7 Best Digital Piano for Intermediate Players Reviews 2020

As you know, playing the piano is an art. Some people are born with the skill, but for most people, they have to learn it. Intermediate players are those ranked between experts and beginners. That means they know the piano basics, but ought to practice and learn to become experts. Therefore, they need the best digital piano for intermediate players.

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7 Best Digital Piano for Intermediate Players On the Market


7 Best Digital Piano for Intermediate Players Reviews


1. Best Overall -Roland FP-30 Digital Piano

roland digital piano for intermediate


The Roland FP-30 Digital Piano is an affordable device that delivers a top-quality 88-note instrument, and it can fit any given space in your home. You will find it to be portable and lightweight. In fact, it is ideal for music classrooms and performing players. It can add different sounds, and it has built-in recording and practice functions.

Key Features 

1. Superior Sound 

This piano’s exceptional performance can outshine a wide range of instruments. In fact, it can deliver authentic piano playing experience for proper learning. It has a powerful onboard sound system, and it inherits the escapement and touch that come with high-end pianos.

2. Potable 

This piano has an elegant, sleek design that makes it fit any given room. The fact that it is compact and lightweight means you can place it even in tight spaces, and it is quite easy to move around.

3. Modern Digital Engine 

This piano goes past being an acoustic piano. In fact, non-piano sounds such as voices, strings, and organs will allow you to enjoy a wide range of drum patterns and music styles.

4. USB Support 

This is an important feature that allows you to play your favorite tunes. Moreover, you can also save the songs captured by the piano’s recorder.

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2. Best Sounding -Yamaha P125 Intermediate Digital Piano

yamaha digital piano for intermediate players


The Yamaha P125 Intermediate Digital Piano is a compact and lightweight piano that delivers incredible performance with a minimalist, user-friendly design. In fact, this piano is loaded with a lot of features that give you a great experience in the portable package. It offers a high-quality, dynamic, and natural touch response and maintains a slim and sleek footprint.

Key Features 

1. Authentic Piano Performance 

The 88-key piano keyboard offers a heavier touch in a low end and a lighter touch, like an acoustic piano.

2. Smart Pianist App

This app offers you the power to control your piano. Settings, rhythms, and voices can be chosen through the familiar touch of the screen of the phone or tablet.

3. Authentic Piano Sound 

This piano has an improved speaker system that generates an expansive sound in both downward and upward directions. In this way, you can have a rich stereo sound.

4. Sophisticated Design

Every element of this piano is designed to help intermediate players to stay focused on what matters, that is your performance. You will find it easier to use.

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3. Best Cost Effective – Casio Privia PX-160

Casio digital piano for intermediate players


The Casio Privia PX-160 is the successor of PX-150. This piano utilizes the popular AiR Sound Source and Tri-sensor keyboard. Also, it has many enhancements in features and sounds over the past generation. You should note that the piano continues to offer world-class style and features at a competitive price. Another important thing to note about this piano is that its two-track recorder can allow you to record and playback your performances.

Key Features 

1. Grand Sound System

Ideally, PX-160’s chassis is designed to offer an elegant look and accommodate a powerful speaker system. Thus, you can be assured of remarkable sounds with the richness they deserve. Since the speaker can be opened to the front or back, you can have great sound when you place it against the wall.

2. New Sounds 

This piano produces string ensemble sounds. Also, its electric piano has been updated with more dynamic sounds from PX-5S. Thus, you can play bass with your left hand. The duet mode means you can split the keyboard into two ranges. Thus, a teacher and a student can use the same keyboard at the same time.

3. Keyboard 

As noted above, this unit has a Tri-sensor keyboard that captures the dynamics of your performance with unmatched accuracy and speed.

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4. Best Weight Action -Yamaha YDP163B Digital Piano

upright digital piano for intermediate players


The Yamaha YDP163B Digital Piano has all the conveniences you need in an electric piano. As a musician, you should look for a digital piano that you can grow with. When your skill level rises, you will need a piano designed for more serious playing. Ideally, this device gives the performer a tactile surface for playing.

Key Features 

1. Unrivaled Sound Quality 

It features a Pure CF sound engine that is a result of a lot of years of piano-making expertise and history combined with modern sampling technology. You should note that Yamaha leads when it comes to making digital pianos.

2. Superb Feel and Playability 

This 88-key piano offers heavier touch in lighter and low touch. That makes this digital piano perfect for the intermediate player because practicing with it helps build proper finger techniques for playing an acoustic piano.

3. Headphone Experience 

You can listen to the piano when playing by using headphones. The optimizer adjusts accordingly to provide spaciously, surround sound quality that can inspire you to practice for several hours.

4. Capture Your Performance 

Another thing you will like about this digital piano is the built-in recording function. In fact, players can record their performances with just a single touch.

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5. Best Upright -Casio PX-870 Intermediate Digital Piano

Casio px870 home


This device is designed to deliver true piano experience. Other than the revolutionary sound, you will also like its stylish slimline and compact design. With the AiR engine, you are assured of highly-accurate piano sounds that deliver seamless dynamics for remarkable and powerful performance. With 19 instrument tones, you have the freedom to split and layer them as required.

Key Features 

1. Sound Projection

You should note that this piano face back and forward. Thus, it provides high-quality sound character. This makes this the instrument suitable for the halls, classrooms, and other places where there is an audience.

2. App Connectivity 

This digital piano is compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can download the Chordana app that teaches you how to play. The good thing about this is that you can follow the instructions at your own pace as the app guides you through each step.

3. Headphone Mode

The truth is that practicing with the headphone is quite popular. Fortunately, this unit incorporates the Headphone Mode.

4. Hall Simulator 

This is an important feature that helps recreate the character and ambiance of the famous concert halls. In this way, you can experience the thrill of listening to the unique acoustics as you play.

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6. Best Hybrid -Yamaha DGX660 Digital Piano

yamaha dgx660 intermediate


The Yamaha DGX660 Digital Piano is a modern piano that is loaded with a lot of interactive features. Ideally, this digital piano makes playing, sharing, and learning music fun for every person. The new feature allows you to choose a wide range of acoustic pianos and other settings to create your own tunes.

This digital piano is popular for its versatility. You can connect the microphone to an instrument so that you sing along as you play and even hear your voice with the digital effects. Moreover, you can record the performance of the USB device.

Key Features 

1. Concert Sound 

This piano has a powerful sound engine that is a result of many years of research and sampling technology. Thus, you are assured of concert quality sounds.

2. Display 

This digital piano boasts crystal-clear LCD that shows lyric or score display. You will see all lyrics for MIDI songs you play. Moreover, you can read the music for the favorite built-in songs.

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7. Best Compact -Yamaha YDP-S34


The Yamaha YDP-S34 is usually regarded as the little piano that delivers. For many decades, Yamaha has been the leader for making pianos that fir the world’s most popular concert halls. Fortunately, this digital piano recreates the touch of an acoustic piano, and you will find it to be suitable for home use. The intuitive features, advanced technology, and sleek design.

Key Features 

1. Powerful Tone

The modern recording technology recreates some of the best concert hall sounds. Ideally, you can use it well to take your music to another level.

2. Good Virtual Vibrations

Virtual resonance modeling emulates the natural feeling of the acoustic piano.

3. Works with Headphones 

This feature allows you to practice duets and work with a friend or piano teacher. In fact, the dual headphone jacks make the process of playing the piano quite fun.

4. Unlimited Expression

The three pedals offer the control and feel of a powerful acoustic piano. Also, the synthetic ivory and ebony keytops create a natural feel that players of different levels cannot wait to give it a try.

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How to Choose the Best Digital Piano for Intermediate Players

best digital piano under 2000

You need to have the right digital piano, but you are not sure what to look for. These are the important factors you ought to consider when choosing the best digital piano for intermediate players.

1. Sound Quality

The digital pianos rely on the used samples to produce sounds. Nowadays, various modern technologies that can reproduce different samples of acoustic pianos, along with other instruments. The digital pianos come with excellent digital memory that allows them to produce resolution sound with some realism.

2. Key Action

You should note that digital pianos are quite different from the mechanical components like a striking wooden hammer on the strings. Also, the way a digital piano hits the acoustic piano is quite different. It is advisable to consider weighted actions and semi-weighted actions as they have a similar response to the traditional piano.

3. Recording Capability

Digital pianos ensure you your performance is recorded. This is quite an advantage for intermediate players who want to review their recordings. Moreover, recording and sequence capabilities are quite important when planning to make new songs.

4. Learning Tools

You should note that most digital pianos are designed for beginners and intermediate players. Therefore, some have built-in lessons, exercises, metronomes, and chord displays. Moreover, they have the ability to access resources online. Some have dual jacks and headphones that give an easy time for the teachers and students to work silently and effectively.

5. Convenience and Portability

It is vital to note that digital pianos are compact and lighter than acoustic pianos. They have cabinets that look like traditional pianos and weigh less than their counterpart acoustic. It is important to note that the latest digital pianos can break down for easy storage. Therefore, you will find it easy to store your digital piano in your car.

Nevertheless, when purchasing a digital piano, you need to consider the dimensions. That will help you determine whether you have adequate space to store your device. When you do so, you can avoid situations where you need to disassemble your digital piano.

6. Volume

Ideally, the volume of a regular piano depends on the way you play. You can regulate this by using different headphones. In fact, this makes it more interesting to play. Some devices have exclusive sounds and make it easier to add brass, drums, brass, and percussion to the entire performance.

7. Connectivity

Most digital pianos have the MIDI capability that allows for easy connection to the computer as recording equipment. Some digital pianos are used as MIDI keyboards. Ideally, a digital piano must have a USB port to make excellent connections with different types of audio.

8. Cost

As far as buying a digital piano is concerned, you ought to consider the price. In any case, digital pianos are quite expensive, and you do not want to waste your money devices that will not meet your needs.



In this review, we have presented the best digital pianos for intermediate players. The fact that you want to take your skill to another level, you should get a piano that suits your needs. Also, it should be easy to use and give you the power to create sounds that can ooze in quality.

We have also shared important tips to help you find an appropriate digital piano for you. Remember that even if you have the best digital piano, without practice and training, you cannot improve your skill level. You need to be ready to spend several hours in training, practicing, and learning how to play the piano.