Top 10 Best Stage Piano Reviews 2020

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Knowing the right musical instrument, especially if you are a performer, is essential since not only do you have an easy time at the stage, but the tools help to boost your live performance. Therefore, getting the Best Stage Piano is one of the most crucial things to consider.

The name piano is a shortened form of an Italian name referred to as pianoforte, which was discovered back in 1700 years. Just like the modern instrument, it served the primary purpose of producing entertainment sound. The Italian name pianoforte means soft for piano and loud for forte hence soft-loud sound that can be provided by the instrument. The ancient piano players used hammers to trigger vibration, which is responsible for bringing out music. The harder the harmer was hit, the more and louder the sound it produced and vice versa. Although, the modern instrument has significantly been revolutionized and is now even more effective in terms of creating softer, louder, and more thrilling sounds.

If you’re a musician looking for a stage piano that can give you better live performance, we’ve selected the top 10 Best Stage Piano on the market for you to choose from. Let’s dive into it!

best stage piano


Top 10 Best Stage Piano On the Market


Top 10 Best Stage Piano Reviews

The modern piano consists of the simple keyboard that is arranged in a row but a specified sound sequence. Therefore, for the player to produce a specific sound, they press a series of individual keys, all with unique vibrations to create meaningful and rhythmic music.

For these new productions, the loudness depends on the intensity of the critical press. For the player to produce louder sounds, they need to press the keys harder; hence, it is more simplified and does not require much effort, one has fully learned how to play it. The piano is classified under struck strings sound production instruments; it is among the earliest of the devices.

1. Best Overall -Roland FP-60 Stage Piano

Best Stage Piano Under $2000


Brilliant features

  • Advanced onboard speaker system
  • Dynamic and impressive sound
  • Very authentic touch feel
  • Easy to use
  • Light-weighted for carrying around
  • Flexible in height
  • Multiple connections including Bluetooth and others

Watch out for

  • Requires electric power
  • The pedal is not very great

The FP-60 Digital piano is mainly designed for all performances, including learning and entertainment purposes. This is possible due to ampleness since it has a modern designed cabinet that can occupy less space. It produces intended to sound that can be used for live performance.

The FP-60 truly delivers quality and outstanding value due to the Bluetooth connectivity, which can connect to the headphones for wireless connectivity.

It has features such as 288-voice engine sound for quality voice productivity, keyboard with PHA-4 function, and ivory feel keys. The Rolands instrument also includes strings, synths, organs, and electric pianos.

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2. Best Professional 88-key Weighted Stage Piano -Nord 3

best professional stage piano nord


Brilliant features

  • Portable and compact
  • Easy to play
  • Low power consumption
  • A clear user manual included

Watch out for

  • A stage piano for professional players

The Nord 3 stage piano has many impressive features that make it suitable for stage performance. The features include three sound generation sections, which include piano, organ, and synthesizer. Two pianos, organs, and synths can be used due to the availability of two slots in the Nord 3, which can simultaneously be played. The Nord stage 3 is in three models.

The stage piano also allows hand and foot usage since it contains pedals for instant and quick program change while the hands are still on the keyboard.

The Nord stage 3 has different types of selection layout with dynamic patches features. It also has a wide selection of uprights, digital and electric pianos, grand pianos, harpsichord, and clavinet features. Additionally, the pedals allow breathtaking during the performance and also full user expression on stage.

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3. Best Portable Stage Piano -Casio PX-350 88-key

best portable lightweight stage piano


Brilliant features

  • Very portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Digital and versatile
  • Ebony and ivory key surfaces

Watch out for

  • No headphone coming with

The PX-350 consists of organs, brass, brass, strings, electric piano, drums, and more registered under PX-350, where one can save splits for future plays and performances. It has an 88 note Tri-sensor scaled hammer action keyboard for a premium feel, and its sensors perfectly work with accuracy and speed to provide the ultimate sound experience.

The model totals 250 inbuilt instruments, 180 automated drum patterns, and 17 track recorders used to compose automated beats for own songs. It is user height friendly that one can adjust the height for the desired usage. It contains audio ports to allow recording during the studio and can also be connected to reinforce sound equipment. Its new sound source, AIR(Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator), provides unmatched accuracy and detail.

Casio PX-350 has SP-33, which has a pedal system that functions as a grand piano hence multitasks. Casio px offers the use of Class Compliant USB MIDI that can be used with specific computers without the need to download drivers.

The critical timing experiences match perfectly with the squad of the keypress, which accurately provides the ultimate sound desired. The dampen provides realism during sound production as a result of simulation on the string, which depends on the lines on the Swotain pedal. The new PX-350 has a large memory compared to other music equipment enabling users to store beats and songs for stage performances.

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4. Best Budget -Korg SP280 Stage Piano

Best Affordable Stage Piano with Speakers


Brilliant features

  • A wide variety of instrument voices
  • Weighted action
  • Light-weighted
  • Easy to operate
  • Produces desired sound
  • The user manual is easy to read

Watch out for

  • Flimsy pedal design

Korg SP280 has the best stage entertainment features for relevant concert sound productivity. It has a beautiful and stylish design. It has 30 high output amp sounds for the provision of desired sounds, including organs, claves, harpsichord, strings, electric and grand pianos.

The stage piano allows lots of connection ways thanks to the line in and lines out jacks available, which can also be used to connect to reinforced sound equipment. It also contains a soft pedal unit (PU-2), which enables the user to maximize and engage positively during a stage concert. Other pedal units used include sostenuto and damper pedals, which vary the damper effect by pressing intensity when playing it. The results from the KORG SP 280 include brilliance, reverb, and spacious addition to choruses. These features provide the best piano playing experiences.

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5. Best Sounding Stage Piano Under $1000 -Roland JUNO DS-88

Best Sounding Stage Piano Under $1000


Brilliant features

  • Light and portable
  • Well-constructed and durable
  • Compatible to other devices

Watch out for

  • The sound is not impressive

The JUNO-88 is the main instrument for piano keyboard users oriented. It’s one of the best keyboard pianos under $1000 and it’s known for its great sounding.

It has the best synthesizer features since, after music, the synth is automated to synthesis the voices by use of predefined dimensions with customized operations. It can be ideal in learning and stage performances.

This model contains parts for USB memory mounting for song storage and sample keys. It has an 88-note Ivory feel keys that are very impressive. Plus, the compact design makes it easier to transport and play on stage.

The JUNO-DS 88 supports the use of foot hand on slides and hand knobs for easy sound manipulation. It also contains defined and stored ready sample sounds for different performances of genres. It has a practical weight, set up a good speed, and a compact size for efficient performances on stage.

Roland JUNO DS88 also has an eight-track pattern sequencer with non-stop recording that can be useful when developing song ideas. It allows sound download through the ware platforms created and available on their website. Plus, they enable USB and DAW controls.

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6. Best Yamaha Stage Piano -Yamaha CP-88

Best Yamaha Stage Piano


Brilliant features

  • 88 keys with Yamaha GH3 Weighted Action
  • Excellent sound
  • Easy to use with simple controls
  • Portable
  • Very versatile for live performance

Watch out for

  • Need a electric power

Yamaha CP-88 is authenticated to one user interface. They have a great ideal features which enable them to play any music genre. The features include grand, electric, keyboard, and upright pianos. Yamaha CP-88 is adapted to light elements and is compacted to inbuilt instruments.

The Yamaha CP-88 has two upright pianos and three grand pianos with also five electric pianos. The music effects integrated into the piano such as master delay, EQ, and reverb allow you to customize your tunes. Additionally, the ivory key tops characterized by natural wood give you a textured feel.

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7. Best Stage Piano Under $500 -Casio Privia PX-160

Best Stage Piano Under $500


Brilliant features

  • Rich natural sound
  • Portable
  • Inbuilt songs and lessons
  • Line out jacks for hooking up with external devices

Watch out for

  • No many different instrument voices

Casio Privia PX-160 (Full review here) has powerful speaker systems redesigned is modernly designed with ensemble strings and electronic tones of the piano. It has output jacks on the night and left lines. They have different color designs, including black or gold.

The damper pedal uses the damper resonance for quality and realism of sound and voice production. It also contains AiR (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator), which is a proprietary source of sound in the PX-160. The PX-160 has modern strings designed for sounds ensemble.

The lines work well with electric and grand pianos, harpsichord, and more, or they can also work correctly by themselves. The updated electronic keyboards provide perfect sounds that are derived from PX-160, resulting in winning sounds.

The PX-160 capable layer and a designed slit which allows bass playing by use of left hand and other tones played by the right side. The piano is good for learning as well. It’s very learning-friendly, whereby the duet mode split the keyboard into the two equal ranges allowing the teacher and student interaction simultaneously.

It also has a buit-in two-track recorder to enable playback after recording for performances and practices.CS-67 stand regulates the piano height to suit the desired user height for pedal functionality on the grand piano.

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8. Best 61-key Stage Piano -Nord Electro 6D

best nord 61 key stage piano


Brilliant features

  • The memory has been expanded
  • Its sound effects are more improved
  • Consists of a large OLED display

Watch out for

  • It has reduced filters
  • A bit expensive

Nord Electro 6D 61 Stage Piano, 61 Note Semi-Weighted Waterfall Key-bed adds flexibility onto an existing standard keyboard in a way that it can perform more than one function compared to a traditional keyboard. The manual is made for live performance, as seen with its user-friendly features like enhanced split, streamlined interface, and extended polyphony.

The Nord Sample library now has 512MB of expanded memory. One of its notable features is the improved drawbars that have developed from the past four generations of keyboards.

The organs give you a real feeling of control over the rotary speaker settings. The keyboard is highly recommended for professional musicians and professional use since it is built tough to absorb what comes your way. It also offers you a lightweight, playable with two hands with a maneuverable chassis.

Node Electro 6 gives an unlimited transition when changing programs and sounds while playing. It contains a factory bank that offers all the latest uprights, grand pianos, digital pianos and electric pianos selected and placed in a library.

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9. Best Professional Stage Piano -Kawai MP11

best kawai professional stage piano


Brilliant features

  • Full set of 88 piano-style keys
  • It consists of high and quality sound
  • This version is modern and digitalized

Watch out for

  • The piano is more massive as compared to others

Kawaii MP11 gives not only a good stage music experience but also an excellent quality of sound. Although It is quite heavy, about 100 pounds, its performance is quite recommendable. It offers an exclusive selection of premium voices that covers the needs of every pianist.

The Kawaii MP11 has more expanded memory compared to the previous versions of the Kawai brand; hence, it gives more memory for storing samples. Its sounds are separated into three categories working each independently, thus allowing each to be adjusted and played freely like a self-contained instrument.

An amp simulator is included in the E. PIANO section that aids at broadening the sound with nostalgic analog warmth. There are dedicated tone and frequency adjustments. The MP11 gives a proper control on the amplifier ‘s drive and the leveling of the volume. One of the outstanding features is the crucial wooden action with Ivory touch senses and triple sensors. Interested musicians can find it for about $800 at any store.

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10. Best 73-key Portable Stage Piano -Nord Eletro 5

Best 73-key Portable Stage Piano nord


Brilliant features

  • Consists of an excellent keyboard hence not strenuous when playing.
  • Very durable and lasts more even when often in use, thus reliable.
  • Reliable Quality

Watch out for

The piano is a bit more expensive

  • Few sounds
  • It has no pitch bend

The Nord Electro 5 has different features according to organs and piano sections. The organs section has a piped model organ used for the simulation of 122 vintage unit in the combo organ. Nord C1 and Nord C2 organs in the combo are the copy or the Nord Electro, which was the original therefore becoming the winning awards. Other characters are the actual vintage organs that contain the real piano sounds.

For the piano sections, the electro 5 has a feature of 1GB memory space, which is unique to allow electric pianos and acoustics on stage. The perfect sound system can be achieved from the combination of keyboards, including upright and grand acoustics pianos, harpsichord, and clavinet with legendary electric pianos, which are expertly brimmed and sampled to make unique characters.

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Ultimate Guide on Purchasing the Best Stage Piano

best stage piano professional

1. What is a Stage Piano?

A stage piano is a versatile piano designed for use in live music performance, in the studio for productions, and the recording of music genres like Jazz. The stage pianos have specific features that set them apart from other pianos and make them suitable for stage use.

First off, the stage piano produces smaller sounds to ensure there is the right balance with different instruments and the singer. The stage pianos are also quite portable, as they are designed in a detachable manner for easy moving around with. Some of the stage pianos you will find on the market are the acoustic piano, electric piano, and Hammond organ.


2. How to Choose the Best Piano for Stage Performance?

The following are the top best buying guides to follow when choosing a stage piano.

  • Portability

Considering you will be moving to different areas with the stage piano, you need an instrument that will not give you a headache when packing it and setting up. Some stage pianos are designed in significant sizes, but they are quite easy to carry.

So, check the weight of the stand and select a lightweight keyboard. Also, check out if the piano can be disassembled in pieces for easy and comfortable packing when traveling in a car.

  • Stage Piano Price

Although the stage piano prices may differ depending on the brands and the features, they are relatively cheap as opposed to the digital piano.

They are also easy to maintain since you can easily clean them daily, unlike traditional pianos, which have to be regularly turned to clean all parts. The small built of the stage pianos also ensures easy and smooth maintenance.

  • The Use of Stage Piano

The versatility in use mainly determines the choice of the stage piano. Being an artist, you will need a keyboard that is versatile in your music career. The stage pianos can be used in other musical purposes like in the production of music in the studio and in recording Jazz. This is because they quickly produce good and controllable sounds with a slight striking of the keys. This means that you can be able to create the right balance between the sound of the piano and other instruments that you may need when performing and in the recording.

So, make sure the keyboard you choose has this feature.

  • Recording power

Some of the stage pianos are equipped with recording capabilities where you can set them to record your plays for future review automatically. This is a crucial feature to check out because it helps you prepare well in your rehearsals for better live performances. It helps you to learn how to control sounds and maximize the use of the piano. Note that you can also use this feature when creating your songs with the keyboard.

  • Connectivity capability

This is another regular feature you need to consider when choosing a stage piano. The connectivity power in stage pianos varies depending on the models and the brands. Some come with MIDI that connects the keyboard to other electronic devices like the PC and recording equipment. Others have a USB port that you can use to connect the piano to other audio gears like SD cards and flash disks in case you need to transfer your music.

Some have headphones connecting ports suitable for controlling the sounds in the room when practicing. So, these are essential parts to look out for, especially if you need to use the piano for recording music since you can comfortably transfer your music beats and sounds.

  • The Learning Tools

Some stage pianos have lesson functions such that you can set the keyboard to provide you with a guide on how to play different kinds of music and how to play specific notes. Therefore, if you are a beginner, consider choosing a stage piano with this feature.



best stage piano price

A stage piano is an all-round piano for music enthusiasts and those who love to perform on stage. They are crafted in a portable manner for easy transporting in vehicles, and this feature allows you to use the device anywhere.

The ability to play different sounds in a controlled manner qualifies these pianos for recording music genres like Jazz that requires total control for better blending with other musical instruments.

Follow the above buying guide to help you choose the best stage piano that is durable and will serve you for a very long time.



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