The 10 Best Keyboard Piano Reviews for 2020

The sound and melody produced by the keyboard Piano are fundamental to how fantastic the rhythm of the music would be. Creating such melodious tones from the keyboard piano requires the skills of an apt instrumentalist. However, without the best Keyboard Piano, how extraordinary can the melody be, even with the expertise and proficiency of the instrumentalist? Therefore, recognizing the best keyboard piano and the one that best suits your music style is imperative.

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10 Best Keyboard Piano On the Market


10 Best Keyboard Piano Reviews

We’ve selected ten best keyboard piano on the market to allow you to choose from.

1. Best Overall -RockJam 61 Key Keyboard SuperKit

61 key electronic keyboard piano


Brilliant features

  • Full-sized 61 keys
  • Adjustable stand, bench, and headphone included
  • The learning aid can be accessed on the simple piano app which is available for iOS and Android operating systems
  • LCD screen for learning and guiding
  • A wide range of rhythms, songs, and instrument voices

Watch out for

  • Not for pro players
  • The quality of headphone is not very great

Rokjam keyboard comes with a full-sized 61 key keyboard, an LCD screen to display the controls, a record and replay function, 50 demo songs, 100 rhythms, and 100 keyboard sounds. A set of quality headphones is also added to the RockJam keyboard superkit. Also added to the keyboard SuperKit is a long-lasting and strong padded stool.

The seat packaged with the keyboard piano is two-legged and with great balance on the ground. The RockJam keyboard also has its power source included in the superkit. The keyboard superkit also has a durable and adjustable keyboard stand which helps to firmly hold the keyboard. An educational learning aid kit that is designed specifically for beginners is another feature, the learning aid grants access to free membership for one month. There is also an additional learning aid that enhances your play skills.

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2. Best Value -Yamaha NP12 Portable Keyboard Piano

best yamaha keyboard piano


Brilliant features

  • 61 touch-sensitive keys
  • Great sound quality with 64-note polyphony
  • Portable keyboard and can be easily accessed and moved
  • Affordable with excellent performance
  • The power consumption of the keyboard is low, about 8W
  • Operated by batteries

Watch out for

  • This piano does not come with a stool for keyboard players
  • The speakers could be louder

Yamaha NP-12 keyboard piano features 61 piano Keys which are highly sensitive to touch, this gives the pianist the feel of playing a keyboard. The keyboard also features a controller app that can be installed on iOS devices. This helps to give easy access, fast navigation and quick configuration of the keyboard controls. A USB port is also available on the keyboard which allows connecting external devices and importing new songs or keyboard songs from your mobile device or computer.

In a situation of a power outage, this Yamaha keyboard can be powered with the use of batteries. It contains 6 AA batteries which can last for about 5 hours. An additional feature that puts this keyboard as one of the best is the 64-note polyphony and also, a special function for recording sounds and keyboard tunes.

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3. Best for Beginners -Casio CTK-3500 with Educational Pack

best keyboard piano for beginners casio


Brilliant features

  • 61 keys with 3 levels of touch sensitivity
  • Great and affordable for beginners
  • An educational pack for learning installed on the keyboard to aid learners
  • Free Chordata play app integration for teaching
  • Dance Music Mode

Watch out for

  • The sound quality is just ok
  • No Midi output and input

Casio CTK-3500 is one of the best keyboards available to use for beginners. The design of the keyboard makes it compact and easy to carry due to its lightweight. It has a headphone port through which you can plug your headphones to listen to the music from the keyboard. It also has the dance music mode feature installed on it, you can easily and conveniently create your desired dance music. You can enjoy a wide range of musical elements as this keyboard contains about 400 tones and 150 rhythms.

This 61-keys keyboard also comes with an LCD touchscreen where you can control the operation of the keyboard. It also features varieties of music effects and song filters. It also connects your mobile devices, either iOS or Android, to the keyboard via the Chordana Play app. The Casio CTK-3500 keyboard also features built-in speakers and headphones for private rehearsals. It also has a stand that can be adjusted to suit the position and size of the keyboardist.

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4. Best 88 Key -Alesis Recital Beginner Digital Piano

88 key keyboard digital piano


Brilliant features

  • 88 semi-weighted keys
  • 2 in-built powerful speakers
  • Adjustable touch response to suit your taste
  • Powerful educational features
  • The recital allows the students and their teachers to play the keyboard together, thereby increasing their progress.
  • It can be powered using batteries, in case of a power outage.

Watch out for

  • It does not have a touchscreen feature

Designed to produce that premium and melodious sound, the Alesis Recital keyboard is among the best keyboards. It has 88 full-size light-weighted keys that give you an adaptive and natural feeling. This Recital keyboard also comes with the feature of 5 high-quality instrument voices, the bass, Synth, acoustic piano, organ, and electric piano. You can also combine two or more voices at once using the Recital layer mode to create tones that are sensitive and rich.

Alesis Recital Digital Piano also has educational features for beginners who wish to develop their playing skills. The educational feature includes an advanced lesson mode and a fully adjustable metronome that helps fasten the development of learners. It also has the features of connectivity such as sustain pedal input and the headphones output. You can also connect the Recital keyboard to your computer via the MIDI output. The recital also has onboard RCA outputs for connecting amplifiers, mixers, and recorders.

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5. Best for Kids -RockJam 54 Key Electronic Keyboard Piano

best keyboard piano for kids


Brilliant features

  • Very suitable for kids
  • The sheet music stand helps you to place a tutorial guide while playing
  • High-quality sound is assured with the two stereo speakers
  • The keynotes stickers help to make playing easy and simple by indicating the correct keys to play

Watch out for

  • The keys are not weighted

This RockJam keyboard piano is characterized by the traditional piano feel of 54 full-size keys. This portable and solid keyboard piano is perfect for use anywhere and anytime because it can be powered by plugging the power cable to a power source or by batteries. It is designed with two built-in speakers on either end of the keyboard.

The keyboard also has the feature of a sheet music stand which helps to support your tablet devices or music sheets. It also has an LCD screen that shows the controls of the keyboard as well as built-in learning functions. The keyboard also has access to the simple piano application for android and iOS devices. There are keynotes stickers on the keys. The RockJam keyboard also has replay and record functions, 100 sound effects, 8 demo songs, and 100 rhythms.

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6. Best for Home -Roland F-140R Compact Digital Upright Keyboard

roland compact keyboard piano


Brilliant features

  • 88 hammer-action weighted keys
  • Very compact for putting in your flat or home
  • A multi-dimensional sound experience with headphone
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • It is built with its stand which helps it stand firmly
  • The PHA-4 keyboard and the piano engine delivers authentic tones and music

Watch out for

  • Expensive than others

This Roland F-140R keyboard is specially designed for those who live in an apartment and love pianos with high-quality sound. It is a stylish and compact keyboard that can fit into small spaces in your homes. It is built with the recent technological features that produce genuine and rich tones of an acoustic grand and delivers premium and theatrical performance.

Roland F-140R is also equipped with an advanced onboard rhythm feature which is complemented with additional perks which include 6 pianist styles and 72 different rhythm styles. It is built with the standards of the PHA-4 keyboard which features high-rated sensing.

The F-140R keyboard also has an extraordinary piano sound engine. This keyboard also comes with 3D headphones suitable for personal practice. The F-140R can aid develop your playing and composition skills too, with onboard recording feature, Bluetooth connectivity compatible music score apps and a USB port for connecting to your computer. There are also 305 -additional tones available on the Roland F-140R keyboard.

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7. Best Cost-Effective -Casio Privia PX-160 with Textured Keys

casio px 160


Brilliant features

  • 88 hammer-action keys with ivory and ebony key surfaces
  • Produces the perfect key-to-sound music experience as compared to other brands
  • The speaker system enables the keyboard to be used for a large audience
  • Portable and compact
  • Cost-effective
  • An optional SP-33 pedal system to enable it to function as a grand piano

Watch out for

  • No Bluetooth connectivity

This is an 88 full key size digital piano with power supply cable. It has the Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator (AiR) feature which delivers grand piano sounds and remarkable performance from the Privia PX-160. The keyboard is designed with Casio’s popular Tri-sensor scaled Hammer action, which includes the textured keys for an amazing feel and the three sensors which help provide unequalled speed and precision. It also has the hammer response feature for controlling the varying sized hammers in the piano. It has two 8W speakers on either side of the controls, these speakers also extend to the rear of the keyboard.

The PX-160 also has the newly developed string collective sounds feature, this allows the keyboard to play string sounds on different layers of the keyboard. There is also a two-track recorder to record and playback your rehearsals and performances. It also has connectivity features for your headphones (output) and computers (MIDI output)

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8. Best Touch Sensitive -Yamaha PSR E-363 Portable Keyboard Piano

yamaha touch Sensitive keyboard piano


Brilliant features

  • 61 touch-sensitive keys
  • Produces high-quality sounds
  • Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) for extra features
  • On-board lessons for beginners and learners
  • It is the perfect keyboard to play with your partner

Watch out for

  • The power supply adapter is not packaged with the piano, it is purchased separately

The multipurpose functions of the PSR-E363 keyboard piano make it the perfect portable keyboard for learners and hobbyists. It is also one of the best touch-sensitive keyboard, the sounds produced from the keyboard are dependent on how your press the keys, loud tones are produced when pressure is applied to the keys and soft sounds are produced when played gently.

The Yamaha PSR-E363 is also equipped with a broad library of 574 instrument voices that entails all the musical genres. It has the feature of real-time backing of band tracks with its 165 auto complementing styles which are determined by the chords you are playing. The PSR E-363 keyboard also has the Duo mode feature which is done by making two middle C notes. This allows users to play with their friends and family. It also has USB connectivity and MIDI port to enable the transfer of audio files and to connect to the music-producing software on your computer respectively. You can also connect to your mobile devices.

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9. Best for Inspiring -Roland Go Keys Keyboard with Bluetooth Speakers

roland go keys


Brilliant features

  • Comes with Bluetooth speakers
  • Great sound quality with 128-note polyphony
  • Simple and convenient to set up
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Mixing of different tones into a loop is allowed

Watch out for

  • The pedal system is not available
  • It does not have the record function

The Roland Go keys keyboard is easy to use and allows you to enjoy lots of fun as you can stream your best songs via the wireless Bluetooth connection and play along with the song. The keyboard is featured with two onboard speaker systems at both sides which produces quality sounds.

A headphone port is also available on the keyboard when you want to practice and listen to the sounds alone. The wireless smartphone connection feature allows you to access free music content online so you always have varieties of songs to play along with.

The Go Keys keyboard has a power supply adapter to power it when there is electricity, however, you can also switch to operate the keyboard with batteries, in case of a power outage. It also has several connectivity features such as the USB Micro-B type (MIDI), Stereo miniature phone type, and Stereo 1/4-inch phone type.

For inspiring and creation, there are over 500 quality sounds installed in the keyboard and also and other materials for you to use.

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10. Best for Stage -Nord Piano 4 Stage Keyboard Piano

best nord stage piano


Brilliant features

  • Nord Virtual Hammer Action technology
  • Excellent keyboard piano for stage performance
  • It can be easily moved from one place to the other
  • On-stage pedal system
  • Comes with lots of important accessories

Watch out for

  • A bit pricy

The Nord Piano is designed with the grand weighted action and it has the feature of 88-note triple sensor which enables the piano to produce precise key-to-sound performance with an adaptive feel of the keys. It also has the Nord virtual hammer action technology feature. This 4 stage keyboard can transit seamlessly during a performance, thereby ensuring perfect program switch. It also has an on-stage pedal system that can be plugged into the keyboard. It has the numeric pad mode feature to control and access the keyboard functions.

The keyboard bundle also has an adjustable stand which allows pianists to set the keyboard with respect to their height or size. An Austin instructional CD that serves as an educational quick start guide is also available in the bundle, this helps beginners to understand how the keyboard functions.

This Nord piano is also equipped with an expression pedal and an Austin Bazaar polishing cloth to keep the keyboard clean always. Other amazing features of this keyboard are the mixer controls such as the treble level, bass, reverberation, sustain, and other effects.

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Best Keyboard Piano Buying Guide

kawai digital piano

There are different models and types of keyboard pianos in the current market that you can choose from. The most important elements considered while purchasing a digital piano include the responsiveness that the keys have, the piano sound quality, amplifier, and also the speaker system to use. Let’s have a look at these factors in detail:

  • The Quality of the Piano

The exterior and interior parts of a piano will determine the performance of an instrument. Pianos with better quality strings and soundboard will have a better response and range.

  • The Size of the Piano

A bigger instrument is better as compared to a small one. You find that larger pianos will produce a higher and more quality sound. The size of the piano to buy will, at times, be affected by the size of the living space that is available.

  • Price

A high-quality piano will obviously be more costly than a low-quality one. However, the material used to build the piano are good and durable materials. The type of piano to buy will go hand in hand with money budgeted for the purchase.

  • Appearance

Pianos come in different colors depending on the designer, black color, and mahogany colors will tend to fit a variety of households. Though, this factor will vary from one person to another. Some people will tend to ignore the color and cheek on other factors.

  • Reason or Purpose of Buying

A medium quality piano is appropriate for beginner students who are not certain of the number of commitments they have. Asking for guidance from the member of staff from where you are to purchase the instrument is highly recommended.

  • Connectivity

Digital pianos have got MIDI capability, thus allowing the user to connect the piano to recording equipment and computers easily. The digital pianos will have USB ports which aid in connecting many types of audio gear. Some models will even allow the use of flash memory cards.

  • Portability

Digital pianos are lighter and more compact compared to acoustic pianos. Digital pianos are easily portable and can easily fit in a vehicle, hence easy to carry.


How to Choose the Best Keyboard Piano for Beginners?

As a learner of the keyboard Piano, there are certain key factors that you should consider when you want to buy a piano to develop yourself. These key factors include:

  • The number of Keys: A beginner is recommended to choose a keyboard piano that has 61-88 keys. This would help learners to easily adapt to any other keyboard piano as they develop their playing skills. It also allows beginners to learn their finger spacing and also how to scale the instrument.
  • The Stand: The keyboard that a beginner intends to purchase must have an adjustable stand, this is important. It makes the learning process easy as the beginner is not finding it difficult to reach all the keys.
  • Weight of the keyboard Piano: Selecting a keyboard piano that is light weighted and portable is ideal for any beginner. This is an important factor, especially when taking the keyboard piano to tutorial classes.
  • Keyboard Piano with Weighted keys: Weighted keys are usually firm when pressed down but they bounce back after. Beginners are recommended choosing a keyboard piano with weighted keys or touch-sensitive keys because it helps build the strength of their fingers and skill.
  • Avoid too many extra features: Learning how to space the fingers and the keys of the keyboard piano should be the focus of the beginner. Learning the 88 keys is already a challenging task, hence, choosing a keyboard piano with so many effects and features may be a distraction to the learning process of the beginner.
  • Learning tools: Beginners are recommended to choose a keyboard piano that has a learning aid or an educational tool that can assist in developing their skills.


How to Choose the Best Keyboard Piano for Pro Players?

Professionals and experts of the keyboard piano have already mastered the 88 keys, learned how to effectively space their fingers, scale the piano, and have built the strength of their fingers. The factors they consider when choosing a keyboard piano differs completely from that of beginners. A professional should, however, consider the following vital factors when choosing a keyboard piano;

  • Keys Action: The key action of a keyboard piano is the feature which gives it the acoustic piano high-quality sound. The key action of a keyboard piano simulates the key sensitivity of the acoustic piano. The key action guide includes the hammer action and the weight of the keys. Therefore, it is important to check for this feature when choosing a keyboard piano.
  • Keyboard Accessories: As a professional player, you need to look out for additional keyboard piano accessories that improve the sound performance when you play. The connectivity feature of the keyboard piano such as the wireless Bluetooth connection, MIDI output for your computers, USB connectivity, and headphones output. Professional players also look out for keyboard piano that has a 3-pedal system.
  • Keyboard Effects and Synths: Being an expert and professional pianist, there are numerous effects, tones, synths and rhythms that enhance the quality of sound played from the keyboard. Choosing the best keyboard piano like a professional player should be based on the effects and synths available on the piano.


FAQs about the Best Keyboard Piano

best keyboard under 1000

1. What is a keyboard piano?

A keyboard piano simply describes the part of a piano that is played with one’s fingers. This means that a keyboard piano has got depression keys or push buttons that are pressed to produced sound. In other words, a keyboard piano is designed with a set of keys that are adjacent to one another and are found on musical instruments like synthesizers, organs and also in pianos.


2. What’s the difference between an acoustic piano, an electric keyboard, and a digital piano?

Did you know that Digital Pianos are Usually a Mix Between Electric Keyboard and Acoustic Pianos?

Digital pianos will allow for a larger variation in sound. This is because they will allow sound modification. Digital pianos are of the same length as acoustic pianos, with (88keys), but they are larger compared with a keyboard. A digital piano has got better sound quality compared to a keyboard, thanks to its in-built speaker. These digital pianos also have weighted keys, which make the digital pianos sound like an acoustic piano when it is being played.

On the other hand, electronic keyboards are a bit smaller compared to a complete acoustic piano since they will have (61keys), whereas a complete acoustic has (88keys).

Additionally, there are several differences between acoustic pianos and keyboard pianos. The main difference between an acoustic piano and a keyboard is the mechanism in which sound is produced. For a piano, the sound is produced when the keys are pressed into the hammers by the fingers. Pressing of the keys, in turn, strikes the strings. On the other hand, a keyboard has specific keys designed to produce specific sounds. In essence, the sound is produced by the electronic tone generator. The sound produced is then amplified by the speaker.

Plus, acoustic is more expensive than a keyboard piano. Acoustic piano requires high maintenance than keyboard pianos.


3. Is it ok to learn piano on a keyboard?

Yes! For beginners, purchasing a keyboard piano to hone your piano playing skills is certainly the best option, hence, it is a great idea. The reason is that keyboards have the functions to simulate the sound quality of an acoustic piano and keyboards are portable and can be moved around for practice. Learning on a keyboard piano also enables beginners to learn faster as it has fewer sound effects that could sway their concentration level.


4. Do I need 88 keys to learn the piano?

Whatever that is worth doing is also worth doing well, so yes. As a beginner who desires to learn to play the piano and develop your skills to become an expert, you need 88 keys to learn piano. This is because it helps develop yourself on a standard keys piano. You also get to perfect your finger spacing and how to scale the instrument.

If you need a keyboard piano for playing for fun or as a hobby, you do not necessarily need an 88-key keyboard piano. You can also choose a 61-key keyboard or 76-key keyboard piano.


5. What is the best brand of keyboard piano?

The current has different models and brands of keyboard pianos. This keyboard is made by a renowned multinational Japanese firm known as Yamaha Corporation.  This company is known for manufacturing quality keyboards and other audio instruments. Yamaha keyboard piano is one of the best keyboard piano brands that you should consider buying. Some of the unique features that make it one of the best pianos include:

Authentic Key Functions – This instrument comes with authentic and unique keys, making it one of the best digital pianos in the current market.  It is, therefore, capable of generating quality sounds outputs.

It Generates Quality Sound – Exceptional, high-quality sound is one of the key benefits that one can enjoy from this musical instrument.  In fact, other brands have been trying to mimic some of the voices generated by this instrument.

Affordability – This is a low-cost keyboard piano that any person can afford to buy.  This means that people. This is one of the best instruments for individuals with various financial strengths, including those with tight budgets.

Friendly and Excellent Customer Services – As mentioned earlier, Yamaha Corporation is a renowned company that manufactures music instruments and other audio products. In addition to this, this company is known for offering excellent customer services.

Easy to Use and Operate – Simplicity of stature is another additional benefit that you can enjoy from this keyboard.
This product is well-designed and does not have any complicated products.


6. Which Was the First Keyboard Piano to be Invented?

The first piano was invented in 1709 in Italy by harpsichord maker by the name of di Francesco Cristofori. It was called Gravicembalo col piano, which in Italian, it means harpsichord with loud and soft.



The music notes created from the keyboard piano is as good as the keyboard piano itself. Some of the best keyboard pianos have been listed above; their features, pros, and cons. Most keyboard pianos have similar qualities, but there are certain features that make each distinct. Also, when deciding on which keyboard piano you can buy, either as a beginner or a professional, you should consider the factors that will serve as a guide.