Top 5 Best Yamaha Synthesizer Reviews 2020

It’s during the mid-20th century that the modern synthesizer came into existence. It brought a great of excitement not only with the broader range of sounds it can produce but also the fact that those sounds are merely far ahead of anything that had ever existed.

Of the instruments present, synthesizer keyboards are generally the most special thanks to the fact that they’re programmed to produce rich as well as beautiful sounds, making music production dynamic, and effortless experience.

Synthesizers, especially the Yamaha types, have expressive yet versatile capabilities. Therefore, as a musician, owning a Yamaha synthesizer is a no brainer. But given the variety available in the market, which type will you choose?

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5 Best Yamaha Synthesizers List


5 Best Yamaha Synthesizer Reviews

Let’s take a look at 5 synth models from Yamaha.


1. Best Overall -Yamaha MX88 88 Key Weighted Synthesizer

yamaha 88 key synthesizer


Brilliant features

  • Powerful for creating sounds and tunes
  • 88 full-sized keys
  • Compatible with IOS applications
  • Virtual circuit modeling
  • Over 100 voices present
  • Portable
  • Quality sound

Watch out for

  • Needs extra cables to connect iPad

The MX88 is an excellent instrument for musicians looking to taking their skills to the next level. It features up to 128 notes of polyphony, which ensures that there’s a dropout-free performance that’s playing live or with the full 16-track sequences.

The synthesizer has over 1,000 killer MOTIF XS sounds as well as deep controller integration with the best computer music software. It features 88 full-sized keys, velocity-sensitive, and is weighted.

The Mette black keytops help to absorb the moisture and, after extended use, still, remains tactile. The Eps, acoustic pianos, drums, strings, and the evolving 8-element synthesizer textures are all fantastic thanks to the MX that gets it all at your fingertips.

It’s also equipped with a VCM FX engine that models the vintage effects at the circuit level. The class-compliant USB audio/MIDI, aids in true plug and also plays connectivity even without installing drivers of any kind. It has over 100 voices, which make it an excellent instrument for the stage, studio as well as worship service.

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2. Best Professional -Yamaha Montage8 Synthesizer Workstation

yamaha montage 8


Brilliant features

  • 88 full-sized keys
  • Incorporates both Motif-series keyboards as well as DX
  • Built with FM-X sound engines
  • Produces various sound types from classic tunes to the modern sounds
  • 128 note polyphony
  • 16-part multi-timbral feature
  • Compatible with Motif ES/XS/XF voices

Watch out for

  • Not the best sustain pedal
  • The screen is better to be larger

The montage 8 synthesizer has set new heights by transforming the sound quality, control, and workflow as well as inspires creativity and passion. Its motion control synthesis feature unifies the FM-X engines.

It’s the unique Yamaha synthesizer even though it comes at a relatively higher cost, but given what it provides, it’s worth paying for. Its heart-pounding drums are pretty amazing, as is the case with the crystal clear sine waves.

Yamaha Montage 8 also features professional as well as balanced stereo outputs with pure analog circuit digital to analog conversion. The 8 rotary encoders, as well as faders with the step ladder, LED.

It also contains a whole Motif XF sound library, meaning you’ll have an array of sounds to choose to use with motion control synthesis. Besides, it includes a very easy to use the search feature on the LCD screen saving time. It’s loaded all the way from the high definition reverbs to the incredibly detailed VCM (Virtual Circuit Modeling) effects.

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3. Best Budget -Yamaha REFACE DX FM Synthesizer

yamaha fm synthesizer


Brilliant features

  • Multi-touch control interface
  • Four-operator FM synth engine
  • 32 voice memories
  • Excellent sounds with inbuilt speakers
  • User-friendly interface
  • MIDI and USB connectivity
  • Backlit display

Watch out for

  • The keys are smaller than standard

If you’re on a budget, the Yamaha REFACE DX FM Synthesizer is the one you should be considering. It promises a smooth FM synth. Moreover, it incorporates inbuilt speakers, making it a portable solution, audio in, a looper, and modern connectivity.

It features a compact size design, which makes it an excellent option to bring along your trips. Also, it can be run easily from batteries.

This synth is equipped with an iOS patch librarian app as well as audio in. The multi-touch control interface ensures that you control the four parameters simultaneously.

It’s one of the most user-friendly Yamaha synthesizers with a total of up to 8-note polyphony. The backlit display also makes it an easy to operate instrument even in the dark.

The synthesizer also solidly built, and with this enough strength, there’s no “flex” to it as well as has enough weight that it won’t feel like sliding on a table or even stand when playing it. Plus, it comes with various connections around the back for L/R, sustain pedal, headphone jack, MIDI In/Out, stereo audio input, and USB.

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4. Best 76 Key -Yamaha MODX7 Synthesizer

Yamaha 76 Key Synthesizer


Brilliant features

  • The knob controls parameters
  • Four audio channels
  • 16 channels of MIDI through a single USB cable
  • 4-part sound switching
  • Motion sequences
  • Portable design
  • 192 mote polyphony
  • FM-X frequency modulation
  • Empowers creativity

Watch out for

  • No aftertouch
  • Not for live playing

Keyboards vary in the number of keys ranging from 44 to 88, and in every category, we have the best option. When it comes to 76 key Yamaha synthesizers, the Yamaha MODX7 synthesizer is undoubtedly the best. It features a motion control synthesis that unifies as well as controls AWM2 and the FM-X sound engines.

The live sets will allow you to perform an organization without copying, renaming, or even changing the order. Its 4-part seamless sound switching helps to change the performances as you hold notes without effect or sound cutoff.

It also has an amazing range of inspiring sounds which any musician will acknowledge together with the main piano sound that punches way above the weight.

The unit is lightweight and hence portable with the motion control offering modulation possibilities that are similar to the large modular synth system.

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5. Best Portable -Yamaha REFACE CP Vintage Synthesizer Keyboard

best portable synthesizer


Brilliant features

  • Incorporates superb affects implementation
  • 128-note polyphony
  • HQ mini keyboard
  • Vintage keyboard sound engine
  • 5 stompbox-style effects
  • Can operate on batteries
  • Dual-line outputs
  • An aux line input

Watch out for

  • The effect switches are somehow flimsy

Sometimes you’ve got to consider where you’ll be using your Yamaha synthesizer keyboard. If you’ll often be moving, then the Yamaha REFACE CP vintage is the best choice. The unit is compact enough and hence portable.

The sound engine will provide you with 6 excellent as well as detailed vintage keyboard types that include Reed, Clavi, and Tine as well as toy electric pianos.

It also features an inbuilt speaker system, which allows you to enjoy playing your piano in any place, any time. An HQ mini keyboard also allows fast as well as natural performance.

Furthermore, it incorporates 5 stompbox-style effects with direct control. Besides, the 128-note polyphony will ensure a dropout-free performance.

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Why Choose Yamaha Synthesizer?

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With over a century of existence in the manufacturing of digital as well as acoustic pianos, Yamaha still retains the world-class bragging rights. Among professionals and amateurs, Yamaha synthesizer keyboards remain highly sort after option. But why are they the best?

Most synthesizer makers such as Roland, Korg, and Moog have all been in the picture when looking at the best producer brand. However, Yamaha beats them all in several features provided in their exceptional products.

First, synthesizers from Yamaha come with excellent sound quality. Most of its products have an amazing sound quality; for instance, Montage 8 has arguably the best quality sound of all the industry synthesizers. Secondly, Yamaha synthesizers have been by far the best category when it comes to the general quality of the involved features. The reason being, Yamaha tends to pack most features into the products they produce.

The build quality from Yamaha synthesizers over the years has remained almost the same. As much as most brands build nearly the same way with similar components, most of them have kept differentiating them every year. Yamaha products have proved in the long run to be better built as well as more durable than their counterparts.

Furthermore, in terms of the aesthetics, most brands both look pleasing, but for Yamaha synths, they feel more premium and sleek to most folks. Moreover, the Yamaha products look more generic and hence give them an edge over their arch-rivals.

Overall, it’s easier to say that Yamaha synthesizers are undoubtedly the best option to go for, given their sound quality, the nature in which they’re built, and the general aesthetics. Nevertheless, some folks may still come out with various facts, but at the end of it all, it comes down to personal preference for most folks.


How to Choose the Best Yamaha Synthesizer?

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There’s no denying that Yamaha synthesizers have proved to be the best among a plethora of many brands in producing the best synthesizers. Interestingly, there’re several types of Yamaha synthesizers in the market that you can choose.

Unfortunately, with a lot of them in the market, choosing the best Yamaha synthesizer that will suit your needs won’t be a walk in the park. Therefore, to help you make the right decision, here are some of the tips that you’ll need to consider:

  • Keyboard Action

Action is a feature that lets you know how your keyboard keys will respond when pushed down. Most of Yamaha synthesizers vary in resistance as well as firmness. For instance, unweighted keys will be easier to push down while the weighted keys will respond like the traditional piano.

  • Computer Connectivity

Most of the synthesizers offer computer connectivity, which is an excellent option if you’re looking to create your own music. Besides, if you’re a beginner getting a Yamaha synthesizer with computer connectivity will help to save your pocket in the future.

  • MIDI Compatibility

Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) is an electronic instrument language allowing the instrument to “communicate” with each other vis sending as well as receiving signals. Therefore, it’s a significant feature to consider.

  • Recording Ability

Depending on what your intentions are with the synthesizer, recording capability is a feature that should not miss as you, at some point, consider creating your own musical compositions.

  • Storage

It merely goes without saying that most of them will offer some external storage options such as secure digital, flash drives, smart media card slots, and compact flash. Therefore, with a simple USB connection, you’ll be able to transfer data as well as store some files in the cloud.

  • Controllers

The amount of control for any keyboard depends on your intentions of using it, and for that reason, you’ll need a synth with pitch as well as modulation wheels. Going further forward with MIDI, having a synth with knobs as well as sliders would be a great option.

  • User Interface

Ensure that you look closely at the synth interface. Some could be cluttered and clogged, or others could feel too empty. You should remember that the interface will determine how you interact with the instrument. Therefore, take your time and decide which side to follow; analog or digital – although most synths have now taken the digital route.

  • Sound Quality

Your Yamaha synthesizer may be looking pretty good, but the most important thing should be whether you like how it sounds. For instance, if you won’t like how it sounds, then there’s no point in purchasing it.

  • Style and Aesthetics

Owning the keyboard of a pretty good looking synthesizer from Yamaha is simply great. The last thing you want is to hate how your instrument looks. A lot of styles are available when it comes to Yamaha synthesizers; it’s all down to personal preference.



There’s no denying that over several years now, Yamaha has gained a high reputation as an instrument manufacturer across the globe. Therefore, it goes without saying that you don’t have to worry about that synthesizer keyboards from Yamaha, a great thing definitely.

There’re various Yamaha synthesizers in the market, with each of them coming with some special features as well as functions. The most important thing is for you to choose a synthesizer that suits your needs depending on what, where, and how you’ll be using the synthesizer.

Therefore, always set goals as well as put personal needs at the top of the list when purchasing the Yamaha synthesizer.