best Keyboard piano under 100

Best Keyboard Piano Under $100: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

September 16, 2019 Catchy

Buying a keyboard doesn’t have to be a very big investment. It depends on different situations. If you’re a complete novice player, it’s great to get the best keyboard piano under $100 without risking too much money before the piano has become something you stick to.

However, you should probably know that if you only have a 100-dollar budget, you cannot really get a keyboard that is as close to an acoustic piano as possible. But for a notice player, keyboard pianos under $100 are able to satisfy you to some extent.

So, we’ve identified Top 5 best keyboard piano under $100 with unique features and well build quality, ensuring you choose the right one for your needs.

best Keyboard piano under 100


Here is the list of Top best keyboard piano under $100:


1. Casio CTK-2550  -Best Casio Keyboard Under $100

2. Casio SA-76  -Best Keyboard Piano for Kids

3. Alesis Melody 61-key Keyboard  –Best Keyboard Bundle under $100

4. Goplus Classical Piano  -Best Piano Under $100 for Toddlers

5. RockJam 54-key Keyboard  -Best Electronic Keyboard Under 100


Top 5 Best Keyboard Piano Under $100 Reviews

1. Casio CTK-2550 -Best Casio Keyboard Under $100

Best Casio Keyboard Under 100


Brilliant features

  • 61 piano-style keys
  • Step-up Lesson System with LCD display
  • Dance Music Mode
  • Chordana Play App for learning
  • 400 instrument voices & 100 rhythms

Watch out for

  • Non-weighted keys
  • Only for beginners

Casio CTK-2550 is a great portable keyboard piano under $100 which comes with 61 keys, a step-up lesson system, portable and compact design, backed up by the reliable Casio brand. Weighing at 7.3 lbs, it could be great for car rides and trips.

Typically, all the keyboard pianos under $100 are designed for beginners. Casio CTK-2550 is one of them. So, it has a lot of great features for learning and having fun.

The step-up lesson system allows you to learn playing and music basics. With the LCD screen display, you can see which keys you should press, how to place your fingers, and how to read notes on the staff, etc.

Your learning process can be further enhanced by the Chordana Play App that Casio has created. The app is able to display the music score and piano roll notation on the screen. And you can select which tracks to play to practice your hands separately.

There is a special feature comes with Casio CTK-2550, which is Dance Music Mode. It has 50 built-in dance rhythms as well as different sounds and effects. You can use them to create your own electronic dance music in a fun and easy way.

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2. Casio SA-76 -Best Keyboard Piano for Kids

Best Keyboard Piano for Kids


Brilliant features

  • 44 mini-sized keys
  • Easy-to-read LCD display for learning
  • 100 instrument voices & 50 rhythms
  • 5 percussion pads for playing with others
  • 10 built-in songs

Watch out for

  • No power adapter included

The second best keyboard piano under $100 on the list is Casio SA-76 that specially designed for kids. Your kids can both learn to play the piano and enjoy fun on it.

This model is a greatly-reduced octaves keyboard, which has 44 keys. The size of the keys is smaller than standard full-sized keys. So, it can perfectly fit for the little fingers of kids.

There are 5 buttons for drum sounds, which can be used with the piano sound at the same time. For example, a parent can play the main melody while the kid’s hitting the drum pads.

Casio SA-76 features a Melody on/off lesson function. There are 10 songs integrated with the keyboard and you can have the melody line muted for kids to learn. The built-in LCD display is able to show the notes you play on screen. It’s a great way for kids to learn note reading on the staff.

Overall, Casio SA-76 is a solid option if you’re looking for a great keyboard piano for kids. It can be the first instrument for kids to enter into the music world, encouraging their interest and get their talents unlocked.

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3. Alesis Melody 61-key Keyboard -Best Keyboard Piano Bundle under $100

Best Keyboard Piano Bundle under $100


Brilliant features

  • Recording function
  • Layer and split modes
  • 40 preset songs
  • Comes with a headphone, a stand, a bench, a microphone
  • 300 instrument tones & 300 built-in rhythms
  • 2 months of Take Lessons for free

Watch out for

  • No output for sustain pedals
  • Keys are plastic

It’s not common that you can get a keyboard piano bundle with everything you need for less than $100. If you’re a complete novice player, it’s great to get a keyboard bundle so that you don’t have to find accessories that are compatible with the keyboard. You can just sit down and enjoy playing.

Alesis Melody 61-key portable keyboard is a cheap keyboard piano under 100 yet without compromising quality. It comes with an adjustable bench, an X-shaped stool, a headphone and a microphone in the package. Headphones allow you to practice anytime without disturbing others.

The keyboard is equipped with an onboard recording function, allowing you to record your performance and playback to see how your practice is going or if it’s satisfying as you expected. Additionally, if you’re a fan of singing, you can record the songs you like and use the microphone included to sing while playback.

It has 300 instrument voices, giving you endless options to try and listen to different tones. With the layer model, it’s able to layer two voices together for exploring different instrument combinations.

To conclude, the Alesis Melody 61-key keyboard is an overall good cheap keyboard piano under $100. The quality of sound and keys is good in this price range and It’s a solid option for novice players to consider.

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4. Goplus Classical Piano -Best Piano Under $100 for Toddlers

Best Piano Under $100 for Toddlers


Brilliant features

  • Attractive pink appearance
  • 30 piano-style keys
  • A bench and a music rest included
  • Safe design for young kids

Watch out for

  • Not for children above 6

Do you want to buy a beautiful piano keyboard for your baby girl? It’s your option here! This lovely pink keyboard piano can attract your kids at first glance and motivate them to play on it.

Goplus Classical Kids Piano is one of the best keyboard pianos for toddlers. It comes with 30 piano-style keys, allowing your kids to hit the keys and play some simple children’s songs.

You may not expect the sound quality of this piano is as high-quality as grand piano sound. Actually, the sound is more like a xylophone.

The construction of the piano is firm with a smooth surface. It’s very safe for your little ones because it doesn’t have a curve-shaped corner.

Goplus Classical Kids Piano is made of high-quality material and the bench is sturdy, making it very solid and durable for kids to use. But keep in mind that check the size before purchasing.

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5. RockJam 54-key Keyboard -Best Electronic Keyboard Under $100


Brilliant features

  • 54 full size keys
  • Interactive teaching modes
  • Free access to the Simply Piano
  • Compact and portable design
  • 2 built-in stereo speakers
  • Keynote stickers included

Watch out for

  • Flimsy music rest
  • The sound quality is not really good

Now it’s time to introduce the last best keyboard piano under $100 on the list.

RockJam 54-key keyboard stands out for its portable and compact design. It weighs only 8.2 lbs and can be operated with batteries. Therefore, this keyboard is an ideal keyboard if you want a portable keyboard that you can take anywhere you want.

For those who often travel and commute a lot, you can even practice it on the road. Apart from practice, if you’re a fan of music creating, you can record your ideas whenever the inspiration strikes.

RockJam is a solid keyboard for beginners thanks to the teaching modes with LCD display and the keynote stickers included. The teaching modes allow you to learn to play the songs you like. The LCD screen is able to show which keys and chords you should press and the beat point. So, you can master some simple songs first and gradually are able to play some complex songs.

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Buyer’s Guide on Best Keyboard Piano Under $100

Let’s talk about some factors you may concern when buying a 100-dollar keyboard piano.

The first thing is that for all musicians out there that want to spend as little as possible on a keyboard, you might have to sacrifice some features and functions that keyboards offer, such as the number of keys and others.

For a keyboard piano under $100, you probably won’t get a full-size keyboard with 88 keys. Most of the best keyboard pianos under $100 are equipped with 61 keys or less. Additionally, keyboards under $100 are also impossible to have touch-sensitive and weighted.

So, what kind of players do keyboards under $100 for and what can you get from the best keyboard piano under $100?

piano under 500


#1. What kind of players do keyboards under $100 for?

As most keyboards under $100 are designed for beginners, they are likely to have many powerful educational features that guide you to learn to play, including teaching mode, LCD display, and free learning apps, etc. These functions will allow you to learn your favorite songs fun and simple and they can lead you to take your first step into the piano world.

There are many keyboards under $100 that are specially designed for kids as well. For example, the Casio SA-76 and Goplus Classical Piano are both designed for kids. Each of them has unique features that are different from one to another. But there is something in common. For kids, it’s truly important that the keyboard needs to be durable and safe for them to use. And both of them are equipped with some fun features that allow kids to spark some sort of musical passion.


#2. What can you get from the best keyboard piano under $100?

Keyboards under $100 also come with loads of instrument voices. If the dual (layer) mode is available on the keyboard, then it’s possible for you to explore different instrument combinations. It could be very fun for both adult players and kid players.

The last factor, choosing a keyboard under $100 could be a perfect idea for those who want a keyboard for a trip and on the go. The fact is almost all the keyboards under $100 are portable and compact. Most of them can be operated with batteries. Therefore, it can satisfy those who want to practice anywhere they want, even in a car.



Have you got the decision after reading the article?

It’s not necessary to get a very expensive keyboard if you just get into the piano world. All the best keyboard piano under $100 listed come with unique features that can meet your needs. It’s time to choose the right one according to your own preferences!


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