8 Best Synth Under $1000 Reviews for 2020

Are you planning to start up a home studio and you need an affordable synth for your recording deals? Well, you can still get an affordable synth without spending a whole lot of money.

Some models and brands of synth cost less than 1000 dollars, and even consist of the best functions and components to record great music. These synthesizers feature digital, analog, or both infusion styles functions.


8 Best Synth Under 1000 On the Market


Top 8 Best Synth Under 1000 Reviews

Well, the following is a review of the top 8 best synthesizers under 1000 dollars you may consider buying.

1. Yamaha MX49 Synthesizer

yamaha synthesizer under 1000


Brilliant features

  • Over 1000 sounds on the instruments
  • The package comes with a synthesizer bag
  • You can connect and save your recorded sounds
  • Impressive sound quality

Watch out for

  • No inbuilt speakers

If you are planning to open a music studio soon, well you need this synthesizer for making top tunes for your clients. This instrument has over 1000 MOTIF voices that sample sounds from guitar, piano, electric piano drums, and many others. The synthesizer is a complete package since you can also create your sounds and save them in the instrument just like when working with a keyboard.

The instrument is easy to use as it has connection ports for USB audio, MODI with iOS devices, Mac, and even PC, so you just need to connect the instrument to your preferred device and start using.

This brand of synthesizer offers player or split performance whereby you can combine two different voices and play on other instruments like keyboard using the dedicated split layer buttons on the synthesizer. This music instrument supports both the analog and digital connectivity, and it has an external connectivity port where you can connect to your flash and share music and other sounds.

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2. Korg MS20 Semi-Modular Analog Synth Under 1000

korg ms20 modular synth


Brilliant features

  • Great for beginners as a learning tool
  • Easy to use and operate
  • It has excellent components that provide great sounds
  • There is high-quality bass sound production from this synthesizer

Watch out for

  •  This device lacks sequencer and therefore, you have to buy one to connect if you want to create monophonic sounds

If you are looking for a synthesizer that you can learn and practice at home, this is the perfect analog synthesizer to consider buying. It has multiple connectivity ports where you can use to record and even save your sounds. The synthesizer has USB MIDI 5- pin MIDI. It is a reproduction of the previous MS-20 that has a great authentic sound.

Some of the outstanding features on this mini analog synthesizer are the quality and gripping sound stones, and we cannot forget the basses this fantastic instrument can provide. There are two oscillators with each having 2 VCFs and 2 VCAs. This synth weighs 6.15 pounds, so carrying it to different areas is easy, and the compact size makes it possible to practice from anywhere.

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3. Roland JD-XI 37-Key Analog/Digital Synth

roland synth under 1000


Brilliant features

  • This synthesizer has a gooseneck mic for more fun
  • It supports both analog and digital connectivity
  • Comes with a pattern sequencer
  • This synth is light in weight and has a compact size for those who may need to travel with it
  • There are multiple and dynamic drum beats kit that delivers excellent tones when set

Watch out for

  • The sound is not loud enough

At less than 500 dollars, get this fantastic synthesizer to create the top best tunes in the studio or at home. This synthesizer supports both analog and digital ideal for experienced and beginner users. This synthesizer also has a compact size and lightweight design for comfortable carrying around. Coming from Roland, you are guaranteed to achieve excellent, and top-notch sounds from this instrument since this instrument has the JD-Xi that employs unique sound.

There are a total of 37 mini keys that brings out awesome basses and more comfortable to control. This synthesizer also has polyphonic PCM essentials such as; pads, strings, brass that brings out multiple sequencers, and even other instruments like drums kit. The available crossover tune engine JD-Xi makes it possible to achieve both analog and digital sounds in an ideal way.

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4. Korg 37 Key Analog Synthesizer Under 1000

korg analog synthesizer under 1000


Brilliant features

  • Equipped with eight-band vocoder and gooseneck for audio input
  • It has an analog-style for easy use
  • The design features a vetrol finish that makes it look unique
  • High compatibility since you can connect it to windows, 98-second edition, 2000 SP2, XP, Mac among others

Watch out for

  • No editing software

Korg 37 Key Analog Synthesizer is another recommendable synth model for beginner learners since it features the analog model sound generation. You can tag this synth to wherever you are going to since it has a compact size for comfortable carrying. This also makes it easy to practice in multiple places. Setting up to use is smooth, considering there are no complicated processes to follow. All the parameters are available for the panel for access.

It is easy to adjust the resolution of the arpeggiated notes on this analog synthesizer using the available six models of the arpeggio. The instrument supports mic connection since it has a gooseneck that you can use for sound input. Other than the gooseneck, this instrument also has an eight-band vocoder for creating great sounds. There are a total of 37 mini keys that have velocity sensing.

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5. Korg Wave Sequencing Synthesizer Keyboard

korg wave synthesizer under 1000


Brilliant features

  • This synthesizer comes to with a warranty for quality assurance
  • It has a headphone stereo connection part in case you want to record privately
  • Multiple filter components for great sounding
  • Convenient for connecting to other MIDI-equipped instruments

Watch out for

  • New learners may find it difficult to maneuver this synthesizer considering it features the classic digital design

The feather light weight of this synthesizer makes it easy to carry when transporting to different areas like a studio or at home. The high-quality waves bring out significant sound effects in the studio.

Each wave features around three effects which are integrated with the available parametric EQ and other components like compressors, choruses, flangers and phasers to provide great music. It is easy to use this instrument since the controllers, and other control knobs are easy to read and tweak.

There are a total of 8 programmable knobs that you can customize to create music effects of your choice when tuned in different directions. This synthesizer allows you to get the best sound outcomes thanks to the available multiple filters. With both low pass and high pass filters, you can infuse your sounds from modern to vintage sounds. The available stereo outputs connect to various external devices systems such as Pcs, mac and windows.

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6. Roland SH-01 Virtual Analog Synthesizer

roland 37 key synth


Brilliant features

  • Three generators to boost the bass and other sounds
  • 64-note polyphony for excellent sound
  • Easy to control
  • There are stackable effects whereby you can select up to 5 effects simultaneously
  • This synthesizer weighs 9 pounds for comfortable portability

Watch out for

  • A bit expensive

Apart from retailing at an affordable rate, this synthesizer is quite easy to train with and even make great tunes with the available sound waves. It features an infusion of the old school sounds that blend so well with the modern sounds. This synthesizer has the analog-style, plus there are triple stacked engines that boost and bring out the analog sounds efficient.

It is easy to maneuver around the control panel since the components and functions are easy to master. Another outstanding feature on this analog synthesizer is the excellent signal flow.

As long you know how to control the slider controls and turn the knobs, you will be able to create awesome music. The instrument is ideal for performance, recording, and even for casual playing.

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7. Korg 61 Key Synth Workstation Under 1000

korg synth workstations under 1000


Brilliant features

  • There are other instruments that you can select when making music
  • Great for live performance
  • Versatile features
  • The synthesizer has an SD card for added storage space
  • Easy to use
  • It features a compact size for portability

Watch out for

  • The screen is a bit small to read

This synthesizer has 61 keys synthesizer workstation that you can choose alternatively when creating great sounds. It is easy to record your music with this synthesizer since it has an audio recorder. This instrument is powered by a triple-A battery which means that; you can carry it to practice from anywhere. There is a high connectivity level with other devices like Pcs and Mac if you want to save and record sounds.

The lightweight design also makes it a compact and comfortable instrument to carry when going to play or record. This Korg 61 key synthesizer has an installed SD card that provides enough space where you can record and save your music. This feature fits the recording artists since it saves you the hustle of recording, and editing using other instruments and gadgets. There is also a gooseneck that supports a mic to record with.

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8. Korg Minilogue XD Synth Under 1000

korg minilogue synthesizer


Brilliant features

  • LED light for indications
  • There are four voice record modes
  • There is a joystick for modifying various music parameters
  • The instrument has over 300 programs

Watch out for

  • The keys on this synthesizer are a bit small

I will reckon you get this model of synthesizer if you are planning to venture into the music industry. The instrument is versatile since it has both analog and digital settings. 37 keys provide great and quality sound generations. The synth has 4 voices programs with up to 500 voices pre-loaded to choose from when creating tunes. There are 300 programs with each program offering a special function that has voice settings.

The four inbuilt voice modes which are; the poly, unison, chord, and latch match up with different frequencies when making the sound. Operating this synth is easy since the panel is straightforward and you have the freedom to choose between the analog and digital mode. The power consumption of this synthesizer is estimated to be 8 watts, and it only weighs a pound for comfortable holding to play or when carrying.

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How to Choose the Best Synth Under 1000 Dollars

best synthesizer for techno

  • Analog vs Digital

This is one of the most crucial decisions you need to make when choosing any type of synthesizer. Although the cost is a determining factor, choosing between digital and analog is also crucial since it determines the kind of music you will get when recording and playing the instrument.

So, what is the difference? The analog synth is known and preferred by many people since it provides the best basses, great tearing leads, great pad, and also searing strings.

Analog synthesize is even way much cheaper as opposed to the digital models. The analog instruments are easy to learn considering they possess minimal functions and components that are quite straightforward to follow. Analog synthesizers add a touch of vetrol sounds in your music track something most recording artists would like. Well, on the other hand, digital synthesizers are the mother of all the great sounds.

These synthesizers have amazing synthesizes engines and bring out the best emulation of variety music instruments ranging from the keyboard, drums among others.

So, the choice between the two is highly determined by your experience and the kind of music you wish to achieve from them. Also, note that some models have both digital and analog systems to choose from when recording.

  • The Budget

How much are you planning to spend on buying the synthesizer? Well, the models that range below 1000 dollars are sold at varying prices that range from 300 dollars to 900 dollars. The price is determined by the brand, the features, and even the access components available on the instruments.

Most of the synthesizers sold below 1000 dollars are recommended for a beginner since they are easy to learn and mostly consist of the basic components and features that one will need to train. So, check out the features and accessories available on the synthesize to see if it will fit your music journey.

  • Portability

In most cases, you may require a synthesizer that you can carry to go to a studio or even use in multiple areas in the house. So, if you need a portable synth that you can move around, check out the weight and the size.

There models that feature small sizes and lightweight of 1 to 10 pounds. Note that most of the portable synths can fit perfectly in backpacks and come with an inbuilt speaker for convenience when you use it from different areas.

  • The Components

You must make sure to choose a synthesizer that has all the necessary components you will require in making music. Some of the major components available on the synth include; filters modulator, oscillator and many others. Also, make sure it has other functions like speakers and keys.


Digital Synth Vs. Analog Synth

This difference between the two is seen in the way they function and how they produce sounds of music. The digital synthesizers use digital signals, also referred to as DSP processing to produce sounds.

In other words, digital synthesizers work like a computer. The digital synths produce a stream of numbers in a more steady form rate with the aid of algorithms. These numbers are later converted to analog that comes out in the form of sounds.

On the other hand, analog synths use traditional methods to produce sounds. The analog synth produces electronics through a circuit that interacts with each other to create unique sounds according to how you play them.

The analog synthesizers also provide the vintage sounds that blend so well with the modern sounds something you cannot achieve with the digital synths The other factors that differentiate between analog and digital synthesizers include;

  • The price

If you need an affordable synth for casual recording or for training, analog is the right model to buy. The analog synthesizers are technically cheaper as opposed to the digital modes.

  • Ease to Use

The analog synthesizers only consist of the standard parts and components, which means that you can quickly learn and maneuver around. It is also recommended for a beginner since they can quickly learn the basics of playing synth using the analog brands.

But digital models are a bit complicated since they are computerized and have multiple functions which may be a bit difficult to maneuver around.


3 Top Pick Synths Under 1000 Dollars



The synthesizers come at different prices to fit customers’ budget and their needs. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to acquire a reliable and durable synth for practicing or for your recording studio considering there are some models that are quite affordable.

Well, the above article features the top 8 best synth that costs less than 1000 dollars. They feature either a digital or analog system while others consist of both styles to offer the right musical feelings. So, check out the above review to find the proper affordable synth for home or studio use.