best digital piano for advanced pianist

10 Best Digital Piano for Advanced Pianist 2020

December 30, 2019 Catchy

If you’re serious about music and would like to take advantage of today’s latest technology, finding the best digital piano for advanced pianist can be a great idea.

Digital pianos have become one of the most sought-after musical instruments, and companies are popping up to make their own versions. Therefore, determining the right digital piano can be confusing, but you don’t have to worry anymore as our top 10 best digital pianos for advanced pianist reviews and guides will help you find the right one for your needs.

best digital piano for advanced pianist


Top 10 Best Digital Piano for Advanced Pianist On the Market


With the very many advanced digital piano models designed, you can now get one that best fits your advanced skill level, especially if you want to benefit from today’s advanced technology.

With the wide variety of models, sizes, brands, and colors of advanced digital pianos showcased out there, it becomes even more confusing to determine which one suits your needs.

Whatever your preferences are, it is still possible to scrutinize through some of the advanced digital pianos and find one that best meets your budgets and requirements.


Top 10 Best Digital Piano for Advanced Pianist Reviews

These 10 best digital pianos for advanced pianists are top-rated digital pianos on the market. Let’s take a look.

1. Best Overall -Yamaha YDP184R Advanced Digital Piano

yamaha best Digital Piano for Advanced Players


Brilliant features

  • Realistic sound and authentic touch feel
  • Easy to integrate with the Smart Pianist App
  • Comes with a beautiful console
  • Graded hammer action keys
  • Stunning CFX sound engine
  • Provides an authentic piano experience

Watch out for

  • Difficult to move around

First on our list of the best digital pianos for the advanced pianist is Yamaha YDP184R. It’s one of the high-end Yamaha keyboards on the market.

This model is inspired by Yamaha’s concert grand piano series famously known as the Yamaha 9′ CFIIIS concert grand piano, and it’s no surprise that its voice recreates the tone and power of Yamaha’s flagship CFX piano. This piano features an elegant design packed with practical features that anyone passionate about musical instruments would take advantage of.

It features tactile surface and synthetic ivory keys that work exceptionally well when progressing from low to high end and feels smooth without your fingers slipping. It comes with 24 instrument voices that include 256-note polyphony, MIDI record functioning that helps you record the music you’re playing, and, most importantly, it has a USB connectivity for easier connection with other devices.

To enhance the experience, you can adjust its parameters such as the string and damper resonance through Virtual Resonance Modelling (VRM) for an exceptional resonating soundboard experience. If you like using headphones, Yamaha YDP184R has an excellent stereophonic optimizer that can recreate the authentic experience anyone can enjoy from a traditional acoustic piano.

Plus, Yamaha YDP-184R is one of the best digital piano under $2000 that offers advanced features.

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2. Kawai ES8 Digital Piano for Advanced Pianist

digital piano professional


Brilliant features

  • 88 Hammer-action weighted keys
  •  Excellent key sensors for quick note repetition
  • Comes with an high-quality speaker system even for sound effects such as strings, brass, and organ
  • USB connection
  • Brilliant sound quality

Watch out for

  • Not portable

If you’ve been searching for an excellent option for playing at home, your search ends here as the Kawai range has a wide range of digital pianos and the ES8 will blow your mind. This piano is very impressive and features exceptional piano sounds and loads of built-in effects ideal for performing. Even though it has plastic keys, it possesses the same Responsive Hammer III tech, meaning that it is responsive and can allow numerous expressions when playing.

Kawai ES8 Digital Piano is loaded with impressive technological functions such as USB and MIDI that allow you to play and record MP3 files. What’s more, it comes with so many effects that will enable you to change the sound to the perfect tone and feel you desire for the songs you are playing live.

A reverb effect with several settings is included and different types of tremolos, chorus effects, delay, and auto pans which present mini studio at your fingertips to enhance your live performances. ES8 comes with a sophisticated design, and if you love beautiful and eye-catching instruments, its shiny black finish will leave you speechless.

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3. Best for Stage Pianists -Nord Piano 4

best wet sauna


Brilliant features

  • Solid build quality with significant effects
  • Enjoyable key action with an outstanding finger-to sound connection
  • Hands-on control scheme
  • Easy preset navigation as well as saving expandable sound library
  • Enhanced organize mode includes copy and paste

Watch out for

  • Limited split points

Nord Piano 4 is one of the best stage pianos that comes with dedicated buttons and knobs for all important functions necessary for stage performance. With this piano, you can transpose, set up a split point, or create a layered sound in a matter of seconds. Besides, it has seamless transitions, and you can easily change programs or sounds while playing. What’s more, Nord Piano 4 comes with two sound sections, which can either be combined in a layer or split over the piano’s keyboard. Each of these sections possesses specific volume pedal, effects, and/or sustain pedal assigned to them.

The model features seven split points which are well indicated with LED lights, and what makes it stand out is the functionality of the new split point Crossfade that provides an outstanding transition between two different split zones. The available crossfade widths, as indicated by different LED colors are Off, Small or Large, and you can choose the one you want depending on your personal preferences.

Nord Piano 4 features an enhanced organize mode like the copy&paste and move functionality that allows you to rearrange your programs with ease to your desired order. What’s more, the new page view allows you to not only sort but also organize your pages as a song list.

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4. Roland F-140R Compact Digital Piano for Advanced Pianists

best Compact Digital Piano for Advanced Pianists


Brilliant features

  • Hundreds of tones for you to play with
  • Realistic keyboard action
  • High-resolution sensing for sound quality and sense

Watch out for

  • Can be too bulky

Roland uses advanced and leading piano technology that focuses on quality and affordability. Therefore, Roland F-140R compact digital piano is a piano you can trust, especially if you’re an advanced pianist. The F-140R is a supernatural piano and delivers an authentic and rich tone of an acoustic piano. It comes with modern features and classical appeal, and its sophisticated small design is ideal for music lovers who live in relatively small homes.

The F-140R digital piano prides itself with rich, authentic tones with several velocity samples recorded to allow users to express themselves perfectly. The good news is that these sounds have no restriction and can, therefore, not sound out of place especially during high-end classical performances. Also, the F-140R digital piano comes with fun features that can enhance the performance of the practice. For example, the rhythm accompaniment included in this piano depicts that a backing track can play and follow the tempo and chords you are playing.

What makes this piano special is that you can record all your practices and have great piano sounds. The F-140R digital piano opens up a world of compositional and performance possibilities thanks to its over 300 additional tones that may include electric pianos, synthesizers, guitars, brass, organs, strings, and many others. This piano features a Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect your tablet or Smartphone and turn sheet music pages wirelessly.

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5. Roland FP-60 Professional Stage Digital Piano

Professional Stage Digital Piano


Brilliant features

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Textured ivory key surfaces
  • Helps you to adjust the sounds to perfection using the built-in three-band EQ
  • 100s of sound for you to choose from
  • 288-note polyphony
  • Powerful, clean onboard speakers
  • Boasts a high-quality sustain pedal
  • Supports MIDI and WAV recording and playback
  • Includes electric pianos, synth sounds, organs and strings from Roland flagship instruments

Watch out for

  • 1-track MIDI recorder

The Roland FP-60 features a full-size, 88-key keyboard and a pair of inbuilt stereo speakers that make it ideal for home use and practice. The model boasts SuperNATURAL piano sound engine as well as a 288-voice polyphony that delivers acoustic sound and response. In addition to the progressive hammer action, the PHA-4 keyboard has Ivory Feel Keys that help advanced pianists experience faithful playability. Most importantly, the onboard speakers’ system delivers a rich and powerful sound to make this model the best option for intimate live performances and home playing.

The model boasts an onboard three-band equalizer that allows on-the-fly sound shaping. For example, advanced pianists can add some brightness to a warm sound easily with a few movements. The pedal has the feel and look of a real acoustic piano pedal and comes with a continuous detection functionality that takes your playing to another level. Most importantly, the sliders are tactile, and the button always feels great to the touch. It also has a simple screen to allow you to navigate through the available sounds and options with ease.

Most advanced pianists take advantage of built-in Bluetooth tech that allows them to connect the Roland FP-90 to a Smartphone, tablet, or Bluetooth-enabled gadgets and stream music through the superior quality speakers. Besides, this model partners with free Piano Partner 2 app free on Apple and Google app store to enhance playing experience and encourage pianists to learn how to play piano better in their own time.

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6. Kurzweil KAG-100 Best Grand Digital Piano for Advanced Pianist

Best Grand Digital Piano for Advanced Pianist


Brilliant features

  • 88 fully-weighted keys
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Great sound effects
  • Superb playback options
  • Bench is included
  • Powerful 4-speaker stereo sound system that offers detailed tone

Watch out for

  • The polyphony number is only 64

The next piano on our list of the best digital pianos for the advanced pianist is the Kurzweil KAG-100, an outstanding electronic grand piano with 88-keyboard featuring a fully weighted action. What makes this model exceptionally good is that the keys can be adjusted for touch sensitivity.

The Kurzweil KAG-100 comes with an astonishing 200 in-built presets that feature a wide range of sounds such as organs, electric pianos, and other orchestral instruments specifically designed to inspire and enhance creativity and composition. What’s more, the controls are simple, intuitive, and responsive and can be used in the home for practice or even piano lessons.

The model has easy-to-use recording features and can allow you to record two tracks simultaneously, meaning that you can compare different versions of the same tune when practicing or writing music. Also, it has Bluetooth wireless support that allows you to play and backtracks using your Smartphone.

What’s more, the Kurzweil KAG-100 provides around 100 styles, which is used to offer fully orchestrated backing arrangements that include bass, rhythm, and chord accompaniment. Another notable feature of this model is the eight reverbs and chorus-type effects to improve your performance. Kurzweil KAG-100 provides computer connectivity and USB updates through the USB ports and comes with a deep and rich full-range tone that gives it a real grand piano feel, look, and response.

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7. Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano

Casio Privia PX-870 Digital PianoCasio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano


Brilliant features

  • 88 hammer-action keys
  • Ivory and ebony keytops
  • Comes with everything you need
  • Very versatile with both performance and recording tools
  • Powerful sound projection
  • Comes with a sophisticated design
  • Cost-effective

Watch out for

  • A bit difficult to set up

Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano is a great offering from Casio and comes with the complete bundle every advanced pianist would want to start playing immediately. It boasts a magnificent projection engine and ‘hall simulator’ that allows you to model the acoustics and sound to make it feel like you have a classical acoustic piano around you.

This piano provides a realistic feel, and its full-sized body and weighted hammer action keys motivate you to start perfecting your skills. What’s more, the ebony and ivory textures in the PX-870 keys provide the feeling that you’re actually playing an older classical piano.

The PX-870 digital piano embraces the advanced technology and comes with USB connectivity as well as an option to record MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) and audio out of the product. It has 18 tones and an amazing sound system that can perfectly project beautiful sounds.

Thanks to its four built-in speakers, the PX-870 can be used for gigs and live performances in both small and medium venues. This model can be an excellent choice for any advanced pianist looking for a good digital piano without breaking the bank.

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8. Yamaha Arius YDP162B Best Console Digital Piano for Advanced Pianist

Best Console Digital Piano for Advanced Pianist


Brilliant features

  • AWM sound engine
  • Full 88 keys with GHS action
  • Pure CF sound sampling
  • Synthetic Ivory keys

Watch out for

  • Not portable
  • Comes with limited tones as well as preset options

The Yamaha Arius YDP162B happens to be one of the tallest models in Yamaha’s Arius series measuring about 33 inches, and interestingly, its height gives it a commanding look and makes it ideal for the theatre. This piano comes with a synthetic ivory key top that provides a stable surface for the white keys, which in turn makes it possible for an advanced pianist to grip with ease.

The Yamaha Arius YDP162B boasts an acoustic optimizer, which is regarded as a top-quality feature associated with most of the top-notch digital pianos from Yamaha. For your peace of mind, the optimizer plays a significant role in adjusting the acoustic flow, meaning that it takes charge of resonance level and improves the overall sound output. Besides, it has 10 Demo songs, 50 preset songs and comes with dual or layer function.

What makes the Yamaha Arius YDP162B stand out is that it comes with the favorite Yamaha’s Pure CF sound engine that’s ideal for producing rich and melodious sound. With an inbuilt double-track recorder, the model allows you to record all your performances and play them later to determine how much you’ve advanced in playing.

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9. Kawai KDP110 -Best Home Digital Piano

Best Home Digital Piano


Brilliant features

  • The design is simple and elegant
  • Powerful 40W speaker system
  • Has various options for tweaking the sound
  • The 3-sensor keyboard action is quick and responsive
  • Five built-in songbooks
  • Stunning pedal

Watch out for

  • Lacks multi-track recorder
  • No split mode

Kawai digital pianos are popular across the world for their exceptional tone and performance. The KDP110 is a remarkable instrument that combines superior Kawai quality with a price tag that is ideal for players from all levels. Replacing the KDP90, the KDP110 comes with several upgrades and set of features that an advanced pianist would want.

The KDP110 digital piano provides a touch of the fine acoustic instrument thanks to its new three-sensor Responsive Hammer Compact II keyboard action, which replicates the natural feel and motion of acoustic pianos. Based on the highly-regarded RH keyboard action, the KDP110 boasts spring-less technology as well as sturdy construction that delivers coherent upward and downward motion for a natural, smooth and authentic piano playing experience.

It comes with USB-MIDI and Bluetooth connectivity to provide an outstanding playing experience for you. The model features the Grand Feel Pedal system that gives a realistic pedaling experience and most importantly, it comes with a sliding key cover to keep the keys away from dirt and dust when the piano is not in use. The model has two headphone jacks that enhance collaboration with a duet partner, and the Harmonic Imaging technology and 192-note polyphony deliver top-notch grand piano sound to ensure that your notes are heard.

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10. Kawai CA48 Digital Piano for Professional Players

best Digital Piano for Professional Players


Brilliant features

  • Realistic touch
  • Wide music rest
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • The sound engine is rich and natural
  • Full wooden key
  • Grand feel pedals

Watch out for

  • Lacks multi-track recording

If you’ve been looking for a digital piano for your home where elegance, value, and performance are your priority, the Kawai CA48 is there to grace your room. This model combines sophisticated design and advanced technology to provide the most authentic playing experience for an advanced pianist. Firstly, the model features the newest Grand Feel Compact wooden-key action in addition to the ivory Touch key surfaces that replicate the feel of an acoustic piano.

In addition, it boasts progressive Harmonic Imaging technology as well as 192-note polyphony that provides the inimitable sounds of famous Kawai Ex concert and Shigeru Kawai SK-EX grand pianos. It also has other amazing features such as Dual and Four-Hands modes and onboard Alfred lessons to enhance your development as a pianist.

To meet the needs of different advanced pianists, the CA48 comes with the coolest selection of additional sounds that range from drawbar or church organs and electric pianos to strings, synth pads, and human choirs.

Besides the standard USB and MIDI jacks that allow you to connect your piano to computers or other instruments, this model boasts integrated Bluetooth MIDI technology to allow first-rate communication with supported smart devices wirelessly. If you pair the CA48 with a laptop, tablet, or phone, you can enjoy a wide selection of exciting music-related apps that improve your learning and playing experience.

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What is Digital Piano

best keyboard under 1000

A digital piano is simply an electronic musical instrument designed as an alternative to the traditional acoustic piano. It emulates the natural sound and feels of an acoustic piano, but what makes it exceptional is that it comes with excellent features such as FX, LED display, metronomes, and other voices or sounds.

With a digital piano, you can easily adjust volume settings, play various sounds and styles simultaneously, and connect it to an external device such as a Smartphone, recorder, tablet, and laptop.


Why Choose to Buy An Advanced Digital Piano

Yamaha digital piano keyboard

Digital pianos come with a lot of unique features to help you to practice and play the piano. Compared to the traditional acoustic pianos, digital pianos have more advantages to be considered. These include:

  • Convenience and Portability

Advanced digital keyboards tend to be more compact and lighter than the acoustic pianos. Most digital pianos designed for stage performance can fit in your car when hitting the road.

  • Cost

Generally, advanced digital pianos are cheaper than their acoustic counterparts. The former also has a lesser maintenance cost. It only needs some dusting while acoustic pianos require a high maintenance cost from time to time.

  • Volume and Versatility

Depending on how hard you will strike the keys of a traditional piano, it generates a certain amount of volume. Unlike these acoustic instruments, the volume of advanced digital pianos is easy to control. Also, the headphones and in-built extensive sound sets of the digital pianos allow you to have a silent practice. With the sound sets, you can add percussions, brass, woodwinds, and many other sounds.

  • Recording Capability

Many advanced digital piano models allow you to record your performance. This is an added advantage to you every time you learn to play and would want to review your progress. Sequencing and recording capabilities are in these pianos.

  • Connectivity

Advanced digital pianos come with MIDI capability. They allow you to connect to recording equipment. Many of these pianos have a USB port that makes a connection with any audio gear. Some of the models are also compatible with different memory cards that will allow you to transfer music to computers and other electronic and android devices.


What to Look for When Purchasing the Best Digital Piano for Advanced Pianist

Yamaha digital piano keyboard

When you are out there looking for an advanced digital piano to purchase, there are factors that you ought to consider. Being an advanced pianist, you are now keen on specifications like velocity sensitivity and touch responses.

Nonetheless, apart from the apparent factor of the instrument’s size, other vital elements to consider when out for purchase have been highlighted below. It is in these factors that you will note the difference when comparing an advanced digital piano from any other type of piano. These factors are:


  • The Sound Quality

This is a desirable feature in any advanced digital piano. There are two components to this feature: the sound generation and the amplification. Confirm if the advanced digital piano has these features. If you are sure that the piano can recreate a dynamic range of sound, between the lowest to the highest sounds, then go for it.


  • Check the Dimensions

Be sure that the advanced digital piano you want to purchase will fit in the spaces you are planning to put it in. You can consider the advanced digital pianos that have adjustable stands, these are flexible and will suit your height

If you are looking for a digital piano that you can store easily and can be easy to travel with, then go for one that is of less weight and is breakable for storage.


  • Your Price Range

Advanced digital pianos are highly-priced when compared with any other types of piano. Quality ones are priced from $1000 or more because of their top-notch features and sound quality.


  • The Number of Keys

A full advanced digital piano keyboard has 88 keys. If you are planning to play very complex piano pieces, then go for those that have a wide range of keys.


  • The feel of the keyboard

Nowadays, the top-rated advanced digital pianos have weighted keys that have the feel of an authentic piano. However, not all the weighted key systems have the same creation. If you want that authentic piano feel, you will want a keyboard that has a graded hammer action.

Some advanced digital piano models have ivory keys or wooden keys that give an elegant feel. Therefore, the feel of the keyboard you want will help you decide what model you will want to settle on.


  • The Number of Voices

Another essential factor to consider is the number of voicings that a digital piano has. Devoted digital pianos feature a wide variety of voicings and may even come with a broader range of voicings.


  • The Sampling

Advanced digital pianos can mimic sounds that have been recorded right from an acoustic piano. More quality keyboards have a greater number of samples. Besides, the advanced models have been designed to take different samples for the same note

Yamaha small keyboard


3 Top Recommended Digital Pianos for Advanced Pianist



Whatever your musical and instrumental needs are, examining the advanced digital pianos out there to find the perfect one for your needs, your requirements, and your budget will no longer be a daunting task. With the explosion of digital piano markets, you can now confidently walk into instrument stores and pick the best advanced digital piano that will satisfy you.

There will always be that one advanced digital piano to meet your needs and give you some lifetime benefits. We hope you are now confident in your search for the best advanced digital pianos. What are you still waiting for? Go for it.