best synthesizer for techno

5 Best Synthesizer for Techno Reviews for 2020

May 7, 2020 Catchy

In the course of producing music, you inevitably have to mix various sounds and audio inputs. This requires the use of a synthesizer. The synthesizer is basically an electronic musical instrument that blends a vast array of signals of different frequencies to generate a diversity of sound outputs.

The first and foremost step in making use of its and enjoying the benefits it potentially brings about is to find the most suitable one for your job. Our review and buying guide hereunder dares to shed some light on that. Read the fine print to be able to know how to get started out in them.

best synthesizer for techno


5 Best Synthesizer for Techno On the Market


5 Best Synthesizer for Techno Reviews

As of 2020, the following are the best synthesizers for Techno:


#1: Best Recommended -Korg MS20 Synth

All factors considered, this is the Korg MS20 Synth that money can buy at the moment. It lays claim to this stake principally by blending all the elegant features, parts, and components that the ideal machine has to possess, in one comprehensive packaging.

korg ms20 anolog synthesizer


Brilliant features

  • Generates absolutely authentic sound outputs
  • Bears the fussiest designs
  • Comprehensive and less cluttering makeup
  • The relative simplicity of operations and engagements
  • Mimics the true sounds of electronics

Watch out for

  • Delivers only analog sound outputs

Outstanding Features and Benefits

1. Excellent Circuitry

At its core is the excellent circuitry. It is on this circuit that all the vital electronics components of the machine are intertwined. Though comprehensive, the circuit is miniature in size and occupies an area that is 86% smaller than that of the original size.

2. Gripping Lead Tones

When hit, it does generate gripping lead tones that are clearly audible to the ears. The tones are complemented with some juicy and fat basses. These also blend well with the warm pads and strings that jointly enhance its operations and overall efficacy.

3. Two-oscillator Synth

Its operational mechanism features the two-oscillator synth which works alongside many other tweakable components.

Among these are the VCAs, VCFs, noise generator, and sample and hold. They jointly operate to make your audio output truly amazing to the ears. This is besides cutting down the need to shuffle back and forth many electronics.

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#2: Runner Up -Roland TR-8S Synthesizer for Techno

Next comes Roland TR-8S. This one is second to the winner in almost all regards. It similarly boasts of a host of many features that are all elegant and able to facilitate the recording of the audio outputs. The mini-review below explains many of its strong points.

roland tr 85 synth


Brilliant features

  • Manages modern production techniques
  • Comes about in a professional sound design
  • Delivers authentic sound effects and outputs
  • Easier to alter and adjust as need be
  • Reproduces diverse kinds of sounds and the associated effects

Watch out for

  • Demands the incorporation of many accessories
  • May impose some strains and hindrances while in use

Outstanding Features and Benefits

1. Transistor Rhythms

The transistor rhythms come in first. They are the ones that generate the audio outputs from the electrical signals that are fed into the synthesizers. These transistors do generate accurate sound outputs that mimic real-world sounds. They are hence great for quality recordings.

2. Eight Analog Outputs

Some eight analog outputs exist on the synthesizer. As you may have guessed, these outputs are the ones that channel out the audio signals to the various pieces of equipment that may eventually need them. Being many, they allow for smooth and pretty convenient audio distribution.

3. Audio and MIDI Interface

Other than the eight analog outputs we have talked about above, the synthesizer also comprises a set of audio and MIDI interface. It is via these interfaces that you get to pair and attach other likeminded gadgets in the course of generating the audio production.

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#3: Best for Beginners -Roland SH-01 Synthesizer

Never attempted to mix and produce sounds before? You have this Roland SH-01 to set your eyes on. It does contain the bare minimum set of features and is also simple to comprehend. Because of the simplicity, you do not need that much expertise to engage it also.

roland synthesizer for techno


Brilliant features

  • Its engines are exceedingly powerful
  • Achieves up to 5 simultaneous effects
  • Easier to carry around
  • Sends out the outputs convenient to the attached devices
  • Operable by an easy hands-on control panel

Watch out for

  • Lacking in many other features
  • Its range of outputs are somewhat limited

Outstanding Features and Benefits

1. Triple-Fat Virtual Analog

The main component of this electronic is the triple-fat virtual analog ‘engine.’ This ‘engine’ comprises some three complete synths that jointly deliver incredibly thick and powerful sound output. With this unmatched output, you may be sure to obtain quality audio as well.

2. Stackable Effects

Over and above the bare minimum ability to generate sound outputs, this synthesizer also manages to give off some stackable effects. The mix of these effects ends up in an elevated sense of audio quality and overall output. Some of the effects that come along are silky reverberations and gritty growls.

3. Instant Controls

Overall, the equipment enables instant controls and engagements. It has no hidden menus whereas its knobs are truly highly responsive. All you have to do is engage them with your fingers by putting in the slightest efforts. What’s more? You may even wave your hands over an invisible D Beam and have your way!

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#4: Best Professional -Ti2 Access Virus

If your search for the right synthesizer is mainly dictated by the need for professional applications, you have this Ti2 Access Virus for your own leverage. It is by far the most sophisticated of all the electronics of its kind we have at the moment.

techno synthesizer and keyboard controller


Brilliant features

  • Possesses a vast array of new effects
  • Boasts of 25% more calculating power
  • Encases in a completely redesigned housing
  • Gives you a choice of many filters
  • Operable via a remote control unit

Watch out for

  • Only for the professional musical producers
  • Contains some complicated parts and controls

Outstanding Features and Benefits

1. Dual DSP System

A dual DSP system stands out among its premier parts and components. This system blends well with over 80 stereo voices per given time and load. Thanks to this stature, it is able to generate extremely high-quality sound outputs. Also, it cuts down the effort you would ordinarily have to expend with.

2. Virus Control 3.0 VST

The virus control 3.0 VST comes next. This one pair and communicates with the Apple Audio unit to facilitate the sound recording and outputs. The mix of this pair is able to work well in both Windows XP and Mac OS X respectively. Obviously, this leads to better outcomes of use to you.

3. MIDI Inputs and Outputs

Also existing in the machine are the MIDI outputs and the input slots. These slots basically give you the leeway to pair this synthesizer with a couple of other electronics that similarly extend its overall range of uses and applications. They also expedite the sharing of various pieces of information.

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#5: Best Versatile -Nord Lead-A-1 Synth for Techno

Does your musical productivity revolve around many places or environments of use? You desperately want to make do with this Nord Lead-A-1 Synth. It is able to fit many areas and places as is evidenced by its highly reliable nature and stature.

nord modeling synth


Brilliant features

  • Features a hugely powerful front panel interface
  • Produces stunning standout sounds
  • Ideal for all musical genres
  • Capable of immense sonic variety
  • Allows for speedier programming

Watch out for

  • Consumes higher levels of utility energy
  • Slightly tedious to carry around

Outstanding Features and Benefits

1. 26-voice Polyphony

The machine features the 26-voice polyphony that is chiefly responsible for generating diverse sound outputs. This polyphony works alongside some four simultaneous synthesizer parts to make the task of recording slightly easier. All these also tuck in a new analog modeling engine.

2. Sophisticated Front Panel Interface

To operate the equipment and make meaning of the same, you have the sophisticated front panel interface to thank for. It displays the set of buttons and controls features that are necessary for engaging the various aspects of the machine. It does these simply and easily.

3. Multi-configurable Oscillator

Rounding up the list of its topnotch features is the multi-configurable oscillator. You basically engage the oscillator in ways that are relevant to your precise recording. The oscillator works with many other vital controls to cheapen your operations and final outcomes.

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Best Synthesizer for Techno Buying Guide

techno synth

Having examined the best synthesizer for Techno, we now want to showcase the criteria that we used to narrow our picks to the five gadgets above. These also double up as the factors you have to consider to be able to arrive at a worthy purchase:

  • Controls

Your first and foremost concern should be the controls of the apparatus. These are the parts and components that you engage in to be able to vary the nature of the outputs. Needless to say, the best gadget has to possess easy-to-use controls that ought also to be highly responsive.

  • Effects

This refers to the variations of the sound outputs that the gadgets ordinarily give off. A good gadget ought to be able to give the highest possible number of effects. This is to see to it that it spruces up your audio outputs with considerable impacts.

  • Power Consumption

These gadgets no doubt derive their power from the mains electricity or batteries. The amount of power they consume or require nonetheless varies considerably from one piece of electronic to another. It is imperative that you pick that gadget whose power consumption is manageable.

  • Expertise

Your own expertise also comes in handy while making a suitable choice of then synthesizer. You do not want to end up with a gadget that is too complicated for you to master and engage. That calls for your own honest assessment of the skills you possess versus the gadgets you have in mind.

  • Connectivity

It is one thing to produce the audio output and another thing to share the output with other like-minded gadgets. As you shop for your gadget of choice, be mindful also of the connectivity features it comes along with. The one you pick for the job has to be highly connected and able to share outputs with many other electronics.

  • Sheer Size

The sheer size of the equipment also matters more so with regards to storage and transportation to remote locations. If you travel a lot, you have to choose a gadget that is small, light, and compact enough to allow for smoother transportation to the desired location of use.

  • Desired Frequency of Use

How often do you want to make use of the synthesizer? Is it for occasional applications or everyday use? Choose a strong and sturdy one for your everyday applications as they are less likely to sustain damages too soon. Any other alternative would nonetheless do for one time recordings.

  • Accessories

Obviously, you just don’t need a synthesizer alone to produce your audio output. You will definitely need a host of many like-minded equipment and electronics to achieve the said end. It hence goes that the one you pick has to be able to accept many accessories as possible.


Final Thoughts

Just to recap an earlier point, finding the right synthesizer is by far the most significant step you can ever take to enjoy the benefits that the equipment has to offer. That is why we caution against taking chances with your search and find for the right one.

In pursuance of that, we emphasize that you read the explanations we have delivered alongside the items we have identified above. As you do so, take your time to match the strong point of each item with the needs you have in mind. Is it not fair also to share the information as far wide as possible?