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5 Best 73-key Keyboard On The Market for 2020

February 24, 2020 Catchy

The roles that keyboard play insofar as sprucing up musical performances cannot be gainsaid or downplayed. They indeed form a vital part and parcel of any musical performance or church activity. It is only logical hence to pay some keen attention when attempting to find the most suitable one for the job.

Of all the keyboards that are available at the moment, the 73 key keyboard variety stands taller. As its name and designation imply, it comprises a whopping 73 keys that are sufficiently large to handle and facilitate any musical performance that may exist. A guide that seeks to lay bare its finer details like this is hence highly welcome.

best 73 key keyboard


What are the Best 73 Key Keyboard On the Market?


Top 5 Best 73-key Keyboard Reviews 2020

1. Best Overall -Yamaha P121 73 Key Weighted Keyboard

best 73 key Weighted Keyboard


Brilliant features

  • Fully weighted to mimic the actual sounds of a piano
  • Its actions are heavier and more far-reaching
  • Lighter and more portable than many keyboards
  • Reproduces the actual tones and sounds of the original piano
  • Connects to other gadgets via a USB port

Watch out for

  • No Bluetooth connectivity

To be assured of the most plausible outcomes, you want to lay your hands on the best keyboard that money can buy or has to offer. For this, we suggest this Yamaha P121 73-key Weighted Keyboard (check the full review here). It is the one that contains the mix of features that are likely to yield better outcomes.

Authentic Piano Performance

An authentic piano performance stands taller among the many benefits this machine has to provide. The state-of-the-art technology is the core reason behind this authentic performance. It also facilitates the attainment of the awesome sound outcomes that ordinarily come about when this item is engaged.

Powerful Sound

Apart from the authentic piano performances, the gadget also manages to exude powerful sounds. It does comprise a newly improved 2-way speaker system that acts to generate an expansive piano sound output. This it does in both the upward and the downward directions to yield a rich stereo sound.

The Smart Pianist app

The Smart Pianist App rounds up the list of the many benefits that the keyboard potentially brings along. With this app, you have the leeway to control the settings, voices, and rhythms at the mere touch of a screen. That way, it keeps you ahead of the game but at the considerably limited effort.

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2. Best Production Station -Korg KROME73 Keyboard

best 73 key Weighted Keyboard workstation


Brilliant features

  • Preloaded with many musical options
  • Yields an uncompromisingly high-quality outcome
  • Features a library of many languages and notes
  • Operable at the simple press of color display unit
  • Delivers an intuitive and satisfying experience

Watch out for

  • Unsuitable for starters
  • Its power consumption is higher than average

Korg is a brand that is renowned for long-lasting items that are similarly richer in sound outputs. It is only fair that you set your hands on one of its gadgets, like this one. We recommend for you this Korg KROME73 keyboard station for your own consideration and starting point.

Intuitive TouchView Interface

It does have an intuitive interface that facilitates the matters of controls and operations. The screen has the ability to showcase numerous parameters at one go. In this way, it also gives off the rare benefit of enhanced visibility on your part for you to behold your progress at a given time.

Stand-alone and Plug-in KROME Editing Software

This piano also gives you the leeway to edit the scores in the course of playing and replaying the same. A stand-alone and plug-in KROME Editing Software exists for that very purpose. In light of this awesome piece of software, you can just never go wrong with your musical performances even an inch.

Enhanced Definition Synthesis – Integrated

At its heart, if the enhanced definition synthesis that is integrated into the system. As you may have already conjectured, this one works to up the overall quality of the musical outputs generated by the entire system. As part of this integration, the gadget pairs and relays information via varied means and outlets.

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3. Best Stage Piano -Nord 3 73 Key Keyboard Piano

best 73 key stage piano


Brilliant features

  • Designed for stage performances
  • Fully weighted for your own awesome outcomes
  • Light enough to carry around with absolute
  • Combines with many other accessories for excellent outcomes
  • Manages extended functionality and other vital benefits
  • Has some physical drawbars for expedited performance

Watch out for

  • Limited to stage performances alone

Looking for a stage piano? Look to no other gadget than this Nord 3 73-key stage piano. It is the one that contains all the trappings you would ordinarily have to make use of to be able to enjoy the benefits that a piano of that kind is supposed to bring forth.

Super-clear OLED Displays

Some two super-clear OLED displays do form a vital part and parcel of this keyboard. They are the ones that generate the level of clarity you desire to make good use of at any given time. Thanks to these display units, you will similarly enjoy the fringe benefits of seamless transitions as you play your music.

Doubled Memory

The piano contains not one but two memories. These have a joint storage space of roughly 2GB. They have the space you might need to safeguard many musical files that may be relied on to generate an impressive whole-hearted musical productivity. Moreover, they comprise the 120 voice polyphony library as well.

C2D Organ Simulations B3 Tone Wheel

At the last spot is the award-winning C2D Organ simulations B3 Tonewheel. This blends well with the vintage transistor organs and a further two new principal pipe organs. Together, they deliver to you some sound outputs that are the envy of an ordinary keyboard.

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4. Korg SV-1BK 73-Key Keyboard Piano

best 73 key keyboard piano


Brilliant features

  • Graded hammer action keys for authentic playing experiences
  • Operable at the simple switch of buttons
  • Its buttons are generally easier to set
  • Compact enough to fit smoothly any existing storage space
  • Packed with lots of exciting details

Watch out for

  • Flimsy food pedal

Could it be that you are mainly preoccupied with a recording of high-quality audio output? Well, you have this particular Korg SV-1BK 73-Key Keyboard Piano for your own consideration and use. It is the one that is packed with loads of features that in totality manage the stated end result.

Piano & Vintage Keyboard Sounds

Built into this keyboard are some 36 piano and vintage keyboard sounds. These are coveted and in demand in equal measure. They give you the leeway to generate the unique sound outputs that your ordinary keyboard, unfortunately, lacks the ability to handle. All you have to do is mix them appropriately.

Retro-inspired Performance Styling

In all, the structure comes about in some retro-inspired performance styling. This one comes in the form of a single-function knob mainly. It expedites the tasks of switching from one mode to another one within a faster and hassle-free framework. That is besides being simpler to operate on the whole.

XLR Stereo

Some balanced XLR stereo ranks in next. They are the ones you will rely on for your stage and studio recordings. Given their balanced nature, these stereo apparatus will generally yield forth outputs that are impeccable and full of flavor. They also allow for easier handling and controls.

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5. Best Professional -Studiologic 73 Key Midi Controller

best professional 73 key Keyboard


Brilliant features

  • Highly compatible with many other like-minded electronics
  • Deep stereo sound outputs
  • Can manage to give off excellent vibrations
  • New Vibrato & Chorus effects
  • Handles the menace of sound reverberations with maximum efficacy

Watch out for

  • Only for the professional user
  • Has some complicated parts and components

Are you a career or a professional music producer? Get your hands on this Studiologic 73-key Midi Controller. The keyboard has every part and component that a professional music producer might naturally want to leverage. In this mini-review, you shall get to know more about it.

Chorus/Vibrato Scanner

Setting this keyboard apart from the others is the chorus/vibrator scanner. This one exists primarily to up the quality of the sound output. It works hand in hand with the rotary post-processor to deliver crisp clear audio outputs for you. They really give rise to sweet sounds.

Programmable Presets

A set of programmable presets exist in this keyboard to help you to go about the business of engaging the apparatus of the said device. They work together to let you create varying sound outputs and qualities. That way, you may be able to produce blues, rock, and many other genres.

Numa Organ 2’s Physical Modeling Synthesis

To make your own musical output even more authentic, the keyboard does feature the physical modeling synthesis. By all accounts, this one is the most authentic revival of the elegant sound output. That is mainly because it manages the sound outputs of the wheel organs and the electromechanical tones.

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How to Choose the Best 73 Key Keyboard?

best budget keyboard piano

Below are some of the factors you have to care for while searching for the most appropriate 73-keyboard:

  • Tone and Voice Selection

This refers to the tone and the voice output of the keyboard. The one you pick and use for the job definitely has to be able to generate awesome voice outputs. It is also appropriate for you to pick the kind of voice that mirrors your own expectations.

  • Hammer Action Technology

To deliver the sound outputs, these keyboards do mimic the keys and sound outputs that are generated by the acoustic pianos. They employ varying technologies to arrive at this. You should pick a digital piano with weighted keys for your authentic playing experiences that are close to an acoustic piano.

  • Sound Source

They also pair with many other electronic gadgets to bring in sound outputs to the systems. Unfortunately, not any keyboard you pick at random may be able to handle this particular chore perfectly. It is because of this that you have to ensure that you ascertain the source of the sound.

  • Structure and Design

Outside their core functionalities, these gadgets also play a secondary role in enhancing the beauty and appearance of your own rooms. In light of this, you also want to figure out their structures and designs. See to it that you settle on that one which is slim, compact, and elegant.

  • Tone Generation

You should also be concerned with the technology that it uses to generate the tones. The technologies determine several other parameters like the expertise you need to engage the keyboard and the quality of the sound output. You might need the best sounding digital piano for your needs.

  • Touch and Feel

Would it not be amazing to settle for a keyboard that is similarly nice to touch and feel? To be assured of this awesome end, you might have to invest a bit of your own time and energy to touch. You might also bring in the support of a trained technician to help you out in this.

  • Connectivity Options

We have already stated that these gadgets do pair and work well with many other gadgets. To do this, they attach to many other like-minded gadgets via the various ports that are abundantly present in them. You should hence figure out the connectivity options that may be available to you.

  • Specific Features

It pays to choose a gadget that contains many special features. You definitely want to accrue as many benefits as can be. One sure way of achieving this is to find that one that allows you to slot in many extras and accessories. Yet again, you might need the intervention of a trained expert in all this.


What to Consider When Selecting the Number of Keys for a Keyboard?

best midi controller keyboard

There are four main keys that you may attach to a keyboard. These are the 61 keys, 73 keys, 76 keys, and 88 keys. But how do you determine the right number of keys for any job? Well, there are several yardsticks that may be used to gauge this. We discuss them here below:

  • Nature of Use

What exactly do you want to use the keyboard for? Is it for recording, home music, in the church, or for recreation? The role you would wish to devote the keyboard largely determines the number of keys. As a general rule, larger crowds require many keys than smaller ones.

  • Quality of the Recording

What kind of quality are you looking up to? Do you just want to generate awesome music or would you want to go ahead to mimic the natural voices of the sounds as well? For the latter end, you may have to insist on a higher number of keys as such sounds are never really manageable by a smaller number of keys.

  • Expertise

There is a direct correlation between the number of keys and the expertise needed to engage them. More keys are generally more sophisticated to manage than the fewer counterparts. You must be sure to assess your own expertise first and foremost before proceeding to determine this metric.

  • The Character of the Musical

By ‘character of the musical’ we mean the kind of harmonics, sound quality, and other vital elements that make up a musical. Those that are richer in quality and are more comprehensive in nature tend to demand a similarly higher number of keys. Any number would do for the ordinary musicals though.

  • Desired Longevity of Use

How long do you plan to make use of the keyboard altogether? Studies have deduced that more keys tend to lengthen the lifespan of the keyboard altogether. This is for the sheer reason that such a keyboard remains true and relevant for longer than average.

  • Setting

Where exactly would you wish to have to make use of the keyboard? If you are constantly on the go, you are advised against picking a keyboard with many keys. Such a machine is definitely bulky and highly unlikely to facilitate your remote use and vitality.



We started out by acknowledging the roles that the keyboards play in a typical musical production. With this severity, you are strongly advised to make every effort to find the most suitable gadget for your production. That can only happen if you read through our explanations keenly a second time.

As you read through, be sure also to match each gadget with your own competence and expertise. That way, you will be able to narrow to that one which is more likely to satisfy your own needs. So, when do you plan to set out for purchase?