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Top 10 Best Keyboard Piano for Learning Reviews 2020

Many people take learning the piano as the first step when they get into the music world. As for a beginner, getting a keyboard piano with learning features and high-quality piano essentials is important. So, what are the best keyboard piano for learning on the market?


Top 10 Best Keyboard Piano for Learning On the Market


Top 10 Best Keyboard Piano for Learning Reviews

We’ll be reviewing the top 10 best learning keyboard piano!

1. Best Overall -The ONE Smart Piano 

best keyboard for learning


Brilliant features

  • 88 hammer-action weighted keys
  • The lighted keys are helpful
  • 3-pedal unit for proper learning
  • 128 sounds and 4 in-built rhythms
  • Presence of a huge song library from the app
  • Modern and attractive appearance

Watch out for

  • Lacks on-board memory for storage of songs
  • The USB connection cable has to be bought from ONE company only

The ONE smart piano is unique in that it has an integrated app that helps beginners to learn and perfect their skills over time. Even though it is made for beginners, it offers different features that professionals find intriguing. The integrated app helps players to remain organized and enhance the practice sessions in an unfathomable way. The app gives its endless possibilities.

The sound quality of the ONE Smart Piano is amazing. It is close to that of an acoustic piano. For beginners, 64 note polyphony number is more than enough. This is mainly because beginners do not play too many complex pieces.

The 88 fully-weighted keys create the feel of a real piano. It comes with a high-quality wooden-like console that has an in-built sliding keyboard dust cover. Also, it comes with a power cord and cables for data.

The LED light function is something that is normally seen in kid’s pianos. However, this feature does not light up the entire key when the player hits them accordingly. It is more discreet and advanced.

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2. Rockjam Best 61-key Learning Keyboard Piano

best learning keyboard piano


Brilliant features

  • 61 full-sized keys
  • Comes with everything you need
  • LCD screen display
  • 100 sounds, 50 demo songs, and 100 rhythms
  • Free two months face-to-face lessons
  • Free membership of Simply Play Piano app for learning

Watch out for

  • The quality of the headphone is not very great

Rockjam 61-key keyboard comes with everything you need, including a stool, stand, headphones, and power adapters. The keyboard is a full-sized option that has an LCD screen, has playback and record functions. Additionally, Rockjam 61 has a hundred sounds and rhythms and 50 demo songs.

Impressively, the Rockjam 61-key learning keyboard is one of the best keyboard pianos for beginners. It comes with lots of learning aids. The first learning aid is a free month membership of the Simply Piano app for both iOS and Android. The second learning aid is two months of face-to-face lessons.

The LCD screen on the display requires accurate pressing of the chords and keys to ensure that there is the accurate playing of demo songs.

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3. Best for Practice -Yamaha P71 Digital Piano

best learning digital piano


Brilliant features

  • 88 hammer-action keys
  • High-quality resonant sound
  • Portable and compact
  • Dual modefor combining two voices
  • Affordable digital piano

Watch out for

  • No recording function
  • Sustain pedal is not very great

Yamaha P71 (full review here) has fully weighted, 88 weighted keys that are similar and gives it a feel of an acoustic piano. It comes with a power adapter as well as a sustain pedal. It comes with 10 voices as well as a dual mode.

The dual mode is what helps you to combine two dissimilar voices, such as, combining strings and a piano to provide a voice that is more layered.

Yamaha P71 is lightweight, making it one of the best portable keyboard piano. In addition, the setting can be altered by touching only one button. The settings can be changed using a Grand Piano or a Function button. This helps you to press the keys for the different voices that you want.

It is also possible to play demo sources as well as the configuration of the metronome when using the Yamaha P71. It used Advances Wave Memory to accurately emulate the sound of a grand acoustic piano.

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4. Best for Toddlers -Casio SA-76 Learning Keyboard

best learning keyboard piano for kids


Brilliant features

  • 44 mini-sized keys for kids and toddlers
  • LCD screen display for learning
  • 50 Step-by-step lessons on software
  • Can be operated using batteries
  • Five Drum Sounds (can be played as an accompaniment)

Watch out for

Casio SA-76 has 44 mini-sized keys, 100 tonnes and 50 rhythms. It also comes with 5 percussion pads, which is great for two people play at the same time.

The piano cannot be called as an entry-level piano since mostly these have 61 keys. However, the size is good for toddlers since they will not be overwhelmed by the size.

The keyboard has simple tone selections using the PIANO-ORGAN button as well as the melody on/off lesson function. Additionally, it comes with an LCD screen making it easy to read. You can select your tones easily using accompaniment buttons. It is easy to switch on and off the melodies.

For learning purposes, the keyboard comes with a music songbook that helps the toddlers to practice using the melodies and chords. The LCD screen display helps to aid in learning notation of music making it an ideal option for children.

It can be operated using batteries and comes with a headphone jack.

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5. Best Yamaha Keyboard Piano for Learning -Yamaha YPT260

best yamaha keyboard piano for learning


Brilliant features

  • 61 high-quality keys
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with a headphone jack
  • 400 voices, 112 pre-programmed songs, and 130 automated accompaniment styles and backing style
  • Has a free downloadable songbook
  • Very affordable price as a beginner keyboard

Watch out for

  • No Midi port

Yamaha YPT 260 keyboard is portable and comes with a power adapter. The piano has 400 voices and 112 pre-programmed songs that are important for players as they help them learn and perfect their plays. It has 130 automated accompaniment styles and backing tracks that help in composing songs.

The auxiliary input on the keyboard enables you to play along to your best music from the computer, phone, or tablet. The piano has a recording function that helps you to record or playback music using. This feature is very important for any player since they are able to listen to their songs and are thus able to understand what parts need perfecting.

Yamaha YPT 260 is designed for beginners and the 61 keys are great for beginners to learn.  It has a free downloadable songbook and Yamaha Education Suite that has 9-step lesson functionality to help you to learn the piano. Plus, even though it does not come with a case, it can be operated using AA batteries.

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6. Best for Aspiring Beginners -Casio Privia PX-870

best beginner learning keyboard piano


Brilliant features

  • Three-pedal unit for the proper performance
  • 88 hammer-action keys with Ebony and Ivory feel
  • 19 high-quality sounds
  • Very high-quality and rich sound
  • Impressive 256 note polyphony
  • Concert Play for playing along with other pieces
  • Comes with a MIDI as well as an Audio recorder

Watch out for

  • Heavy for moving around

Casio Privia PX-870 has an 88-key fully weighted keyboard and comes with a design of a modern cabinet. It has 3 pedals, graduated hammer action keyboard with ebony and ivory key surfaces that is close to the feel of an acoustic piano.

It provides high-quality sound that is very authentic. It’s equipped with a new layer of 4 piano sounds and a redesigned speaker system. Importantly, Casio PX-870 comes with many learning aids for you to get started with learning the piano.

The features help to improve the feel of playing a genuine acoustic piano. It has stunning sound and sampling is from Casio’s air-sound source sound engine sounds that are similar to a vintage grand piano. Its Damper Resonance feature is important for the production of sounds that are natural.

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7. Best for Kids -Casio LK-265 with Lighting Keys

keyboard piano lighting keys


Brilliant features

  • Great for kid learners
  • Fun and easy to remember
  • Light-up keys for you to learn easily and interestingly
  • Two speakers with great sound out keyboard
  • Plenty of pre-loaded songs that the player can choose from
  • It comes with essential accessories
  • Works efficiently using 6 AA batteries

Watch out for

  • The LCD screen display is a bit small making it hard to read

Casio LK-265 (full review here) has 61 keys, which is considered as an entry-level keyboardpiano. It has combined synth action and lightweight keys that are great for kids. The light-up keys are very helpful as it can show learners how to play their favorite songs.

It can be connected to an iPad and can be used with the Chordana Play App, which creates an opportunity for more fun. The keyboard has approximately 400 high-quality tones, 48 polyphony, and 50 rhythm that has a dance music effect.

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8. Best Touch-sensitive -Casio CTK-3500 Keyboard Piano

best touch sensitive keyboard


Brilliant features

  • 61 keys with 2 levels of touch sensitivity
  • Super portable for moving around
  • Convenient since you can use batteries or power adopter
  • The in-build LCD screen display is easy to read
  • 400 in-built voices, 100 in-built rhythms, and 48 level polyphony
  • It has a while for pitch bend that helps the player to control timing and tuning, providing a greater musical expression
  • Chordana Play app that provides different functions for learning and playing
  • Bas built-in step-up lessons making the lessons fun and simple

Watch out for

  • It lacks an on-board recording function

Casio CTK-3500 (full review here) is a 61-key touch-sensitive keyboard that is lightweight and compact. The keys are not weighted. Since it can use 6 AA batteries, it makes it easy for it to be carried anywhere. It has 400 voices and 100 in-built rhythms, making it easy to customize its sound so you can play what you like.

It has a full size, touch-sensitive keys that makes the sound to respond to the touch as well as the style of playing. Therefore, it offers room for the player to express themselves. The LCD screen is big and easy to read.

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9. Best Weighted -Roland FP-10 Digital Piano

best weighted learning piano


Brilliant features

  • 88-key fully weighted keys
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Has 8 pads that can run the keyboard on MIDI or standard
  • 5 levels of touch sensitivity for different usages
  • High-quality sounds
  • Portable and compact

Watch out for

  • Cannot use Bluetooth headphone

Roland Fp-10 is designed to offer quality sound and a number of features at an affordable price. It’s a great weighted digital piano for players to learn and practice.

The keyboard has 88 weighted keys and is lightweight, therefore it is portable and offers the feel of a real piano. It is touch-sensitive and produces different sounds when touched lightly. It is both made up of quality plastic and rubber, and the keys are sturdy.

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10. Alesis Melody Best Keyboard Piano for Learning

best keyboard piano


Brilliant features

  • 61 full-size keys that offers an effective practice
  • 300 in-built instrument sounds as well as 300 in-built rhythms
  • 40 in-built demo songs that give the learners something to work with and learn
  • A microphone included
  • Dual mode and split mode for making a variety of voices by playing two voices at a go with each note
  • Recording function
  • Easy to assemble

Watch out for

  • No USB port
  • The volume of the microphone cannot be adjusted

Alesis Melody keyboard is one of the best keyboards for kids who are interested in music. It offers varying voices and sounds, making the lessons fun.

It comes with a stand that cannot withstand wobbling and fidgeting, thus children should be monitored when using it. Plus, the keyboard can be powered by batteries, it is lightweight, and thus it can be carried anywhere.

The keyboard is great for beginners to learn as well. It’s equipped with lots of educational features to help you.

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Buying Guide on Purchasing the Best Keyboard Piano for Learning

learning the piano

When choosing the best keyboard piano for learning, there’re some factors we need to think about. Here is something you need to know before purchasing your keyboard piano.

What Learning Features can You Get from A Keyboard Piano?


  • Lighting keys

A good learning piano should have lighting keys. This is essential as students will be able to understand the different keys and what their functions are in the piano. Also, lighting is good as it provides visibility.

Lighting keys are fun to use and make it easier for students to learn the songs on the keyboards. The light acts as a guide for the learners to get the correct notes. The keys enable learners to play simple songs from the initial day of practice.

Many adults believe that these lighting keys are childish. However, younger players find them interesting. In other words, the keys serve as a motivation for young players to learn and perfect their skills of playing pianos.

Lighted keys are appealing to younger players because it captures their attention. Additionally, the fascination comes from the combination of different sounds and lights as well as the effects.

However, this is not to say that adults are against the feature completely. There are those who find value in a piano with lighted keys. This is mainly because they come with 61 standard keys and there are those with touch-sensitive keys. Therefore, if you are not ready to buy an 88-key piano, lighted keys pianos are a great option.


  • LCD Screen Display

This is very important in learning pianos. They help students to see what they are expected to do. It also makes it easy to learn as there is a display of what should be played.

The LCD provides information to the user regarding the synthesized sounds that you have selected. Also, it indicates the tempo and the effects that you might have activated such as reverb.


  • Education Suite

These are a set of features that are found on keyboards. They are very useful in teaching as the user is able to learn valuable skills in music such as timing and recognition of chord.

Pianos with an education suite are important for beginners. They help to guide players as they are starting their journey in learning how to play pianos. Also, they help in understanding the chords. Education suites provide room for gaining essential musical skills

One of the brands that come with an education suite is Yamaha, and this is the main reason as to why the company is considered to produce the best pianos for beginners.


What’re the Differences Between a Digital Piano and a Keyboard?

digital piano vs keyboard

  • Digital pianos have 88 keys with 6 octaves while keyboards have 61-76 keys with 4-5 octaves. The octaves in keyboards can sometimes be even less.
  • Digital pianos have weighted keys while keyboards have no weighted keys. This is what makes digital pianos have loud sounds when they are pressed harder and have soft sound when pressed lightly.
  • The keys on digital pianos are all the same size. On the other hand, the keys on keyboards are smaller in size. This is what makes it easier to learn keyboards compared to learning digital pianos
  • Keyboards are more portable than digital pianos. This is because of the fewer and smaller keys that are in keyboards. Digital pianos can also be moved from one place to another but not as easy as moving keyboards.
  • The prices of the two products vary depending on the needs of the player. This is to mean that there are expensive keyboards and cheap digital pianos.
  • Digital pianos are created for the synthesis of piano sound. This means that they do not have only one sound since they can be integrated. The sounds are specifically sampled for digital pianos. On the other hand, keyboards have piano sounds and other acoustic instruments. However, these sounds are not well sampled and thus are considered as cheap models. Nonetheless, keyboards can make more sounds compared to pianos.


What to Look for When Choosing the Best Keyboard Piano for Learning?

play the piano

1. Weighted Keys

Keyboard pianos for learning are recommended to have weighted keys. This feature makes the piano feel like a traditional piano. Therefore, the adjustments as the player moves between instruments are less and easier to make. Practicing with a piano that has weighted keys is more effective and helps learners to develop appropriate strength, technique, and dexterity of the fingers.

Also, keyboards with weighted keys are portable and they do not require tuning. This makes them more versatile than other pianos. They also have a port where you can connect your headphones and concentrate on your practice. There will be limited distractions and thus the learner can be more productive.

2. Unweighted keys

These are also good for learning. They are also known as synth-action keyboards. The keys on these keyboards have less weight when it comes to the resistance of keys, but most of them have a touch response. The feature of touch response keys means that there is sensitivity in velocity and the players are able to play at different volumes depending on the speed that learners use to play the keys.

Unweighted keyboards are lighter, thus making them portable. They are also known to have excellent features for learners. The soft response that is in unweighted keys provides room for quitter practice when the learner is using headphones.

3. The number of keys

The keys in keyboard pianos for learning is recommended to be the same size as those in real pianos. These features are critical for learning since they help in understanding the correct spacing of fingers as well as the scale of the piano. Learners will be in a position to adjust to other keyboards and pianos that they might want to play in the future.

4. Ensure that the keyboard will have an adjustable stand

This is critical for the learners as it can be adjusted to fit the hands of the learner comfortably. Since learners have different features, the adjustable stands help the teacher to ensure that the hands of the learners are at the same level as the keyboard. This is also important because you will not need to buy a new keyboard for each learner.

5. Touch-sensitive keys

This means that the keys will be responding in volume as per the strength that the player uses to press the keys. How loud or quiet the piano will be is depended on how hard or soft the player presses on the keys. The feature is convenient for learners even though the price for pianos with this feature are expensive.

6. Accompaniment features

Keyboards that have extra band members to play along with are the best for learners. This is because the player is able to add an additional hand for the piano playing and makes it sound like a full group of players.

This feature is advantageous since they offer a full sound without a lot of effort from the player. Accompaniment makes the practice more interesting as the player is able to listen to their pieces in different settings. It provides the learner with experience of playing along with other artists.

7. A variety of sounds

Learners should get a keyboard piano that provides more than one type of sound. This is important whether the player has taste or goals that are centric to piano music. Hearing what you play with various tones helps to make the practice more interesting and fresh.

8. Other learning aids

Pianos that have on-board recorders are important for players. This is because they help the player to record their music and later on listen to what they had played. For learners, it is important to evaluate what they are doing as an observer rather than a participant.


What are the Best Brands of Keyboard Pianos?

These are the top five best brands that have the best keyboard pianos:

1. Yamaha

Yamaha brand is mostly known for its digital piano brand as well as the company that produces all types of musical instruments. Yamaha produces different digital pianos such as beginner keyboards and professional digital grand piano. The products are known for their sound quality, versatility, dependability, and craftsmanship.

The best keyboard piano for the brans is Yamaha DGX-660. The piano is good for beginners, intermediate players or advanced pianists. It features the company’s excellent CFsound engine that utilizes the different samples that are available on the Yamaha’s concert grand piano.

The keyboard is weighted so you can practice your finger strength at the first stage. It has Yamaha’s Graded Hammer Action Technology that makes the feel of the key to be realistic when played. The piano can serve any player from any level but serves as a great learning tool. It is optimized to play along with the Yamaha’s XG learn-to-play song file that can be paired with songs from any artist such as Adele and John Legend.


2. Casio

casio brand

Casio digital pianos provide the best value for your money when it comes to sound. The brand features the best-weighted keys as well as the great quality of sound. The features that are in this brand is similar to that of expensive pianos from other brands. Casio will be a great place to start whenever you want to purchase a solid piano.

The best for this brand is Casio Privia PX-870 digital console piano. It was produced After PX-860 as an upgrade. The features help to improve the feel of playing a genuine acoustic piano. It has stunning sound and sampling is from Casio’s air-sound source sound engine sounds that is similar to a vintage grand piano. It has a graduated hammer action keys that have ebony and ivory feel. Its Damper Resonance feature is important for the production of sounds that are natural.


3. Roland

best roland keyboard

The Roland brand makes different electronic instruments. They are known for making the best electric pianos. The company embraces technological advancement as it can be seen in its digital pianos on the industry.

Roland’s stage pianos are prized by working musicians. They provide digital upright as well as grand pianos for your home. The company produces pianos that sound and feel like acoustic pianos. Additionally, they are packed with an advanced recording as well as output features.

The best keyboard piano from Roland is Roland FP-10. It’s a great beginner digital piano that has many features and functions to help you to learn and play.


4. Korg

Best Korg 88-key Weighted Digital Piano for Beginners

The Korg Brand started to manufacture its products in 1963. They are dedicated to creating the next generation of digital instruments and are known to build innovative and advanced digital pianos currently. Korg has a long line-up of electric keyboards as well as synthesizers.

The best for the company is Korg SP-280 88-key digital piano. It is a great quality piano with a real feel and tone. The feature samples sound from Steinway grand piano. It is portable and has a metal stand that folds. It also features keyboard action that is a natural weighted hammer from Korg.


5. Kawai

best kawai digital piano

For over a century, Kawai has been known to manufacture acoustic pianos. The experience that the company has in making acoustic pianos was translated in the manufacture of digital pianos.

Pianists love the brand because the manufacturer provides a true-to-life feel and best sounding keyboard piano. The company also features top-notch craftsmanship and appealing designs.

Additionally, reviews for Kawai digital piano are top-notch. The company has won different excellence awards over the years.

The best keyboard for learning from the company is Kawai ES-110. It is appealing and versatile, which can easily replace an acoustic piano in your house. It has a great quality of sound, incredible keyboard feel and it is solidly constructed to offer its style.



Congratulations that you’re deciding to start your piano journey. Picking the first keyboard piano is really important. So, do enough research before purchasing! You can select the best keyboard piano for learning from the reviewed keyboard above!

Thank you!