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5 Best Bass Synth Reviews for 2020

May 11, 2020 Catchy

A bass synth is a music instrument that easily takes the bass signals and then changes their waveforms by either filtering or distorts them to make them more ‘synthy.’ The modern synthesizers come with essential components that make them effective in forging and producing sounds. These devices are mainly used as recording instruments by music producers.

One can use a synthesizer in conjunction with other audio devices to edit, mix, and record albums and tracks. In essence, a synth is an instrument that can make the producer more creative by giving him/her endless possibilities.


5 Best Bass Synth On the Market


Top 5 Best Bass Synth Reviews

1. Moog Bass Synthesizer


With the presence of Moog’s Minotaur, there is no necessity of traversing on the labyrinth to create sounds with analog bass and with mythical proportions. The Taurus Moog family instructions are highly compact.

As a result, they are providing one with a low end, snarl and growl. The small purposes are popular as a result of their uncomplicated one knob for each function format. While using it as a living rig as per studio arsenal extra weapon, Minotaur is bearing a smaller footprint, which is measuring 8.5 x 5.25 inches.

The synthesizer is rugged. It is featuring two different oscillators with square wave and sawtooth shapes for every VCO. It will thus assist in the creation of sounds bearing square waves.

Additionally, there is a Moog ladder filter with adjustable resonance for the sake of working with the old-school base. It comes with VCA and VCF. Furthermore, it is as well beginning with VCF LFO and VCO LFO for the sake of more control options. The external audio input will assist in processing external audio using the filters and mixers for better bass combinations.

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 2. Korg Analog Bass Synth

korg anolog bass machine


A synth is bearing three different oscillators for the vast and thick bass lines. The low-pass resonance filter has been tuned specifically for use in classic screams and squelches. Additionally, the 16-step electribe-style sequencer has eight different patches. You will be syncing inside and outside, allowing the sync of the clock of the various instruments coming from the volca series. Additionally, you will be playing anywhere using a built-in speaker and a battery power, which is optional.

From the subtly detuned warmth to the aggressive acid, the volca base is taking the right analog base, which is assisting in the sequencing to a new level. There will be instant editing through the interface of the intuitive user. It will help you in cutting, mixing, and slicing safely. You will thus end up creating substantial build-ups that will end up transforming the dance track.

Volca base is bearing three primary analog oscillators. They assist in building huge and thick bass lines. It will be tuned to produce classic screams and squelches. The syncing of in and out is allowing clock sync of various instruments coming from the volca series and the Korg’s Monotribe.

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3. Navation Bass Mono Synth

novation bass station


A brand new analog Synth version of the bass station and classic novation. It is bearing brand new acid, which is filtering to assist in joining the classic and original station bass filter. The ships are containing 64 different factory patches and also 64 slots for users. The step sequencer is pattern-based.

Besides, it is bearing two oscillators and one additional sub-oscillator. The synth and analog layout are including controls which are in use in the significant parameters. More also, it is including fully analog filter and distortion. The modulation is effecting the separate and filter overdrive. It is assisting is the addition of crunchy and aggressive sound-quality.

There are two oscillators which are fully independent with sub-oscillator. It is a crucial component creating analog, vibrant, and bass sounds. You will be switching both ones and two oscillators between square sawtooth and sine. The oscillators will be playing a significant role in delivering at and bass tone.

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 4. Korg Volca NuBass

korg vacuum analog synthesizer


Korg NuBass is known for delivering punchy dynamics and harmonic richness, which you will be achieved by the use of tubes. It has been packed using tubes known as Nutube technology. One Nutube is driving the oscillator of your choice using square waves or saw. One tube is making use of the overdrive circuit for the sub-oscillator.

The classic ladder factor is a filter design bearing a rich and undeniable character. It is evident as the NuBass module has been primed using the bass and ultra-fat tones.

The most reliable one is the built-in sequencer, which is offering accent functions, glide, and transpose. It is most reliable for use in the acid and style bass lines. As a result, it is ideal for use while you are a fan of the Volva series. You may as well use it while looking to fit a higher value in a synthesizer, which is bass-focused. This product is assuring you of impression. Therefore, make use of the Korga Volca NuBass Synth module for great results.

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 5. Arturia Micro Brute Synth for Bass

arturia analog synthesizer


Arturia MicroBrute is among the synths in the coming generation of synthesizers. The award is winning is a modern classic and an award-winning MiniBrute. It has a smaller size. However, it still has the capability of retention of the pure analog sound.

Additionally, it is also capable of filtering wave Arturia’s oscillator and the Steiner-parker filter bearing wave shapes. In the process of making this microBute, there were no nay shortcuts that were taken. The sound of the MicroBute is standing more further than that of the analog sync present in the market.

Since this item is a step further sequencer, Arturia has ended up adding one more step sequencer for the sake of the generation of patterns. The sequencer has easy to use actions as it is a sequencers reminiscent present in Pro One Sequential Circuits. They are also available in classic and rare DS-2a Oberheim.

The current sub-oscillator is allowing the addition of an octave down and the capability of mixing the 5th up harmonic. It is allowing the single synth oscillator to end up sounding similar to a monster with a variety of oscillators.

The Mode patch bay matrix is enabling the routing of three modulation sources, which are including keyboard CV, LFO, and ENV, to one of the six modulation destinations. Semi-modular ability is allowing for a variety of sound-making capabilities.

This microBute is the most potent, and the smallest analog synth is the current market. It has been promising to set a better standard for analog synth price and sound.

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What is a Bass Synth?

synthesizer for bass

A bass synth is a music instrument that easily takes the bass signals and then changes their waveforms by either filtering or distorts them to make them more ‘synthy.’

Most of the devices use the octave effect to double the bass pitch. Bass synthesizers use oscillators like those found in conventional synthesizers, but they are designed to change the pitch of the oscillators based on the bass’s signals. Others have low-frequency oscillators that can introduce small changes to the amplitude, pitch, and filter over time.

Bass synths have become musical instruments for playing basslines. With a bass synth, the sound produced is generated from electrical signals. Eventually, these signals are amplified and then sent through the speaker, where they are converted back to audible sounds. This means that these devices can be used in various ways to emulate different sounds.


What to Look for When Purchasing the Best Bass Synth?

best bass synth

The current market has different models and types of bass synthesizers that music enthusiasts can choose from. These devices have different features that make them effective in producing authentic, warmer, and natural sounds. Producers and musicians have been experimenting with various types of synthesizers and new sounds, both modern and vintage.

Some manufactures have been re-using some of the classic models to design and come up with groundbreaking new ones. One can get the best value for his money by picking a music instrument that meets his budgets and needs. Outlined here below are the essential factors that can guide you in picking an ideal synthesizer:

  • Available Features

As mentioned earlier, bass synths come with amazing features that make them great musical instruments. As a music producer, you should invest in a tool that can produce quality sounds. Memory and MIDI Implementation are the essential features that every synthesizer must-have.

The other features that determine the type and quality of sound produced by a bass synth include the controls and guts. It is the manufacture who decides the type LFOs, envelopes, effects, filters, and oscillators that go into a bass synth. Sliders, buttons, and knobs are essential features that can help you manipulate the guts.

You should understand the different features and what the different models of synths are capable of before making the final purchasing decision. The features of a bass synth will determine the amount of money that you will spend when buying a music instrument. Ideally, you can get a synth that suits your needs by deciding what features are relevant to you.

  • Sound Quality

The quality of sound produced is an important aspect or factor that determines the choice made. This might seem obvious, but most people are confused by the hype, fancy interfaces, and feature list when making their choice.

High-end musical tools are known for producing quality sounds. One should pick a model that can create certain textures and sounds. Picking such a model can significantly enhance your playing experience.

  • Interface

The sound produced matters a lot, but the user interface plays a significant role in determining how the producer or musician interacts with the synth. In fact, this is an important factor that influences the resulting sound. Some of the critical factors that you should keep in mind while assessing the user interface include:

1. Aesthetics -this refers to how nice a bass synth looks like or how inviting its controls are. Aesthetics is an important aspect that every music producer should not underestimate. The overall appeal of a musical instrument will make your experience more enjoyable.

2. Usability -Most of the modern models come with amazing features that make them user- and program-friendly.

In general, most of the high-end models come with unique features that enhance their usability.

  • Price

Price is one of the essential factors that must be taken into consideration before purchasing a music instrument. The price of a synth bass is determined by various factors, including available features and brands. The average cost of bass synthesizers ranges from 100 to 3,000 dollars.

This means that music producers can decide on the money they want to spend when buying these devices. High-end instruments are costlier than low-quality ones. Buyers can save a great deal of money by comparing the prices of the available options.

Beginners can start with cheaper models and then scale up as they gain experience. However, price should not necessarily determine your choice if a bass synth is your passion. Generally, one should select a quality synthesizer and one that his budget.

  • Brands

The current market has different brands and models of bass synthesizers that music producers and music enthusiasts can choose from. One can get the best value for his money by choosing the best, affordable synth from reliable manufacturers.



The models discussed above are worthy and ideal for playing music. Music producers are advised to pick instruments that can produce desired sounds. It is, therefore, important to consider the feature lists and available options before picking a music instrument.

Among the important factors that you need to put into consideration before choosing a bass synthesizer including cost, features, aesthetics, chemistry, interface, size, brands, and sound quality. Choosing the best types of bass synthesizers will make it easy for you to produce and play music.


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