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The 5 Best Roland Synthesizer Reviews 2020

Roland Manufactures is a Japanese company that makes musical instruments such as guitar instruments, electronic drums, and synthesizers. Synthesizers are their top quality products which are available in both analog and digital. The Roland company makes the best electronic musical instrument which is durable, affordable and of high quality. So, in this article, we are going to look at the top 5 best Roland Synthesizers that you can buy this year.

roland synthesizer


5 Best Roland Synthesizer List for 2020


5 Best Roland Synthesizer Reviews

1. Best Overall -Roland MX-1 Tabletop Synthesizer

roland tabletop synthesizer


Brilliant features

  • The 18 inputs cover a wide array of source types such as digital, analog and AIRA
  • It doubles as an external mixer and control surface for DAW outputs
  • Channel tone knobs serve as either EQ or filters
  • Comes with a good mix of analog and digital connectivity
  • There is a range of interface, standalone and controller modes that provide flexibility

Watch out for

  • Fader throw is a little bit short for some mixing approaches
  • Has a single stereo channel for Aira TR-8

Topping this list of best Roland Synthesizer is Roland MX-1 Tabletop Synthesizer. The MX-1 Synthesizer combines your drum machines, DAW tracks, synths, loops, and more into a single mixing instrument. It features 18 channel performance mixers as well as step-sequenced FX, tempo control, and transport.

The four AURA link USB ports support MIDI, audio, sync, and bus power for AIRA gear while the 1/8 inch jack is great for tablets, gadgets, and smartphones. Additionally, the MX-1 comes with control surface mode that allows for full DAW control through the MIDI. The MX-1 is a great option for musicians looking for a synthesizer that helps them build a studio or live set up.

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2. Best Budget -Roland TB-03 Tabletop Synthesizer

roland tb 03


Brilliant features

  • You can use it to recreate sonics, programming system, and parameter
  • The synthesizer is battery powered
  • Comes with a built-in mini speaker
  • Highly portable which makes it suitable for carrying around
  • The USB and MIDI feature allows you to send and receive control information
  • Has a robust construction

Watch out for

  • Has no real-time recording mode

One of the best budget synthesizers is the Roland TB-03 Tabletop Synthesizer. This synthesizer retains the user interface, character, and sound which is available on the original TB-303. It features an internal sound engine bass synth, 4 x AA batteries and hands-on control for resonance, cutoff, envelope modulation, and accent.

What makes TB-03 stand out from the original Roland TB-303 is that it comes with improved features such as USB and MIDI, fine tempo control, overdrive and delay effects, and 4-digit LED display. Thanks to the 4 digit LED display, you can program and tweak this tabletop synthesizer.

Additionally, it has a realistic recreation of the famous TB-303 bassline synth. The Roland TB-03 Tabletop Synthesizer is programmable via step write modes, classic pitch, and time. Musicians in the studio can connect this synthesizer to external gear and computer via USB port and MIDI.

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3. Roland SYSTEM-1 Variable Synthesizer

roland variable synthesizer


Brilliant features

  • A backlit interface that comes with ‘knob per function’ ethos
  • Four voice virtual analog synth that has built-in effects
  • Comes with a USB connection that offers MIDI and audio communication to the computer
  • Compact and well-built with a variety of modulation options
  • Portable and lightweight meaning you can carry it with you everywhere

Watch out for

  • Relies on main power only
  • No aftertouch or velocity

Third on this list of best Roland Synthesizer is Roland SYSTEM-1 Variable Synthesizer. This is an innovative thin keyboard that has 25 normal sized keys. It features a new Analog Circuit Behavior technology that analyzes each aspect of analog circuits and ensures they are recreated to the finest details.

The oscillator colors feature helps to create continuous waveform changes that range from complex to simple. Also, the SYSTEM-1 has performance-ready controls, quality construction, a dizzying number of knobs and lights.

It is possible to connect this synthesizer to a computer via the USB jack if you want to receive or send both MIDI data and audio. The SYSTEM-1 is an analog synthesizer that is built for total integration of studio or live rig. The good thing about this Roland Synthesizer is that it not only has an innovative design but has an amazing sound.

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4. Roland JD-XA Synthesizer Keyboard

roland synthesizer keyboard


Brilliant features

  • Has legitimate analog sound that is powered by a powerful digital engine
  • It has plenty of modulation, flexible effects, arpeggiator, and a great Vocoder
  • Incredible sound
  • A free keyboard stand included
  • Comes with practical controls and has a beautiful design

Watch out for

  • Four octaves is not enough for experienced musicians
  • Shorter keys
  • External power supply

Roland JD-XA Synthesizer is an advanced synthesizer that comes with digital sound engines as well as independent analog. You can use digital and analog parts side by side or stack them up to achieve total sonic devastation. Roland JD-XA Synthesizer features sound engines that can be used interactively or independently offering a flexible platform for studio work, sound design, and live performance. Also, this synthesizer comes with five system effects such as TFX1, TFX2, master EQ, reverb, and delay for all parts, including a Mic section.

It has main controls which include octave +/-, volume, and main screen. Measuring 43 x 20 x 8 inches, Roland JD-XA Synthesizer has a weight capacity of 22.2 pounds. The analog filter section includes a transistor ladder, 4 pole, and multi-mode filters.

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5. Best 88 Key-Roland FA-08 Synthesizer Workstation 

roland 88 key workstation


Brilliant features

  • Has deep workstation that comes with an intuitive interface
  • Great sounds in every category
  • It is well priced and very portable
  • This synthesizer initializes quickly
  • It is manageable and lightweight
  • Informative and easy to read display
  • The user interface is friendly with amateurs

Watch out for

  • There is no PC editor
  • The screen may get cramped on some functions
  • Uses external power supply

Finally on this list of best Roland Synthesizer is Roland FA-08 Synthesizer Workstation. This synthesizer is the best 88-key weighted action that has a light, mobile body. It comes packed with more than 2000 tones that offer a wide array of top-quality sounds that is suitable for any musical style.

Additionally, it has a streamlined, interface with a large color LCD. The FA-08 Synthesizer Workstation comes with 16 track sequencer that allows musicians to capture your inspiration as it happens. This helps you to build a wide arrangement with the instrument’s wide variety of sounds.

This best 88-key synthesizer also comes with USB ports that you can use for updates, expansion data, and MIDI/ audio interfacing with a computer. Other features of the Roland FA-08 Synthesizer Workstation include Arpeggiator, Rhythm pattern, global EQ, and six COMP+EQ processors.

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What is Synthesizer?

best cheap synthesizer

A synthesizer is a musical instrument which generates audio signals. They generate audio via different modules including additive synthesis, wavetable synthesis, frequency modulation synthesis, and subtractive synthesis. The modules include filters, oscillators, envelope generators, or modulation sources.

One thing you should know about a synthesizer is that it does not come with a keyboard. This means that sound can be created using modular synths when a signal is sent along the path. Synthesizers are usually controlled by several input devices such as sequencers, fingerboards, electronic drums, or wind controllers. What you should know about synthesizers is that it is not only popular in electronic music genres but all genres as well.

There are different types of synthesizers such as mono synthesizer, modular synthesizer, and polyphonic synthesizer. Mono synthesizers are monophonic meaning that they work with one note at any single time. The good thing about mono synths is that they are user-friendly and perfect for live performance. Modular synthesizers, on the other hand, are composed of a variety of loose modules. External modules are connected via jack cables. Polyphonic synthesizers work with different tones at any single time. The benefits of this musical instrument include the ability to work with different tones at any single time.


What to Look for When Choosing the Best Roland Synthesizer?

best synthesizer

Roland synthesizers come in a wide variety of consoles which is suitable for both amateurs and professionals. While looking for the best Roland Synthesizer, you must pay attention to factors such as portability, skill level, type of music, budget, interest, and experience. Additionally, make sure you pay attention to the sound a synthesizer produces. Synthesizers can produce electronic sounds that mimic many instruments.

The following is an in-depth look at factors you need to consider while choosing the best Roland Synthesizer.

  • Polyphony

This is the first and most important feature to consider while looking for the best Roland Synthesizer. Polyphony refers to the number of voices available on a synthesizer. For example, some digital pianos have 88 different voices which are combined to make different notes.

Most synthesizers, on the other hand, are monophonic, meaning that you can play one voice at any single time. However, it is possible to find synthesizers that are polyphonic but they are more expensive than monophonic synthesizers.

  • MIDI Implementation and Memory

Another factor to consider is the computer connectivity of Roland Synthesizer. Connecting a synthesizer to a computer is important because it can manage anything they want from there. This is especially true if you plan to record your music or store your synth sounds.

Although most synthesizers offer computer support, there are some which need memory and MIDI implementation.

  • Digital or Analog

Before you buy the best Roland Synthesizer, you need to know whether you need Analog or Digital Synthesizers. Analog synthesizers are the most popular among musicians as they produce analog circuitry and analog signals.

On the other hand, digital synthesizers use digital signal processing to create analog sound. Whether you want digital or analog synthesizer it all depends on you because there is not too much difference in terms of quality.

  • Sound Quality

You should also pay attention to the sound quality of synthesizers because there are synthesizers that sound better than others. Most synthesizers have good sound quality but entry-level synthesizers may issue with sound quality.

  • Build Quality

The durability and build quality is an important feature to consider if you are looking for the best Roland Synthesizer to purchase.

Buying synthesizers is an investment for a musician which is why you should choose one with a quality build. To avoid the case of synthesizers scratching, having dents, and loose knobs, you should choose synthesizers with good quality.

  • Quality Tone and Touch

Roland digital piano offers sounds and tones just like that of a traditional piano. They come with a sophisticated keyboard action that offers top-quality tones and produces an acoustic touch. Also, Roland digital piano has quality sound engines and technology of behavior modeling, multisampling as well as sound modeling.

  • Aesthetics

Finally, look at the aesthetics of the synthesizers which include style and design. Of course, you should not sacrifice sound quality for aesthetics but the former is still an important factor to consider. The design of one Roland Synthesizer may not appeal to everyone which is why you must choose the one that appeals to your needs.



It goes without saying that synthesizers are a must-have instrument if you are a musician. Synthesizers are fun because they are a great way of you expressing your creativity. Also, playing this musical instrument can help you develop as a musician.

Many people buy synthesizers because they come with recording features that are built within the keyboard. This feature allows musicians to record their songs for future purposes. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for Roland Synthesizers, Roland Workstation, or Roland MIDI keyboard controller, you can find the best Roland Synthesizer which is affordable and easy to maintain.