best White keyboard piano

Top 10 Best White Keyboard & Digital Piano Reviews 2020

November 15, 2019 Catchy

Today we’ll be looking at the top 10 best white keyboard & digital piano on the market.

Undoubtedly, one of the most versatile music instruments that a lot of people prefer learning is a piano. A piano comes in different styles of designs and even brands to choose from. There are pianos designed for beginners since they come with tutorials and guide materials while others are designed for concert and other professional use.

best White keyboard piano


Top 10 Best White Keyboard & Digital Piano On the Market


Top 10 Best White Keyboard & Digital Piano Reviews

The following reviews feature the top 10 best white keyboards & digital pianos that suit adults and kids.


1. Best Yamaha White Digital Piano -Yamaha P-125

Best Yamaha White Digital Piano


  • Affordable price
  • 88 hammer-action weighted keys
  • It is small in size and light in weight for easy moving when working and performing with it.
  • Lots of jacks for hooking up with external devices
  • The sustain pedal included is a bit flimsy

Why we choose it

Yamaha P-125 (full review here) is a versatile piano essential for live stage performance and studio recording sessions. It comes with 88 style keys which allow you to play different tones.

The keyboard has the GHS weighted action, which is highly recommended because it means you can have heavier touch in the low registers and lighter touch in the high registers, thus, creating the right balance when playing.

Thanks to the USB ports, you can connect with MIDI devices in case you need to transfer any audios. This is crucial for live performances because you can rerecord to practice with the piano and other instruments before the big day. The MIDI port allows you to connect with other cables such as music-making software which is a bonus to those who need the piano for studio use. The piano has a sustain pedal that you may require when controlling the sounds, and the best part is that this piano is quite small in size.

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2. Best White Digital Piano for Beginners -LAGRIMA 88-key

Best White Digital Piano for Beginners


  • Ideal for beginners and kids
  • It operates in a quiet mode
  • Very versatile
  • USB ports for connecting to other devices
  • Not for professional players

Why we choose it

If you are looking for a grand piano that you and your family can practice at home, then this is the right model to buy. Lagrima 88-key features a crystal-clear white color that makes it stand out and add a touch of decor to your home.

This white digital piano comes with a stand. So, all you need to find is a place to set the piano. It has a total of 88 keys for playing either simple casual songs or complex classical pieces, and it is electrically powered for practical use. It is easy to use the piano, which makes it ideal for beginners and even kids.

The keyboard is packed with other accessories such as the power adapter, three pedals for controlling the sounds and a headphone jack. It is a multipurpose and flexible piano that allows the user to adjust the volume. You can play the piano while other people focus on activities at home since the headphones dampen the noises from reaching other areas in the house.

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3. Best 61-key White Keyboard -Yamaha NP-12

Best 61-key White Keyboard


  • 61 touch-sensitive keys
  • Portable for convenience when carrying
  • Compatible with iOS for easy navigation and control of the notes
  • It is flexible in terms of use
  • Great for traveling musicians
  • The volume is not loud enough
  • Headphones have to be purchased separately

Why we choose it

If you are looking for a portable keyboard piano that you can travel with or use in various areas in your home, then this is a great model.

Yamaha NP-12 (full review here) is very portable and small-sized for easy carrying and packing when moving it. It features 61 touch-sensitive piano-style keys that work pretty well and efficiently when pressed.

This piano is compatible with the iOS app that allows the user to have closer and quicker control while navigating around.

The keyboard is equipped with a USB port to enable the user to connect with other apps related to music and education apps when learning or practicing. This is an upright piano since it is battery-powered; hence, you don’t need to worry about finding an electric spot when exercising. You can record music with it, teach musical notes and even play the 64 polyphony notes.

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4. Best White Digital Piano Under $1000 -Yamaha YDP-S34

Best White Digital Piano Under $1000


  • 88 hammer-action weighted keys
  • A decent upright digital piano
  • Resonant and crispy sound quality
  • It does not take much space in the house
  • It is not an upright piano for professional players

Why we choose it

Yamaha YDP-S34 is one of the best digital pianos under $1000 on the market. It is very popular among mid-range piano players due to its high-quality resonant sound and authentic weighted feel.

This piano is designed in beautiful colors and has the best keys that bring that acoustic feeling in your living room. It has been compared to the concert piano because it balances both the high and low notes to provide a hammer-action feel that is close to an acoustic piano while playing thanks to the GHS keyboard action.

The piano features an acoustic optimizer feature to allow you to adjust the sounds and ensure you get a good flow. It has a slim design hence you don’t need to worry about it occupying an ample storage space in your house.

The keys are well stationed and do not quickly get stuck in case you play the piano too fast.

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5.  Best Versatile White Digital Piano -Yamaha DGX-660

Best Versatile White Digital Piano


  • LCD educational functions
  • Built-in six-track recorder
  • High-quality grand piano sound
  • Very versatile
  • Loads of voices and rhythms
  • It takes a lot of time when setting it up because it has to be screwed on the stand

Why we choose it

Although this is an affordable version of Yamaha piano, it is recommended due to its great tone and sound production. The GHS weighted action keys give a well-balanced tone when playing both the heavy and low tones.

Yamaha DGX-660 is an excellent digital piano for beginners or teaching because the presence of the score display allows the iOS connected music play to guide you on how to play the keys with a bouncing ball on the screen.

It is ideal for all people because you can comfortably choose the settings to create your sounds.

If you are recording artists or you prefer to save your comprised songs, Yamaha DGX-660 is loaded with the six-track recorder that allows you to capture your preferred performances and songs so you can add your preferred keys and play to spice it up. The piano comes with furniture stand to ensure your comfort when playing in different areas.

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6.  Best Roland White Digital Piano -Roland F-140R

Best Roland White Digital Piano


  • Easy to practice with
  • It is multipurpose when it comes to playing different tunes
  • Loaded with lots of instrument voices
  • Easy to set up
  • No manual included (but you can find it online)

Why we choose it

If you need a piano for practicing your music without taking too much space in your living room, then get this model. Roland F-140R features a stylish and slim design that blends well with the rest of the furniture in the house. It is made of high-quality features and an inbuilt speaker system that provides excellent sounds and tones like an acoustic piano.

The presence of the PHA 4 Standard keyboard features provides a tremendous and high-resolution power to enable it sense and give maximum tone variation like a professional piano.

There is a total of 72 different rhythm features to allow one to play different music sounds. This also allows one to record audios with this piano. Other piano sounds, this keyboard has other different keys and tones including strings, electric piano sounds, brass, synthesizers, and many others.

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7.  Best Casio White Digital Piano -Casio PX-870

Best Casio White Digital Piano keyboard


  • 88 hammer-action weighted keys
  • It has multiple notes to provide good sounds on different kinds of music
  • Four-speaker for increasing audibility in the home
  • Compatible with iOS and MAC devices
  • The keys are a bit noisy as compared to other models

Why we choose it

Other than practicing the piano keys with this magnificent instrument, it has a total of 19 other instrumental sounds to try out.

The presence of the 256 notes allows the right blend of different music tones to give you an excellent performance. It allows you to play any pieces without dropping notes. The keys are well aligned and do not get stuck because you don’t need to long-press them when playing.

There is a right balance of the volume to ensure excellent and audible stability of the sounds. If you want to play some music for your guests in the hose, the four inbuilt speakers ensure there is good music played around the house. You can download your preferred playing sounds on the internet using a MAC or an iOS service to play with the piano because it is compatible with these devices.

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8.  Best White Piano Toy for Kids -Qaba 32-key

Best White Piano Toy for Kids


  • Easy to learn to use for every kid
  • It comes with extra accessories like a stool and microphone
  • Inbuilt songs and USB/MP3 plug for recording the kids’ plays
  • The microphone does not have volume control

Why we choose it

Wanna a perfect gift for your kids or toddlers? It’s one of the best keyboard piano toys for kids and toddlers. It is a great starter pack for little beginner pianists or for kids who may need to practice at home. It features a beautiful design that suits all kids, and it is easy to set up as well. The piano comes as a pack, including a stool for the kids to sit on.

Qaba is equipped with 32 electronic keys to choose from with the same sound as a real piano. There is a microphone for kids to use when singing. Kids can use the educational model that guides them on how to play the piano by following a light. There is a USB and MP3 plug option to connect to other musical devices when playing.

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9. Best White 88-key Weighted Digital Piano -The ONE Smart Piano

Best White 88-key Weighted Digital Piano


  • MIDI-capable and built-in recording function
  • Beginner-friendly
  • It has an LED light that adds a touch of beauty
  • Decent sound quality
  • The feel of the keys is a bit slippery

Why we choose it

The ONE Smart Piano is an excellent piano for family use. It has features that suit both adults and even kids.

The piano has LED lights that guide one when playing is different tones while giving the piano a classic and elegant look. You can connect your iOS and android phone to download your tones or save your plays. The presence of the 88 weighted keys provides great sounds and notes play.

The piano has a slim design hence does not take much space in the room. It also has three pedals. This piano is also perfect for a beginner because it has more than 4000 music sheets and over 100 videos tutorial to guide one on how to play different sounds and tones. Hence, you don’t need to hire a person to train you on how to play the piano at home.

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10. Best Affordable White 88-key Digital Piano -Alesis Recital

Best Affordable White 88-key Digital Piano


  • Can be used by both beginners and experienced
  • 88 touch-sensitive keys for playing different music styles
  • Portable for easy carrying
  • Comes with an online tutorial for beginners to learn
  • The keys have a soft touch which is not convenient for a piano

Why we choose it

If you are looking for an easy to carry the piano when practicing this is another excellent model to consider.

Alesis Recital is a digital piano with a total of 88 keys with both full and semi-weighted keys that give tone variations when playing the instrument. It has inbuilt speaker systems that add volume when playing different keys. The keys can be adjusted to meet your preferred playing style and tones.

If you want to practice privately without disturbing other people in the house, use the stereo headphones. It is suitable for both beginner and experienced players since it comes with tutorial effects that both people would enjoy. The piano has a 3-month premium subscription for those who may need online tutorials when playing the piano.

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White keyboards and digital pianos will draw your attention at first glance. Also, it contributes to the décor of your room or flat.

If you are looking for reliable and convenient pianos for both adults and kids to practice at home, the above-reviewed keyboards are the best on the market. They feature beautiful white design and come in different styles so you can choose your preferred piano. For beginners, make sure to select a keyboard that has a tutorial guide to help you learn quickly and efficiently how to play different keys.



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