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15 Best Digital Piano Reviews & Buying Guide for 2020

There is no difficult task, like finding the best digital piano in the industry since they are several types of digital piano made from different brands. Because of this, in this article, you will be taken through 15 of the best digital pianos on the market that surpass customer expectations. With this in mind, you will be in an excellent position to make an informed decision regarding which piano to buy depending on your style as well as a set budget.

digital piano for home


What’s the Best Digital Piano On the Market?


Top 15 Best Digital Piano Reviews


1. Best Overall -Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano

best buy digital piano


Brilliant features

  • 88 hammer-action keys with ivory and ebony key surfaces
  • Quite high-quality sound with 256-note polyphony
  • Improved 4-speaker system
  • Comes with everything you need
  • Lots of learning tools
  • It is worth the price since it offers remarkable performance

Watch out for

  • Different to move upstairs and downstairs

The Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano has 88 keys, which are scaled with hammer weighted-action and stimulated by ivory as well as ebony textures. It contains a fantastic sound of a new piano, which comes with a detailed resonance and several 18 tones.

Furthermore, it comes with a new 4-speaker system sound projection, which is strong enough since it is a practical instrument. This kind of piano is designed in a stylish way of a wood cabinet, which is excellently modernized with key covers that are sliding.

The PX-870 has remarkable features significant for home use, learning sessions at the studio, among many other places. On the other hand, it has an allowance of connecting a dual set of headphones through the use of quarter jacks located at the panel front, making it crucial for silent practice. This feature of dual headphone jacks enables both the teacher as well as the student to take positions at the instrument.

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2. Best for Beginner’s Practice -Yamaha P-71 Digital Piano

best digital piano for beginners


Brilliant features

  • 88 hammer-action weighted keys
  • Great for beginners to learn and practice
  • No bells and whistles to get you distracted
  • 10 instrument voices
  • Very portable and compact

Watch out for

  • Flimsy sustain pedal, you may need to get one with higher quality

Yamaha P-71 Digital Piano is an exclusive model, and it includes the sustain pedal plus a power adapter. This piano is made up of 88 style keys of a piano, which completely weighted to enhance the feel of a keyboard that is acoustic and delivers a remarkable playing experience. Moreover, it contains ten different voices, plus the modern sampled voices from Yahama piano with an acoustic grand.

Yamaha P-71 Digital Piano is designed and designated in a way that it is slim and kind stylish with a length that is below 12 inches; this makes it require minimal space for storage since it weighs very little.

This type of piano is suitable for learning, creating your music, and rehearsing too. It has an amazing sound and feel that enables the users to enjoy and love it more. Additionally, this piano has a remarkable setting, which can be altered with one button by pushing down the grand function button as you dial and choose keys for altering the voice.

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3. Best Affordable -Alesis Recital 88 Key Digital Piano

best cheap digital piano


Brilliant features

  • Great for beginners
  • portable and compact
  • 128-note polyphony number for improving sound quality
  • Powerful educational features
  • Free piano lessons for you to learn

Watch out for

  • The keys are semi-weighted

Alesis Recital 88 Key Digital Piano is a great digital piano for starters since it entails total features with an electric keyboard of 88 keys, which are semi-weighted and full-sized. It also comes with an adjustable response of touch to match your preference in terms of playing style.

Furthermore, it has ¼ inch covered connectivity without the input of the sustain pedal, a stereo quarter inch for the output of your headphone meant for private exercise purposes with an output RCA for amplifiers as well as speakers.

It has strong features which are educational and of a standard quality, layer, split plus 128 polyphony note max for lesson modes. When it comes to the power supply, it has recital’s battery flexibly powered; you can also supply energy through the use of cell batteries of 6 D, which enables you to extend your performance even up to your friend’s house.

Thanks to these amazing features, which have made Alesis Recital 88 Key Digital Piano suitable and effective in the industry and the entertainment field.

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4. Best for Advanced Pianist -Yamaha YDP184R

best digital piano for classical pianists


Brilliant features

  • Yamaha’s Graded Hammer 3 weighted keys for an authentic playing
  • Great for all levels of players as well as experts
  • CFX Sound Engine for recreating concert piano sound
  • LCD display screen
  • Recording function

Watch out for

  • Heavy so it’s difficult to move around
  • Expensive than others

Yamaha YDP184R has a CFX premium grand with the potential to recreate power plus a voice of Yamaha’s flagship. Moreover, it has a GH3 with synthetic ivory keytops and the addition of tactile surface to its white keys, which can absorb moisture from your fingers hence avoid slipping.

It also has a display of Complete Dot LCD for the triangulation of piano features and functions as well. This model of piano comes with a power supply, sheet music booklet, padded bench, and a music stand plus some polyphony.

This kind of piano is recommended for all levels of players since it entails exercising with much action that is weighted to create proper finger techniques for using an acoustic piano. Yahama digital piano has extraordinary piano songs meant for your entertainment and learning purposes. Therefore, players can always use a book that is accompanying so as not to get confused or get mixed up in the learning process of playing iconic pieces.

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5. Best Weighted -Yamaha Arius YDP-163B Digital Piano

best weighted digital piano


Brilliant features

  • GH3 Weighted action keyboard
  • Very impressive sound quality
  • 50 classic piano songs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Close to an acoustic piano

Watch out for

  • The key is a little bit noisy

Yamaha Arius YDP-163B Digital Piano contains a sound engine known as CF, which regenerates the meticulously sampled tone Yahama 9’ CFIIIS grand piano, offering a lively entertainment and an incredible dynamic. It has a weight action of a Graded Hammer 3, which generates maximum heavier touch starting from the maximum keys to minimal keys. This contains style response of a grand piano with an extraordinary dynamic range.

The piano has 50 standard song memory that is in-built and also in the music book. On the other hand, it has an iOS device that is a Controller App to increase a ridiculous graphical interface used for easy and quick configuration and navigation as well.

Players can only exercise using one hand due to the two songs that the recorder guarantees. The Arius model containing 88-keys, which is different from one model to another and its Graded Hammer Action, generates a touch that is heavier in the minimal end and touch, which is lighter at the maximum end with a similar response to the acoustic piano hammer.

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6. Best Sounding -Yamaha P125 Digital Piano

best sounding digital piano


Brilliant features

  • Better sound engine compared with others in this price range
  • Built-in 2-track recorder
  • Portable and compact for small apartment
  • 24 instrument voices

Watch out for

  • No Bluetooth Connectivity

Yamaha P125 (check the full review here) is a complete weighted piano with 88 full-sized style keys. It is heavier in weighted GHS action at the minimal keys as well as lighter at the maximum keys similar to the acoustic piano.

Additionally, it has a split mode that allows you to play varying voice with every hand with the tuning of 414.8-446.8 Hz. This piano contains USB connectivity with audio transfer and a MIDI that requires a single cable to connect to making software of the music.

Yamaha P125 Digital Piano has a sophisticated design to offer you help and ensure you stay focused on your business; its effectiveness is seen in how creative your mind is. It generates an authentic piano sound since it has two speaker systems that generate expansive and quality piano sound either downwards or upwards direction hence resulting in impressive sound output.

Thanks to these amazing piano features, which have, in turn, results in a remarkable performance by Yamaha P125 Digital Piano.

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7. Best Versatile -Yamaha DGX-660 Digital Piano

hybrid digital piano


Brilliant features

  • 88 fully weighted keys
  • LCD screen display for showing easy-to-read score and lyrics
  • Smart Chord for creating entire chords
  • Great for creating with a wide range of voices and rhythms
  • Wireless audio & MIDI features
  • Built-in 6-track recorder

Watch out for

  • It can be complicated if not handled properly

Yamaha DGX660 has a heavier weighted action in the minimal register while a lighter in the maximum register similar to the acoustic piano with a data capacity of about 30,000 notes for a single user song. Moreover, it has a score display that places the music notation of your MIDI songs on its screen hence helping you allocating your favorite song as you follow the ball that bounces.

Yamaha DGX-660 Digital Piano provides you a room to select from different types of pianos as well as acoustic settings to come up with your conducive piano environment. Furthermore, it comes with a 6-track recorder, which enables you to record your song ideas and spice them as well.

This piano also has an excellent chord that makes you appear to be an expert pianist even if you are just a starter learning piano. With only one finger of your left hand, an excellent chord will produce the whole chord from easy pops to complex jazz 9th chords. Thanks to this unique feature, which has enabled Yamaha DGX-660 Digital Piano to generate a super awesome output.

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8. Best for Learning -The One Smart Piano

best digital piano for learning


Brilliant features

  • Outstanding digital piano for players to get started with
  • Powerful learning tools including 4000+ sheet music, 100+ videos, and learning games
  • It has an amazing quality sound
  • Light-up keys for guiding the learners
  • 3-pedal unit for authentic piano playing experiences

Watch out for

  • Limited song choices

The ONE Smart Piano commences playing in minutes through an LED lights guide. It contains games in the free App such as 100+ videos, sheet music above 4000, among many more games.

Moreover, it has a supporting system for tablets, android phones as well as an iOS; this piano also contains a recording plus a MIDI output for proper users to make references on your manual script for guidance on the appropriate setting.

This piano has 88 keys, which are weighted with an outstanding stereo sound, a standard wooden body, and three piano pedals. It is explicitly meant for starters but is loved by teachers and musicians. The one smart piano has got an elegant appearance with remarkable keyboard hammer actions that give an amazing and classic acoustical performance. Thanks to this super features that have widely sold The One Smart Piano in the entertainment industry.

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9. Best with Bluetooth -Roland FP-30 Digital Piano

best digital piano for intermediate


Brilliant features

  • Roland SuperNATURAL Sound Engine for rich sound
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Powerful amplifier and speakers
  • Very portable for moving around
  • Loads of connection ports

Watch out for

  • Limited instrument voices

The Roland FP-30 Digital Piano has a responsive, strong tone from sound engine known as Roland supernatural kind of piano. It comes with 88 keynotes with a 4-phat keyboard standard to give an exciting piano touch for high expression.

Additionally, it also has the strongest amplifier with stereo speakers to generate an exclusive sound; with its headphones output, it allows the pianist to enjoy the piano without any kind of disruption.

The three-pedal units with a matching stand give the piano an impressive look as well as enhanced functionality. Its bodyweight is lightweight and compact to enable the pianist o easily maneuver around; the piano contains an in-built wireless Bluetooth to allow you to use the piano with common apps on either your tablet or even the smartphone. Furthermore, it has an amazing sound that serves you to your satisfactory level; this has been enjoyed mostly with experienced pianists.

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10. Best Portable -Yamaha P45 Digital Piano

best portable digital piano


Brilliant features

  • 88 GHS weighted keys
  • Very simple operation without confusing
  • Dual Mode for combining two voices together
  • Cost-effective price for its quality and features
  • Very portable weighing at 25 pounds

Watch out for

  • Poor quality sustain pedal included

The Yamaha P45 Digital Piano contains a power adapter, music rest, and a sustain pedal. It has 88 style keys that are weighted similarly to the acoustic piano feel hence generating a marvelous playing experience. This piano comes with ten diverse voices together with the tones that are digitally sampled; it contains a dual-mode that enables you to combine two voices for more motivational playing experience.

It has a stylish and slim design plus a depth below 12 inches, and it weighs 25 pounds, this means it requires a little space for storage. This piano has also graded hammer standard whose touch is heavier in the minimal end as well as touch which is lighter at the maximum end similar to the acoustic piano.

It is generally recommended for aspiring pianists or beginners; through this exercise, you will be able to create appropriate finger techniques for proper acoustic piano performance. These impressive features have made Yahama P45 Digital Piano most known to the industry, thanks to the features.

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11. Best for Stage -Nord USA 3 Digital Stage Piano

best stage


Brilliant features

  • Rich and resonant sound quality
  • Durable and reliable
  • Two OLED screens for using on stage
  • Doubled memory library
  • Vintage 122 Rotary Speaker simulation
  • Dual oscillator setups

Watch out for

  • The operation can be confusing

Nord USA 3 Digital Stage Piano contains two tremendous-clear OLED meant for stage clarity management and seamless transitions, in case you want to alter a program or use optional crossfade to split functionality and maybe if you want to add a new song. This piano has features for piano sections with a two GB memory and 120 polyphony voice and produced current piano filters.

Furthermore, it has a synth features section in combination with a Lead A1 Synth Engine with OLED, which is brilliantly displayed meant for all your oscillator responsibilities. This piano has brand new effect filters with morphable parameters that are extended, a delayed effect that is enhanced, a compressor for every single slot, and finally, a separate reverb.

Nord USA 3 Digital Stage Piano contains three sound producing sections, including synthesizer, organ, and the piano itself, both have the potential of being simultaneously used. Moreover, Nord USA 3 Digital Stage Piano has three major slots for both three sound-producing sections.

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12. Best Entry-level -Roland FP-10 Digital Piano

best entry level piano


Brilliant features

  • SuperNATURAL sound engine for rich sound
  • 88 hammer-action weighted keys
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Best for entry-level players
  • Portable and compact

Watch out for

  • The speakers are a bit weak than Roland FP-30

Roland FP-10 has an exclusive, strong tone from Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound engine piano; it contains 88 keys with weighted piano for an expression that is of a maximum level and a wireless MIDI Bluetooth connection for enjoyment on your smartphone, creativity as well as common apps for educational purposes. The piano has two apps that offer remote management and increase FP-10 functionality.

It has a panel for mobile devices and computer USB MIDI connectivity plus a headphone output section to enable you to enjoy your piano without interfering with your colleagues. Thanks to these amazing and awesome features of Roland FP-10 Digital Piano, which have excellently promoted this piano and resulted in a positive impact. You can always opt for this kind of piano.

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13. Best Cost-effective -Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano

best cost effective piano


Brilliant features

  • 88 weighted keys with ivory and ebony keytops
  • Powerful educational features
  • Rich sound with 128-note polyphony number
  • One of the best portable keyboard
  • Built-in 2-track recorder

Watch out for

  • Poor quality sustain pedal

Casio Privia PX-160 (full review here) generates a sound that is high–appropriate with a dynamic seamless meant for an exclusive performance. It contains an excellent feeling as well as a dynamic capture results with accuracy and speed unparalleled. Additionally, it has a chassis design for housing 8w time’s 8w systems of the speaker to offer 160’s marvelous sounds with complete richness.

Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano generates layer and splits mode, enabling you to use your left hand in playing bass and on your right-hand hold two tones which are layered. Its duet mode allows your piano to be categorized into two ranges to enable both the teacher as well as the student to use the keyboard simultaneously.

It also contains two-track recorders for recording your production for playback objective. It was super amazing features that have gradually made it well known in the industry, many thanks for these excellent features, which have resulted in an effective performance from this model of a piano.

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14. Best Budget -LAGRIMA Digital Piano

best value upright piano


Brilliant features

  • Affordable as an 88-key weighted digital piano
  • Teaching function for guiding
  • 3-pedal unit system
  • Sound effects for customizing your tunes

Watch out for

  • The sound quality is not great

LAGRIMA Digital Piano contains musical pedal protection, which makes it durable and prevents it from getting damaged and breaking down. It also comes along with a tone that is appealing with 88 keys of a standard quality resulting in an extraordinary response and feel.

This piano also comes with a musical MIDI or USB terminal for easy connectivity to either the computer or your smartphone for music entertainment or educational objectives.

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15. Best Upright -Yamaha YDP-103 Digital Piano for Beginners

best upright for beginners


Brilliant features

  • Great upright digital piano for beginners
  • GHS weighted keys for practicing finger strength
  • Comes with everything you need
  • Free Smart Pianist app
  • Easy to install and set up

Watch out for

  • The sound quality is just ok

The Yamaha YDP-103 Digital Piano for Beginners has a wave memory that is advanced synthesized to offer real sounds of a piano. Its GHS is excellent for beginner pianists to guide you in building appropriate finger techniques so that when you acquire an acoustic piano, you are advantaged. Furthermore, it has a pedal that is half-damper that has the potential of creating a great detailed nuance, which is similar to a grand piano pedaling.

This piano has the Smart Pianist app that is easy and quick to access your favorite music or performance. This model of the piano is designed with a furniture style of Yahama piano bench; polish clothe as well as headphones.

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Buying Guide to Choose the Best Digital Piano

best sounding digital piano

1. What is Digital Piano?

Well, a digital piano is an electronic keyboard designated to primarily serve as a substitute to the traditional acoustic piano; this is in the way the play feels and in the kind of sound it generates. Digital pianos usually use samples that are recorded from an acoustic piano, and later these recorded samples are amplified using the internal speaker.

They have incorporated keys that are weighted to bring out the feeling of the acoustic piano. Some digital pianos are designed like a grand or in an upright piano. It is crucial for you to note that digital pianos usually come with added advantages; these advantages include:

  • They are less costly compared to acoustic pianos.
  • This digital piano has a lightweight.
  • It is small in size hence effortless to maneuver with around.

Moreover, digital pianos do not require to be tuned since it has a modified tuning to counterpart with another instrument tuning. Just like any other musical electronic instrument, the digital piano has a great potential that enables it to be connected on a PA system or an amplifier to generate a quality sound enough to reach a large crowd. Digital pianos are able to emulate apart from what they have, and they are commonly used in music studios as well as music schools.


2. How to Choose the Best Digital Piano?

best Keyboard piano for learning

You might be thirsty for owning a digital piano, but probably you just do not know how to go about it. Therefore, for you to find a digital piano, you have to consider several factors such as:

  • Sound quality

Digital pianos primarily rely on used samples to produce their sound. The modern technologies used to seizure as well as reproduce a variety of samples of different pianos, along with other instruments that play a vital role in how good your digital piano can have the potential of emulating such instruments.

Digital pianos that have a maximum end come with a great digital memory, which enables them to reproduce a resolution sound that is high with excellent realism similar to the sound of the acoustic piano.


  • Key action

Digital pianos have resistance from mechanical components such as the striking of the wooden hammer on the strings in your acoustic piano, the level at which your digital piano hits the action of your acoustic piano, creating a huge variation in the playability.

Therefore, semi-weighted and weighted actions have a similar response to a traditional piano. Action, which is a hammer, increases real mechanical hammers for more enhanced action. Key beds that are full weighted are usually appropriate for use on a digital piano, so it is appropriate that you opt for a piano with a perfect key action.


  • The Recording Capability

Several digital pianos permit you to have your performance recorded, which is advantageous in case you are a learner, and you need to review your recordings. Furthermore, sequence and recording capabilities are vital when it comes to planning on how to produce your songs.


  • Learning Tools

Some of the electronic keyboard pianos are mostly designed for starters as it is mostly entailed in the school’s curriculum; hence it has lessons that are in-built, chord displays, metronomes, and exercises.

Additionally, it is supposed to have the ability to access resources online, although some have headphones that are dual jacks giving easy time to teachers as well as students to work effectively and silently. In case your piano has a split-keyboard function, it allows students and teachers to act on the same part in equal octaves.


  • Portability/Convenience

Digital piano is lighter and compact compared to acoustic pianos; it has a cabinet that looks like a traditional piano and also weighs less by far than its counterpart acoustic. It is vital that you note most piano models can easily break down for storage, but digital pianos are made for performance on the stage and can easily be stored in the vehicle without any difficulties.

So, will purchasing one, it is appropriate that you make sure you purchase as you examine the dimensions of your piano. This will help you determine if you have enough space to fit your keyboard, with this put into consideration, you will probably avoid cases of breaking down your digital piano.


  • Volume

The volume of a traditional piano depends on how hard you are playing its keys while the digital piano is easily managed over a range that is wide enough. You can regulate it through the use of headphones in most modes, and this makes it more interesting for your household performance.

With this exclusive sound set in your digital piano, it will be much simpler to add woodwinds, brass, percussion, and drums to your entire performance.


  • Connectivity

A good number of digital pianos contain MIDI capability allowing easy connection to your computer as well as the recording equipment. Some of the keyboard pianos can be used as MIDI keyboard for creating.

Digital computers have a port for the USB hence making excellent connections with almost all types of gear simple audio. Additionally, some digital pianos allow memory cards and flash for transferring music to your computer and other devices.


  • Cost

When it comes to purchasing a digital piano, the price matters a lot, and a digital piano does no cost that much since it comes at an avoidable price.

However, you should not worry about maintenance because this is a non-issue to digital pianos. In case you are a starter, it is good that you opt for a less costly digital piano with in-built learning tools until you are good enough to go for a more advanced piano that can be more costly.


3. The Best Brand of Digital Piano

digital piano brand

There are several things you have to put into consideration to find the best brand of a digital piano in the industry. So, while trying to find the finest brand, the manufacturers make key actions that are incredibly realistic. In case you are deeply in love with the piano, you will never go for a piano with inappropriate keys.

It is vital that children and adult starters digital pianos with super awesome weighted keys to avoid them from getting used to playing plastic keys and struggle more when they get to acquire acoustic piano. Sound also helps in the determination of the best brand of a piano since it is the soul as well as the heart of the digital piano, so the tone of your piano can either destroy or make your performance.

Therefore, finding a digital piano with fantastic sound quality is hugely inspiring and motivating; most manufacturers usually are playing around with how they create their sound quality. With that put into consideration, you can now comfortably look one of the best of a digital piano, and this is:

  • Yamaha

Yamaha is one of the best-known brands of digital pianos. Its corporation has resulted in several types of instrument manufacturing, such as drums, guitar as well as pianos, motorized vehicles, audio equipment, and different electronics, too, among many more products.

Pianos, which are acoustic grand accompanied by Yamaha’s experience, give them a bonus when it comes to making different marvelous samples of digital pianos. This is from grand professional digital pianos to starters’ keyboard and everything it entails.

Remarkable Yamaha digital pianos are best known from their sound quality, craftsmanship, versatility to their dependability. Yamaha has made a lot of pianos such as YDP-163 piano, CFIIIS 9’ grand piano with beautiful realistic tones.

In case you are in need of super-awesome features such as binaural sampling, especially when your headphones are inserted into your piano, you can opt for Yamaha P-125 Digital Piano. It will give you a 3D experience and enable you to enjoy your digital piano.

So, if you were looking for the best digital piano brand, opt for Yamaha to get excellent and remarkable performances of the piano. Note that Yamaha is the most recommended when it comes to the manufacturing of musical instruments and is the most known brand of digital piano due to its effectiveness and perfect results. Make Yamaha your number one option to experience marvelous results.


FAQS about Buying a Digital Piano

play the piano

1. How many kinds of digital pianos are in the market?

Digital pianos come in different brands, styles, prices, as well as type. Therefore, they are three types of pianos, these are:

  • Grand digital pianos-For room presence
  • Upright digital pianos- Usually, position against the wall recommended for practice use.
  • Stage digital pianos- Designed and designated for use in conjunction with a live band.


2. What is the difference between a keyboard and a digital piano?

This question sounds tricky, but it has a definite answer. The first difference comes in terms of the number of keys; a keyboard has 76 or 61 keys with 4-5 octaves while a digital piano has 88 keys and 6 octaves similar to the acoustic piano.

An excellent digital piano comes with weighted keys while the keyboard does not. Weight keys are meant in such a way that they are able to respond to the quantity of force imposed by your fingers on keys

Keyboards have keys that are smaller in size; hence it is very easy to play and learn as compared to the digital piano, which has the same keys as the acoustic piano, which are harder to play and learn as well. A keyboard has a sound similar to that of the piano while the sound of the digital piano is generated from the synthesis of the pianos sound.


3. How many keys are on a digital piano?

A digital piano has a total number of 88; therefore, serious personals who are interested in playing or learning piano should commence with a full-sized keyboard with 88 keys. So, the main reason why a digital piano has 88 keys is that in case you add maximum notes or minimize the notes to prevent the frequencies from harming the human ear.


4. What is the best digital piano for a beginner?

If you’re looking for a digital piano for beginners, then Casio Privia PX-870 is your choice.

This piano has 88 scaled keys hammer-action, which is weighted with ivory as well as ebony textures simulated. It has a marvelous current piano sound with a resonance that is detailed and other 18 tones. Moreover, it has a four-speaker system projection sound, which is very powerful and new. This piano is appropriate for exercising, and it is a performing tool and more versatile for recording. The PX-870 comes with loads of learning tools for you to learn how to play the piano quickly and effectively.

If you’re looking for a budget pick for beginners, Yamaha P71 is on your side.

Yamaha P71 comes with all the high-quality piano essentials while it has no bells and whistles to distract you from playing. It has 88 style keys fully weighted similar to the feel of the acoustic piano giving you maximum playing experience. Furthermore, it comes with ten varying voices plus the sampled digital tones from acoustic grand pianos of Yamaha; thus, it has the potential of combining two voices to give you an inspiring experience.

Plus, it’s very portable for you to carry around without difficulties.


5. What is the best digital piano for advanced players?

At this point, our recommended digital piano is Yamaha YDP184R.

The Yamaha YDP184R has the potential of recreating the tone as well as the power of the CFX concert grand piano. GH3 has synthetic key ivory on its top plus white keys with a tactile surface to absorb moisture on your fingers and avoid slippage. This piano contains Full Dot LCD Display for navigation of the instrument’s features, which is smooth.

This piano comes packaged with sheet music, power supply, music stand, and a bench that is padded. It comes with a variety of classical piano songs for listening and learning purposes. Experts can always use the accompanying book to be able to learn to play iconic pieces. Moreover, it has a slot for headphones, which gives you a new experience with an amazing sound that will enable you to play for some good time. It has an awesome feel and superb playability, and this even makes it more suitable for an advanced pianist.



Based on this article review, you at least know the best digital pianos in the industry. Therefore, opt for the best digital piano that will serve you best and meet your demands effectively with very minimal challenges. Subsequently, you will be able to create all your favorite sounds that will ooze in quality.

After reading through this article, you now know the best digital piano as well as the appropriate tips that will lead you to have an appropriate digital piano. This will consequently enable you to get the best piano on the market that will serve you best and meet your demands effectively.