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9 Best Yamaha Digital Piano Reviews 2020

February 20, 2020 Catchy

Yamaha is recognized globally for its expertise in making top-notch electrical equipment, and the same applies to their digital pianos. Typically, the digital pianos manufactured by Yamaha are available in different variants depending on your skill level and also at different prices.

Therefore, thanks to this, you never have to miss out on the digital pianos that this company has to offer.

However, deciding which is the best Yamaha digital piano that best suits your needs is often not very easy. Because of this, in this article, you will be taken through the various factors that you need to consider when looking for the best digital piano made by Yamaha. Subsequently, you will get to enjoy the remarkable sound quality that this equipment produces that will leave you awestruck.

Yamaha small keyboard


Top 9 Best Yamaha Digital Piano List for 2020


9 Best Yamaha Digital Piano Reviews

1. Best Overall -Yamaha P125 Digital Piano

best sounding yamaha digital piano


It is almost impossible to achieve perfection, but the Yamaha P125 Digital Piano (check the full review here) defies the odds by having a touch of almost every essential feature in a piano, making it among the best brands that you’ll encounter in the market.

This status has been achieved through the refinement of the previous brands in the series to design more complete equipment that is unique in appearance and also flawless in sound delivery and user comfort. Therefore, with the Yamaha P125 Digital Piano, you do not have to worry about the sound quality, and this subsequently allows you to focus more on your music hence perfect your playing skills further.

Brilliant features

  • Very high-quality and rich sound
  • An enhanced 4-way speaker system
  • Versatile hence ideal for stage performances and house practicing
  • High polyphony number of 192 notes
  • 50 tracks in a built-in library
  • Compatible with iOS devices
  • MIDI recorder
  • Affordable price

Watch out for

  • Limited sound effects options
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

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2. Best Affordable -Yamaha P45 Digital Piano

best cheap yamaha digital piano


Arguably one of the affordable Yamaha digital pianos that you will find from Yamaha, this piano is designed to give you all the thrill that you desire when playing your favorite chords without worrying about your finances.

Yamaha P45 (check the full review here) is made for beginners who are cutting their teeth in playing tunes on the device. Thus, if you are a newbie looking to perfect your piano playing skills, look no further as this is the ideal equipment that will help you reach the musical playing heights of your role models.

Brilliant features

  • Exquisitely clear sound
  • Allows USB connectivity for connecting your devices
  • Heavier key weight as you switch to lower octaves
  • Easy to operate, hence making it ideal if you are a beginner
  • Very portable and compact that weighs 25 pounds

Watch out for

  • Not suitable for recording as it lacks the built-in MIDI recorder

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3. Best Upright -Yamaha YDP164B Console Digital Piano

best upright yamaha digital piano


Looking for the complete piano that will help fill your house with your favorite tunes while also adding to the beautiful appearance of the living area? Look no further as the Yamaha YDP164B Console Digital Piano has all these properties. It offers professional high-quality sound and authentic key action for improving your ultimate playing experiences.

Retailing at a relatively low price, you can consider acquiring this device, and it will prove to be a worthwhile addition to your house.

Brilliant features

  • 88 hammer-action keys
  • CFX concert grand tone for high-quality sound
  • Well built with sturdy support to accommodate the intense playing
  • A three-pedal unit for ultimate piano experiences
  • USB Audio Interface to enable connection to external devices
  • A 40W speaker system for delivering clear and loud sound
  • 2-track MIDI recorder, you can record your favorite tunes for a future replay

Watch out for

  • No device’s control app
  • Limited sound effects for creating

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4. Best Stage Piano -Yamaha CP300

best yamaha stage piano


If you are planning to stage a gig with a piano being one of the principal instruments in your presentation, then the Yamaha CP300 should be the first device that you should think of. It is designed to ensure that you are well served during such moments when you need to deliver the best performance of your life.

Brilliant features

  • Great 88 key piano for stage performance
  • A superior stereo system that gives it an edge over most pianos
  • A recorder for saving a number of your favorite tunes
  • Features stereo sampling for offering advanced options, which is not common in other devices
  • An FC3A pedal system to enhance your performance while playing

Watch out for

  • Not for beginners as it may be confusing with many buttons

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5. Best Weighted -Yamaha YDP184R 88-key Piano

best weighted yamaha digital piano


This device ranks superiorly to its predecessor brands, and a look at its features will get you fully convinced why it is arguably one of the best weighted digital pianos in the series.

With the Virtual Resonance Modeling property, Yamaha YDP184R is designed to provide you with an entirely exotic way of experiencing music. Also, the piano features a padded bench and sheet music book, ensuring that you can refer to your notes when playing.

Brilliant features

  • Yamaha GH3 Weighted Action for authentic playing experiences
  • A rich and resonant sound that is close to acoustic pianos
  • An enhanced bass property that delivers the sound vividly
  • Features the half-pedal property
  • A MIDI audio recorder that saves your recordings in their original form, thereby allowing you to replay sounds in their natural state
  • Fifty prerecorded songs

Watch out for

  • A bit expensive

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6. Best Versatile -Yamaha DGX660 Digital Piano

best 88 key weighted yamaha digital piano


Yamaha DGX-660 gives you a versatile of uses to ensure that you reap maximally from the device. Primarily it has a six-track recorder that enables you to record your songs as you play them on the device.

With a variety of acoustic settings, the piano gives you the power to choose what perfectly fits in your tastes, and this is imperative in enabling you to achieve all the imaginations that you’ve wanted to try out.

If you are looking to experience the playing experience of an acoustic piano or you want to create your tracks, this is the device to use as the manufacturer has allowed you to feel this coveted feeling with the Yamaha DGX660. Additionally, your level of prowess on a piano doesn’t matter when you have this device as it is accommodating to individuals of all levels of playing capabilities.

Brilliant features

  • The Pure CF Sound Engine for producing concert piano sound
  • A wide variety of voices and effects for customizing your creating
  • 192-note polyphone number
  • Expansive piano room feature for adjusting your sound to the preferred levels
  • Allows you to record your tunes via a USB or even MIDI
  • 6-track recorder

Watch out for

  • Not for performances

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7. Best Portable -Yamaha YDG535

best portable yamaha digital piano


A perfect upgrade on the previous versions in the series, this device has its loads of admirable features that places it in a class of its own. Primarily, it is lightweight, weighing about 24 lbs, and thus, you can easily transport it from one point to the other with minimal strain.

Measuring 52.75’’ x 16.6’’ x 5.6’’, the device can fit on small spaces, and this makes it a preferred option for individuals who have a small living room. Assembling it is also a blissful affair that will take very little of your time.

Brilliant features

  • MIDI recorder for up to 6 tracks
  • A wide variety of effects and rhythms
  • Enhanced speaker amplifiers with superior sound quality
  • 88 key weighted keyboard
  • The piano’s stand is sturdy and thus giving you the desirable stability while playing
  • Tone Generating Technology

Watch out for

  • Only 32-note polyphony number

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8. Best Sounding -Yamaha Arius YDP-164

best yamaha arius digital piano


Yamaha is famed for the manufacture of the most superior sound-producing piano brands, and the Yamaha Arius YDP-164 is at the top of the pile on that front. The manufacturer emphasis is placed on developing the most realistic playing experience with the Graded hammer action, commonly called the GH3 property being the primary component to the achievement of this objective.

This digital piano delivers almost everything that the predecessor brands in the series failed to achieve, and this enough is proof as to why you should have it if you are serious about sharpening your piano playing skills.

Brilliant features

  • 88 hammer-action weighted keys that are made to ensure maximum playing
  • CFX Sampling Technology for reproducing the sound of concert piano
  • High-quality cabinets that add to an already impeccable appearance
  • Stylish and perfect finish
  • Reasonably priced for a piano of its superior sound quality

Watch out for

  • It only has ten sound presets

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9. Best for Beginners -Yamaha YDP-103 Digital Piano

best beginner yamaha digital piano


Pricing is of immense importance to beginners who want to develop their skills in playing the piano. On that breath, the most valid option should be the Yamaha YDP-103 Digital Piano as it is cheap in addition to being easy to use for learners.

Measuring 53.44 inches x 32.06 inches x 16.62 inches, the device is an excellent addition to your room as it occupies little space. With a three-pedal system, the digital piano is meant to ensure beginners have the easiest possible path to coming to grips with the basics of piano playing and subsequent developments in the art.

Brilliant features

  • Great for beginners
  • Improving sound technology
  • Superior features that make it a world-class equipment
  • A navigation app for easily accessing to the piano features and functions
  • Affordable price for an upright console digital piano
  • Comes with everything you need

Watch out for

  • Different to move around as its heavy weight

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Buying Guide on Purchasing the Best Yamaha Digital Piano

Yamaha Company is one of the giant companies when it comes to the production of high-quality musical instruments. The company has been in existence for years while enjoying a great sense of reputation. One of the areas the company specializes in is the production of digital pianos.

Today, their pianos are preferred not only by skilled pianists but beginners as well. Besides, Yamaha’s digital pianos come in a variety of prices to meet the demands and preferences of all.

Needless to say, the pianos are well made and incorporates advanced features as well as technology to improve the musical experience. Before we get into many details, let’s first look at some of the buying guides for Yamaha digital pianos.

Yamaha digital piano keyboard

The Features of Yamaha Digital Piano

Yamaha digital pianos have made huge advancements in recent years bringing transformation in the musical and entertainment world. These pianos come with a variety of features that offer a variety of functions. Therefore, the following are some features you can expect in a Yamaha digital piano.

  • Authentic Playing Experiences

There’s no doubt that Yamaha digital pianos come with every piano essentials on their instruments. You can get a clear and rich sound for every digital piano. Additionally, weighted keys are super important for players from all levels. It can improve your finger techniques and playing skills. Learn more about weighted keys.

  • Additional sounds/voice

The Yamaha digital pianos come with other additional sounds and voices. This enables you to play a variety of styles and tones. These additional sounds include electric pianos, orchestral strings, jazz, and synths, among others.

  • Key split

Another notable feature found in the Yamaha digital pianos is the key split. This feature enables the pianist to separate the keyboard into two. The first part half being assigned high tone while the other being the lower sound tone. As a result, you will always achieve two different sounds simultaneously.

  • Dual-mode

The dual-mode uses the key split to enhance the quality of sound produced. It puts one sound over the other i.e., piano over strings or vice versa.

  • Sequencer

The Yamaha digital pianos also come with a sequencer that enables the player to record and playback the recordings for self-evaluation. You can decide to store the recordings in the piano’s memory or on a USB.

  • USB/MIDI connectivity

The majority of Yamaha digital pianos come with a USB/MIDI ports. They, therefore, can be easily connected to PC or MacBooks using Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI).

Therefore, if you are shopping for a digital piano, there are plenty of reasons why you should choose Yamaha. The majority, if not all of their digital pianos come with advanced features designed to improve your musical experience. Besides, they are much durable and convenient, even for home use.


How to Choose the Best Yamaha Digital Piano?

Yamaha digital piano keyboard

In contemporary, there are several brands of digital pianos that are making their way into the market each day. Therefore, with such a variety, selecting the best digital piano can be daunting, not only to beginners but also to seasoned pianists. Hence, if you are looking into buying a Yamaha digital piano, the following factors will help you land the best and the most suitable one.

  • Sensitivity and Response of the Keys

Yamaha digital pianos come with keys with different responsiveness. While some pianos have a counterbalance keyboard, others come with a hammer effect keyboard.

Better yet, there are some Yamaha pianos, especially the graduated ones that can be adjusted to suit your preference. Therefore, always go for the piano that features keys with preferred sensitivity and response.

  • Sound Quality

Just like any other musical instrument, Yamaha pianos also have different sound qualities. Therefore, before making a purchase, it is always vital that you make an evaluation of tones and the sounds of the digital piano. One thing that determines sound quality is the price. The higher the cost of the digital piano, the better the sound quality and texture. You can choose to buy the best sounding digital piano for improving your playing experiences.

  • Polyphony Number

Polyphony simply refers to the number of notes one can play at the same time in a digital piano. Some Yamaha pianos, especially those designed for beginners, come with a polyphony of 32 notes.

However, some models are more advanced and come with up to about 200 notes. Therefore before you buy a Yamaha digital piano, always evaluate your need. If you want a piano to improve your skills, then go for one with high polyphony.

  • Speaker System

Another important thing to consider while shopping for Yamaha pianos is the size of the speakers. The power, volume, size, and quality of speakers play a vital role in the overall performance of the pianos. Usually, the increase in speaker size increases their weight. At the same time, this reduces their portability.

  • Materials

The material by which the piano is made greatly determines their efficiency as well as durability. In order to capture all piano enthusiasts, Yamaha produces cheap and affordable digital pianos using inexpensive materials such as plastic keys.

However, there are some models that are made with high-quality materials such as synthetic ivory. The synthetic ivory keys are much stronger and have a stronger grip for efficiency and convenience. Therefore, before you settle on a particular model, always ensure you have enough money to get you the type that you want.

  • Portability

It’s important to consider the movement of your piano. Yamaha produces different pianos with different weight features. Therefore, if you want a piano for home use, you can go for the heavy-weight digital pianos. However, if you intend to travel with your piano more often, then you need to look for a portable keyboard.

Choosing the best Yamaha digital piano can be difficult, especially for beginners. Therefore, it is always recommended that you take your time and have some research. Know what you want and which features meet your preference.

However, one key secret towards buying the best Yamaha keyboard lies in the budget. The more you play, the better the piano. Nonetheless, you don’t have to break the bank in order to get the best product. Instead, you can start small and plan with what you have.

Yamaha pianos are generally good. Therefore, even when you are running on a tight budget, you’ll still find a quality piano. To wrap it up, always go for what you can afford. But if money isn’t a barrier, you can buy a more expensive piano with more advanced features.



After reading through this article, you now have an excellent idea of nine of the best Yamaha digital pianos on the market. Therefore, you are now in a much better position to make an informed decision as to which of these models mentioned above best meets your needs.

Consequently, you will get to enjoy the high-quality and excellent durability of these digital pianos, and this will be enough proof why Yamaha is, without a doubt, the best pick when looking for a high-quality digital piano.