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Top 7 Best Roll Up Piano Reviews 2020

December 2, 2019 Catchy

Roll-up piano is the most convenient piano model among all the pianos. You can take and place it anywhere when you want to practice. So, today, we’ll be taking a look at the best roll-up piano on the market and provide guides for you to consider.

As we all know, not every piano in the market can give you the experience you need; therefore, making a selection of the best option to fit your needs is the way to go with. Herein is the top best roll up pianos you should consider while out their making selection of the best one.

best roll up piano


Top 7 Best Roll-up Piano On the Market


What is Roll Up Piano?

Roll up piano is a foldable piano designed for people who need an easy to carry and use a keyboard. This piano can fold up to small sizes for easy packing, especially for people traveling long distances to perform or if you want a little piano to carry when attending your classes.

The majority of the roll-up pianos have easy to use features and parts, thus are hugely recommended for beginners. Although this type of keyboard features a simple design, note that it provides quality music tones, and it is compared to the concert digital pianos.

This is because the roll-up keyboards are capable of sustaining and delaying the music effects to create the right balance with other instruments when playing. They also feature connectivity ports such as Bluetooth if you want to share your sounds or save them for later references when practicing.


Top 7 Best Roll Up Piano Reviews

1. Best 88-key Roll Up Piano -Lujex Standard 88

Best 88-key Roll Up Piano


Brilliant features

  • A full size of 88 piano keys
  • Has a MIDI/USB port
  • The piano has raised keys
  • Has an SD port
  • It comes along with a rechargeable battery

Watch out for

  • Fingers may feel fatigued after a long-time playing

Lujex Standard 88 is among the new remarkable entry-level device that is best for both the kids and the adult beginners. It comes along with a built-in 1100 mAh lithium polymer battery that powers it, and it is also rechargeable.

When bought, the machines comes with its charger, but then, if an electric outlet can’t be accessed at a particular time, a power bank can be used to recharge it at large.

This 88-key roll-up piano has been designed with a built-in speaker that produces loud sounds adequately. It also has a jack built for headphones usage in instances practice is needed to be done quietly.

This roll-up piano works well also with an MP3 player either for some playback music or as a speaker. The piano’s keys have been raised, lending the user a more realistic feel to its entire 88 keys.

It has a USB output and a sustain foot pedal that completes the connection of the entire system to a computer device.

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2. Best Electric USB Mini Roll Up Piano

Best Electric USB Mini Roll Up Piano


Brilliant features

  • Very portable and compact
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Processes everything faster as compared to the traditional options
  • Loads of tones and demos

Watch out for

  • Not for professional players

It’s identified as the piano with the thinnest control panel in the market. It has been designed with an elegant body and has several features at large.

The roll-up piano features the modern MIDI/USB chip technology that allows a user to play and record using the MIDI/USB files right from a smartphone, computer, tablet, and any other wireless device. Additionally, this model comes along with 80 demos, 100 rhythms, and also 129 tones for you to use.

It has been designed with a rich interface where a lot of things like the USB, the SD, and also headphones can be incorporated for relaxing and quiet play. It has professionally been designed to suit the kids and beginners. This roll-up piano is easy to fold, is portable, and can be stored more conveniently.

It also features the newest microprocessor of 24 bits that is in place to go beyond what the traditional processors can manage to do.

It has a built-in loudspeaker that enables music to be played in large audiences. To roll up all about this machine comes along with a charger adapter, foot pedal, and a manual to enable users to use it appropriately.

With this kind of piano for your training and recording sessions, you are assured of a full play to every user’s musical talent to bring out such an enjoyable experience. To get everything works out best for you, you need to do a few things before you use it. First, ensure you have installed the product software; this should be connected to a PC device for it to function. Sounds will be produced right through the pc sound card. Get the best quality sounds by using this roll up the piano.

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3. Best Portable Roll Up Piano with 88 keys

Best Portable Roll Up Piano with 88 keys


Brilliant features

  • Has been designed with 88 keys
  • A full set of 88 piano keys
  • Great for all-age players
  • It has a sturdy case
  • Designed with a durable console and keyboard

Watch out for

  • The feel of the keys is a bit like rubber

This 88-key portable roll up piano has been designed with such an impressive midi interface at large. This is what makes the system more reliable for beginners. It is the best option for traveling pianists and kids.

It comes along with 100 varieties of rhythm and 23 demo songs at large. In addition to this feature, the roll-up piano has 128 tone varieties that enable users to come up with customized play patterns and also enjoy a perfect and complete playing style. The device has also got a 12 stage volume adjusting knob that is in place to provide our users with full control over the entire system volume.

This roll-up piano has been designed with a built-in loudspeaker that is in place to provide players the freedom to comfortably project to a large number of listeners. The piano has also got the earphone jack to enable you to enjoy the whole thing silently so that you don’t disturb other people.

It has been designed with options of adding other external speakers to enable users to amplify their playing styles at large. There are also other things like the LED light display that is there to allow players to view their customizable selections and settings. The piano can be rolled up for travel and storage with much ease.

The most significant benefit of this roll-up piano is its case and keyboard that are long-lasting and can’t be damaged easily.

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4. Best 37-key Portable Roll Up Piano for Kids

Best 37-key Portable Roll Up Piano for Kids


Brilliant features

  • Very portable of 37-key roll-up piano
  • Energy efficient
  • Produces impressive quality sounds
  • You’re assured of extended playing time

Watch out for

  • It only supports three keys each time and can’t handle complex chords

You will find this piano nicely packed so that to avoid it from being damaged when it’s shipped to the owner. It has been designed with 37 keys with rainbow color. Folding up this piano for travel and storage needs much effort at large, but then, its roll-up feature makes the device highly portable at large.

The piano has six demo songs, 37 standard keys, and eight tones. Additionally, it has been designed with adequate music storage.

The device has a built-in speaker that enables users to control the playing volume to provide out perfect effect when you want to play louder or lighter. It also has an earphone jack that allows users to play someone’s secret music or when practicing without disturbing other people nearby.

This roll-up piano has an AAA+ energy-saving design and a 4 AA battery that powers it. The meaning of this is that it can be played for even up to 12 hours without you can recharge the battery for the second time or replacing it with another one. The whole package comes with a USB cable that enables a complete connection to a laptop or desktop for the user to play the piano.

The keys of this roll-up piano are in a single tone that is in the mode of 1K1N; this is such a particular teaching function at large for you. In the 1K1N mode, all you need is simply following up the rhythm and play music with pleasant sounds at large. With this mode, the kids can come up with lovely music even whenever they play inadvertently.

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5. Best Flexible 49-key Roll -Up Educational Piano

Best Flexible 49-key Roll


Brilliant features

  • Features 8 different tones and other several songs
  • The learners’ attention, mainly to the toddlers, is engaged by the flashing lights
  • Very affordable
  • Echo sustain function
  • The recording feature enables learners to write up any song at large

Watch out for

  • The sound quality isn’t that great

This is the best option for a toddler or infant who needs to learn some piano lessons. This particular piano has been designed with a handful of fun percussion tracks, tunes, different instrument sounds that are 8 in number, and also the flashing light that will enthrall the learner at large.

This roll-up piano spans different octaves with its 49 keys that is the best fit for learners taking some piano training lessons. It has a limited range to ensure that all piano training lesson notes are in a bright mid-range of this roll-up piano with no tinkling highs or resonant bass.

Enjoyment is everything that can pull a learner to like the training lessons at large. The flashing lights look enjoyable to the toddler learners, and it also has a feature that enables learners to change up songs using different device melody quickly.

It also got the recording feature that is actually among the coolest feature you will find in the roll-up pianos. This is a primitive feature, but then it’s a great option to encourage learners to be more creative. With the feature, you can come up with a simple melody; you record it and let the learners hear their creations played back with a rewarding experience by the flashing lights.

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6. Best 61-key Midi Full-sized Roll Up Piano

Best 61-key Midi Full-sized Roll Up Piano


Brilliant features

  • It is a lightweight piano that has a strong case
  • Designed with a slim console
  • Its keyboard is marked, making it easy to learn
  • It has several demos, tones, and rhythm

Watch out for

  • When the piano is folded, it sticks out since it’s quite long

The review of the best roll up pianos can’t be complete without saying something about this machine in the market. This machine has been designed with other several functions to make it a stand out among the pianos in the market.

This roll-up piano comes with different rhythms and tones at large; therefore, learners can play anything that comes by on it. This piano is mostly recommended for kids and beginners, but then, the experienced people can find it more usable on other occasions at large.

It has also been designed with a pretty impressive console. It is a narrow machine that also features a durable case making it among the best options for traveling pianists. Those who have used it can agree with me that the design and entire console have a quite costlier feel for this piano, but it remains among the affordable options you can find in the market.

The piano has an inbuilt battery to pack in enough power to enable players to use the machine for more than 10 hours before they are recharged again. It is also among the existing marked piano that makes learning easy, especially to the kids and beginners.

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7. Best Portable 88-key Roll Up Piano with Stereo Speaker

Best Portable 88-key Roll Up Piano with Stereo Speaker


Brilliant features

  • It has several tones and rhythms
  • Very functional for players to use
  • Recording functionality
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Provides out quality sounds
  • Made of great material

Watch out for

  • Not for professional players

This is another top roll up piano that can be carried easily wherever you need. It comes along with a rechargeable 100mA lithium battery that powers it. Its inbuilt speakers are in place to allow players to play to a large listening audience at large.

For traveler pianists, this is the option to consider at large. This is also the best choice for those who are matching to a band either at school or church. This is the machine that will enable you to display some skills and make to play different songs at your gallery.

This roll-up piano features a three-way feature support for using the USB/MIDI files when playing it. With this, we mean that you can create a connection to your computer, microphone, MP3, or even the chord functionality. All this provides you with the ability to edit files and also play other tones.

This roll-up piano features a 16-line super-large coil located at the rare earth speakers, stereo speakers that are dual magnetic, produces clear and quality sound, clear, full bass, high and round middle sound. These features are in place to ensure there is no distortion like, for instance, cases of a broken sound even if the volume is adjusted fully.

The roll-up piano is also made up of environmentally friendly and harmless material, the PE and ABS control box engineering plastic that can’t be compared with other ordinary plastics around, the material’s anti-strike ability, strength, corrosion and fire resistance ability, its mechanical abilities among others. The overall thing is generally harmless, non-toxic, and also tasteless.

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What to Look for When Purchasing a Roll-Up Piano

When it comes to buying a piano, other than focusing on buying the best type with quality features, the other thing that most players look for is convenience. If you tour most of the time, you will need a keyboard that is comfortable to carry and pack in your car or your bag.

The price is another thing that people consider when buying a piano. Purchasing a quality piano within the set budget is every pianist’s dream. Well, if you need a piano that has all these buying factors, consider the roll-up keyboard.


The Benefits of Roll-Up Piano

yamaha roll up piano

#1. Portable

When it comes portability, roll up pianos win because they are super easy to carry around. The keyboards can fold to a much smaller size for easy fitting in a travel bag. Therefore, packing them to your music bag is quite convenient. Other than live performers, this type of piano suits students because they can easily slide the piano in their backpack when attending their classes.

Roll Up Piano is a handheld piano, but the lightweight design makes it comfortable to play for long hours without feeling too much bulkiness. You can place it and play from your lap without feeling much bulkiness even when playing for long hours.


#2. Affordable Price

Roll up pianos are the most affordable piano models on the market. The price range from as low as 40 dollars to 1000 dollars. The prices vary depending on the model and the available parts, but you can still get a quality piano at an affordable price. The bottom line is that they are more affordable compared to other piano models.


#3. Connectivity Power

This piano enables you to practice at home or even in private areas since it has a headphone connectivity port that helps to reduce external distractions. There is also Bluetooth connectivity in case you want to exchange your played pianos sounds with other devices like a smartphone. Note that some models do not have this feature.


#4. Multiple Instrument Sounds

Other than the piano sounds, the roll-up keyboards have other inbuilt sounds like drums and electric pianos. This enables one to learn how to balance different music sounds when playing the piano.


How to Play the Roll Up Piano?

The following are crucial steps to follow when playing the roll-up piano.

play roll up piano

  1. Place it on a clean and flat surface
  2. The roll-up piano is usually packed in a folded form. Therefore, you must find a flat surface to ensure an easy time when unfolding it. Also, avoid placing it on a dirty surface as it can easily trap the dirt
  3. Remove the left part (which has the in-built speaker) of the control panel and place it on the opposite side. Do it gently without forcing it to unfold to prevent damaging it.
  4. Then connect the batteries or the adaptor. Either batteries or a charger power the roll-up pianos. So, choose between the two when setting it up. Note that you can only use either the adaptor or batteries when playing the instrument. Ensure the batteries are inserted correctly and are in working condition as well.
  5. Then press the ON button until you see the red LED light pop up on the control button.
  6. The keys and other control buttons such as the volume, and the tone selection options are well displayed on the piano for natural selection.
  7. Press the roll-up to pack the piano ones you are done playing.



Roll up piano is one of the most convenient keyboards for people who need an easy to use and travel with piano. It folds to a small size; hence, it does not require ample storage space. You can comfortably fit it in your backpack thanks to its size.

These pianos are also affordable for people who are cautious with the budget. They are suitable for different people, including for students, because the keys are easy to study and have different inbuilt musical instruments to enjoy and learn about.

You can connect headphones to listen to your play sounds or if you want to prevent distractions around the people near you.


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