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8 Best Digital Piano for Home Reviews 2020

Finding a digital piano for home is not an easy task since there are a number of really great pianos on the market. Piano brands ensure that they have made their products are close to suit almost all the needs of the player, regardless of the level of skills.

Digital piano is expected to do more. Currently, digital pianos are more realistic to play as well as a great connectivity level and technological features. These are the top benefits of digital pianos when compared to acoustic pianos. A piano for your home will not only serve as a musical instrument but it will take part in your room to serve as part of the furniture and thus should fit all your needs.

best digital piano for home


8 Best Digital Piano for Home List


Top 8 Best Digital Piano for Home Reviews

1. Best Overall- Yamaha Arius YDP144B Digital Piano

home digital piano

Brilliant features
  • Advanced CFX sound engine
  • 88 Weighted and graded keys
  • Great sound quality
  • Very close to an acoustic piano
  • Smart Pianist app for tracking and analyzing your songs
Watch out for
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

Why we choose it

Yamaha YDP144B is a home digital piano that should fit comfortably in your home décor. The keyboard has 88 weighted piano keys that are made of plastic. The white keys have a glossy finish while the black keys have a matte finish, as this is consistent in different acoustic pianos. The keys are evenly spaced and are well built. There is a single red velvet line that adds a beautiful accent and a premium feel to this piano.

Each key is graded and weighted individually, meaning that it feels heavier in the bass area and lighter on the treble part. This offers it a feel of a real piano. It features an actual hammer behind every key to create the authentic feel of an acoustic piano.

Yamaha YDP144B has an upgraded sound engine, which features a CFX sound engine that is found on many advanced piano models. It has sampled a 9-foot concert grand piano CFX Yamaha flagship. This creates a pleasant experience for those who are listening to you. Additionally, the sound engine also features Damper resonance, String resonance, and key-off samples. These are critical to ensure that there is the creation of an authentic sound of an acoustic piano.

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2. Best Portable- Yamaha P125 Home Digital Piano

best digital piano for home


Brilliant features
  • 192-note polyphony number
  • Upgraded sound quality with Table EQ feature
  • 88 hammer-action keys
  • Affordable price for ultimate playing experiences
  • Can be used as a midi keyboard
  • 24 instrument voices
Watch out for

The pedals are sold separately

Why we choose it

The price of Yamaha P125 (check the full review here) is moderate but you will get quality for the price. The pedals of the piano can be bought separately since they do not come with the product. This means that the cost used for the product will increase eventually for the use of this piano at home. It’s a portable piano that can be easily moved from one place to another.

It is a minimalist and compact design that will be beneficial to the users who have limited space. The keyboard can be placed easily on a desk or table to be used as a tabletop. Other than the minimalism, the quality of the keyboard is good.

The P125 uses graded hammer standards, which is great for you to practice finger techniques. Graded also means that the keys feel heavier in the lower registers and lighter on the higher end. The keyboard has 88 weighted keys that offer you the feel of a real piano.

It also a very responsive keyboard that imitates the performance of an acoustic piano. It has MIDI capability and a USB port for sound recording.

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3. Best for Beginners- Casio Privia PX-770 Digital Piano

best beginners home digital piano

Brilliant features
  • 88 weighted keys with ivory and ebony surfaces
  • Three pedals for professional playing experiences
  • Learning tools and functions for beginners
  • Comes with everything you need
Watch out for
  • Instructions are a bit confusing

Why we choose it

Yamaha PX-770 is a high-end furniture quality set that you can find for a very reasonable price. It has a high-end weighted keyboard, which is a standard feature of most digital pianos. The brand takes things further to ensure that the product has a tri-sensor technology. It’s great for beginners as it comes with loads of education tools for you to get start with.

The weighted sensor is of high quality with subtle strokes of responsiveness. The keys are touch-sensitive meaning that the volume will be determined by how hard or soft you play.

It is also comprehensive. You will get three pedals as well as ivory ebony surfaces on the keytops. These are extra features that ensure that you will be able to play better. They offer the feel of an acoustic piano. Additionally, it has two high-quality speakers, and 18 tones for versatility. For the price offered on this product, the keyboard is sufficient to help you play well.

It is convenient as it comes with an in-built sliding cover that helps to protect the keyboard from dust. The control elements for the products are relocated on the left side of the keyboard, which offers a clean and less cluttered appearance.

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4. Best Weighted- Yamaha YDP163B Digital Piano

best weighted home digital piano

Brilliant features
  • Yamaha advanced hammer-action technology
  • Auto power-off feature
  • Pure CF sound engine for rich sound
  • 2-track song recorder
  • Delicate bench included
Watch out for
  • Difficult to move

Why we choose it

Yamaha YDP-163B is a great choice for its price for home use. It has ten voices that are included and a good replacement for an acoustic piano for your home. It has 192-note polyphony, with the best intricate musical selection that can be heard clearly.

Also, it has ten demo songs as well as 50 play-along songs that are programmed in the piano. Additionally, it also features an included songbook that will help you learn how to play if you are a beginner.

The YDP-163B has an in-built metronome that will help your rhythm while you are playing. It has four types of reverb that are included to facilitate playing in different rooms. Plus, it can be connected to a computer or iPad and used together with different music-learning apps. This allows it to accompany you and help you learn in an engaging and fun way, regardless of your level of skills.

It can also act as a visual controller for any other features that you wish to use because it lacks a screen. And, it’s equipped with an in-built headphone jack that allows you to play silently, without disturbing the entire household.

Yamaha YDP-163B has Graded Hammer 3 action, weighted keys, and the key tops are synthetic ivory. This means that the keys response and feel is similar to that of a real acoustic piano.

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5. Best Compact- Roland F-140R Home Digital Piano

best compact home digital piano

Brilliant features
  • Rich and resonant tones
  • Has more than 300 in-built sounds
  • Realistic PHA-4 action of the sound
  • Very compact for saving the space
  • Ivory feel on the keys
  • Multi-dimensional sound experience with headphones on
  • Bluetooth connectivity
Watch out for

Few options for customization of sound

Why we choose it

Roland F-140R is a top model digital piano with classical appeal as well as modern features. It is a compact piano and thus can fit in small rooms. It has good tones similar to those of bigger and more expensive pianos. The tunes are in-built and are sampled to a very high quality level, which is witnessed in different products of the brand.

It has multiple velocity samples that are recorded and will allow you to perfectly express yourself. It does not have real restrictions to the sounds even in high-end classical performances. Through its sampling technology, it is a great option piano because of the great sounds that are produced.

It offers exceptional and great fun features that will improve the performance as well as your practice. For example, the rhythm accompaniment is included, meaning that the backing track will play and follow the chords and tempo that you are playing. It has the ability to record what you are playing and has great piano sounds with more than 300 tones. It comes with a stool and has three pedals that are in-built.

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6. Best Sounding- Yamaha P515 Digital Piano for Home

best sounding home digital piano

Brilliant features
  • Great sound samples and piano voices for great quality sounds
  • Portable for practicing everywhere
  • Sound enhancement such as to enhance VRM, stereophonic optimizer, and binaural
  • Powerful speakers system
  • It has a Bosendorfer piano voice
Watch out for
  • It does not come with a stand

Why we choose it

Yamaha P515 is part of the P series and the best digital piano for the model. It can be used as a stage piano or sit on a stand in your home. They are famous because of their appealing sounds. You can use the VRM feature and it is designed to offer a realistic feel, in space and resonating as a real piano.

It has a function referred to as a Piano Room that allows you to create an environment and thus you will be able to choose different acoustic properties of the sound.

The high-quality wooden key and the hammer action offers a lovely and realistic feel. The key-off samples are delicate to create the sound of a string being hit like a real piano. It also has high tech features such as iOS and app compatibility. Additionally, it can connect to a computer and has the ability to split, layer, and record your sounds.

It is a great choice for individuals who want to use the high tech features to get sounds that are as close as possible as those of acoustic pianos. The sounds can also be altered and tweak it to what you exactly want, and this makes it a great choice.

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7. Best Professional- Yamaha YDP184R Digital Piano for Home

advanced digital piano

Brilliant features
  • CFX Premium Grand Piano Voice for recreating the tones of a concert piano
  • Graded Hammer 3 Technology for authentically weighted keys
  • 3-pedal unit for realistic playing experiences
  • LCD display screen  for navigation
  • 256-note polyphony number
  • Easy to assemble
Watch out for
  • A bit expensive than others

Why we choose it

Yamaha YDP-184R is one of the best digital pianos for advanced pianists as it is designed to ensure that it has recreated sounds of the Yamaha CFIIIS, which is a piano choice for many concert pianists. It is recreated using the Pure CF sound engine from Yamaha. Therefore, there is a sampling of the incredible details as well as sounds that Yamaha YDP184R produces.

Also, it has the perfect hammer action, which was made to offer you the feel of a true piano, especially if you are more into the classical styles. It comes with three pedals that ensures you have more control of sustain as well as resonance, as it is in acoustic piano models.

It has a great iOS connectivity as well as other tech features. This includes, it can link to your laptop if you want to record, making it a great choice on the market. Other tech features include a playback and recording mode. Also, it has a brilliant LCD screen and it is compatible with headphones.

It has synthesized ivory and ebony feel on the keys, making it a brilliant choice if you want an authentic piano experience.

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8. Best Versatile- Yamaha DGX660 Digital Piano

hybrid digital piano

Brilliant features
  • 88 hammer-action keys
  • The combination of a digital piano and a synthesizer
  • Pre-recorded songs for you to play along with
  • Record layered tracks
  • It is MIDI compatible
  • Ports for headphones and pedals
Watch out for
  • Flimsy sustain pedals

Why we choose it

Yamaha DGX660 is a versatile digital piano with different connection ports. It has a typical DC-in power port, sustain pedal jack, a single auxiliary input, a single quarter-inch stereo output or headphone jack, and a single quarter-inch microphone input.

The microphone cables are XLR and thus you will be required to use an adapter or a mic for connection. It has a damper only pedal that can be used with the DGX 660, and more professionally it can use a three-pedal unit.

The keys of DGX 660 are plastic and it is of great quality. It has a Graded Hammer Standard key-bed that mimics the gradual heavy to a light touch from low to high, which can be felt on acoustic pianos.

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What to Look for When Choosing the Best Digital Piano for Home

digital piano for home

  • Sound Quality

The tone and sound of a digital piano play a very critical role. Beginners may not require high-end tones and sounds but if your budget is high, ensure that you get a digital piano with quality sound. Keep in mind that improving your skills will only happen if the piano has the best tone and sound texture.

  • Key Action

Keys for a digital piano refers to the weight and responsiveness that the keyboard has. There is no digital piano that can have the same resistance of real acoustic piano keys when played. However, there are digital pianos that offer the feel of an acoustic piano especially if they have weighted and graded individual keys.

Ensure that you get a piano that has a counterbalanced keyboard or that has a hammer effect keyboard. Graded keys provide more realism. Pianos should also offer a room for adjusting the responsiveness of the keys as per your liking. Keys can either be weighted, semi-weighted, or non-weighted.

  • Convenience and portability

Digital pianos are very light and are more compared when compared to real acoustic pianos. Even those digital pianos that have a console model that resembles an acoustic piano are way lighter compared to the counterpart real acoustic pianos.

Most models are manufactured in a way that they can be easily broken down when they need to be stored. Also, it is important to note that stage digital pianos are designed to ensure that they can fit easily in your car when you are moving to different places.

  • Price of the Digital Piano

The price of digital pianos is less compared to acoustic pianos. Maintenance beyond dust is not an issue when it comes to digital pianos. You will not be required to pay extra money for the maintenance of the piano. However, there are digital pianos that can be a bit pricey for you. Therefore, ensure that you choose a digital piano for your home that fits your finances.

  • Versatility and Volume

Acoustic pianos generate volume in accordance with how hard or soft you press the keys. However, the volume of digital pianos can be controlled easily over different and silent practice when using headphones for different models. This is an advantage to the rest of your household since you will not disturb the other people within your home.

Digital pianos also come with extensive in-built sound sets, and thus you can easily add drum and percussion, woodwinds, and brass as you are performing. This means that you can make a one-man-band using these sound features that digital pianos offer.

  • The Capability of Recording

This is one of the advantages of different digital pianos. They will allow you to record your performance, which is a benefit when you are learning to play and you would wish to review your progress. The ability to regard helps players to listen to their performance and find out the areas that they may need to improve.

Recording, as well as sequencing ability, is very critical especially if you are planning on creating your individual songs.

  • Connectivity

Most digital pianos have a MIDI capability that allows you to use them as a MIID keyboard to connect to computers as well as recording appliances. Additionally, they come with USB port connections with different audio gears. There are digital models that also accept flash memory cards. Therefore, you will be able to transfer music to other devices as well as computers.

  • Teaching and Learning Tools

There are digital pianos that are designed for beginners. There are different in-built lessons, exercises, chord displays, and metronomes that you can utilize when practicing. They have dual headphone jacks that will allow you to work silently while other people are in the house.

There are digital pianos that also have split keyboard functions that will help you play similar parts in the same octaves.

  • Space

Consider the space within your home. There are digital pianos that may require bigger spaces compared to others. You should ensure that the space within your home is enough for the digital piano that you will choose.



digital piano home

From the reviews above, many top-rated digital pianos have good reputations because of different features. These include sound quality, portability, versatility, and the feel of the keys.

The most important thing is to ensure that you are aware of the features that you consider important. This will guide you in choosing the best piano that I suited for your needs.

Think if you will need effects, how realistic the feel and sound is close to that of an acoustic piano, and if you will be needing the piano as you move to different places.

The digital piano market is very competitive, and all the above-listed pianos can indicate that. You will be able to get great features if you do your research before purchasing a keyboard. Embrace modern technology to help you in choosing the best piano. Additionally, consider the space and price of the piano.