-year warranty is provided for quality assurance
  • Very portable and compact
  • Comes with a guide manual ideal for beginners
Watch out for
  • A bit expensive

Why we choose it

This is another versatile keyboard that is ideal for home practice, stage performance, and for studio recording. It has loads of professional arranger keyboard functions for you to use. Additionally, the piano has 61 semi-weighted keys ranging from C1 to C7, respectively.

Impressively, the package comes with everything you need, including a chair, an X-shape stand, a headphone, and a sustain pedal. The stand and the chair are foldable for convenience when carrying and packing in the car. The keyboard has a sustain pedal and monitors headphones to reduce noises around the area you are playing.

The instrument allows multi-tasking while still playing. The piano has a total of 128 voices and 128 oscillators so you can be able to merge separate sounds and music styles. Transporting is easy and only takes a few minutes to set it up since the piano is quite light.

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6. Best Korg Upright Digital Piano

Best Korg Upright Digital Piano

Brilliant features
  • 88 natural hammer-action keys
  • Portable upright piano for easy carrying around
  • Ten instrument voices for exploring
  • A full set of sustain pedals included
  • One of the most affordable upright digital piano on the market
  • The piano is quite light for convenience when carrying
Watch out for
  • The sustain pedal has a light clicking sound

Why we choose it

If you are looking for a decent upright digital piano that offers ample support when playing, then this is a great model to consider.

It’s equipped with 88 natural hammer-action keys for you to practice finger strength and prepare for the time when comes to play on an acoustic piano.

The instrument comes with a sturdy and durable stand and sustains pedal for excellent tone changing when playing the piano. The device produces ten different sounds, including electric piano sounds plus other instruments such as drums. So, you can use this piano in a recording studio. Transportation and set up the keyboard is smooth since it is light.

The presence of the reverb and chorus effects enables you to create great sound styles when recording or playing music. The keys are naturally weighted, plus have high sensory mechanisms for the easy press when playing. The keyboard has headphone connectivity, so you can avoid distracting your neighbors when playing the piano. The piano features small size design; thus, it does require vast working or storage areas.

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7. Best Korg 73-key Vintage Piano

Best Korg 73-key Vintage Piano

Brilliant features
  • User-friendly piano including for visually impaired people
  • The lightweight craft makes it easy to carry the piano around
  • Comes with 36 unique vintage sounds that blend well with the modern sounds
Watch out for
  • No inbuilt speaker

Why we choose it

This best Korg 73-key vintage keyboard features a vintage design, although it is quite convenient and up to the modern piano sounds. The keyboard has a total of 73 keys for excellent playing.

This instrument produces well-balanced music tones, and the equipped speaker provides unique sounds in the room. Carrying the piano is quite convenient, thanks to its lightweight design. There are a total of 36 vintage piano sounds that you can use to recreate current urban beats when playing the instrument.

The piano is easy to use, and the electronic piano design enables one to achieve the best sounds and music styles. This keyboard is also recommended for people with poor sight since they can quickly learn how to maneuver around the keys by memorizing it. The keys have high sensory mechanisms for comfortable playing.

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Why Choose Korg Keyboard & Workstation?

best midi controller keyboard

Below are some of the main reasons that make its products stand out:

  • Spectacularly Rich Sound

Korg keyboards have been noted to generate spectacularly rich sounds. They are generally devoid of noise and harmonic overtones. On the contrary, the sound outputs have been clearer and easier to listen to. Moreover, the sound outputs are also authentic as they mirror the real-life sound patterns.

  • Expressive Realism and Warmth

Other than the quantitative aspect of the sound output, this keyboard also cares for the sound quality. It gives you the power to alter the velocity, acoustics, overtones, and other vital parameters of the sound output. Expect hence to achieve sound outputs that are truly great and desirable to listen to.

  • Studio-quality Drum Sounds

Other than generating the sound output, this brand of keyboards also spices it up. It makes use of the built-in drum kits to alter the sound outputs appropriately. Thanks to this kit, you will be able to determine the balance, mix, and responsiveness of the sound outputs.

  • Vast Array of Sound Outputs

Built into the system is a batch of sound outputs for you to choose from and make do with. The electric piano, drums, and the ordinary piano are top examples of these sound output options. All you have to do is choose from among them to stimulate your creativity and generate the desired sound output.

  • Enriches Music and Sound Production

With Korg keyboards, it is possible for you to enrich the quality of the sound you produce. That is because it does comprise some realistic grooves that are infused into the system. You get to choose any of the grooves that are desirable for you and incorporate them into your musical production.

  • Dual-polyphonic Arpeggiators

As part of your sound synthesis, the Korg Keyboard gives you the power to generate the arpeggio. It makes this possible principally by the dual-polyphonic arpeggiators. Through this feature, it is possible for you to generate a wide variety of sound combinations that make your music unique.

  • Comprehensive Production Suite

One distinctive aspect of the Korg brand is the comprehensive nature of the production suites. Indeed, this brand comes about with every tool and production facility you need to up your musical output.

Among these are the 16-track sequencer, REC switch, instant-access patterns, and Realtime Pattern/Play Recording. The cuts down the hassles you would ordinarily confront in the course of use.

  • Awesome Effects

It is possible for you to achieve awesome effects indeed on a Korg Keyboard. Three of these effects particularly stand out. These are the ‘total effect,’ ‘master effects,’ and the ‘insert effects.’ They jointly let you generate great choruses, reverberations, delays, phasers, and flangers.

  • Distinctive Design

Other than the core role of generating the musical output, the brand also plays a secondary role in enhancing the décor of your room and musical facility. Many keyboards that are manufactured by this brand come along with some elegantly curved profiles. They are truly breathtaking to behold when looked upon.

  • Intuitive Touch View Interface

To operationalize your keyboard, you will make use of the intuitive TouchView interface. Unlike your ordinary control interface, this one has the ability to display multiple parameters at a go. Thanks to this arrangement, the keyboard allows you to carry out all your production efficiency. Chances of getting mixed up are also suppressed.

  • Seamless Connectivity

Setting this band farther apart from the others is the seamless connectivity feature. This refers to the fact that you can share your content easily with those around you. It makes this possible mainly due to the existence of the USB and SD Storage features. Get hold of it and say no to the usual inconveniences that come along. At the same time, you won’t suffer any loss of signals in the process.



You need no further convincing that the Korg brand of keyboards and workstations is the best option for you from the pool of many. With that inspiration, you may now go ahead and make an appropriate purchase. Dragging your feet too much is not advisable as it may delay the benefits that await you.