Top 7 Best Casio Digital Piano Reviews for 2020

For several years now, Casio has maintained the bragging rights as the leading manufacturer of musical instruments. When it comes to the line of digital pianos, Casio has managed top quality. Therefore, any type of musician will definitely like what Casio produces.

Several Casio digital pianos set themselves apart in various ways, such as sound quality, functionality, and key action. That way, choosing the best Casio digital piano can be overwhelming, but here’s the help you need to purchase the right Casio digital piano for your music.


Top 7 Best Casio Digital Piano for 2020


Top 7 Best Casio Digital Piano Reviews

We’ve selected seven Casio digital piano on the market that gives you perfect performance experiences.

1. Best Value -Casio PX-870 Upright Digital Piano

best casio weighted digital piano


Brilliant features

  • 88 hammer-action keys with ivory and ebony key surfaces
  • High-end 3-pedal unit for maximum performance
  • Offers value for your money
  • Comes with everything you need
  • An inbuilt practice mode
  • Easy to operate
  • Headphone connectivity
  • Excellent sound system

Watch out for

  • Records one song at a time
  • Not portable

The PX 870 Casio piano features a beautiful as well as elegant, streamlined design that has seamless sides. It also comes with a sliding keyboard and a matching wooden music rest. Moreover, the piano is compact, making it perfect for your home irrespective of the size.

Furthermore, it’s available in two colors; black and white, that it can match almost with any décor, enhancing the beauty of the home.
The sound quality is excellent, a strong sound projection supported by a four-speaker system. The keys also feature Tri-sensor 2 scale hammer action, which enhances its performance.

Also, it includes tones of 19 various instrument sound, an inbuilt music library of 60 songs, 26 notes polyphony as well as versatile recording tools.

The PX 870 also comes with several complementary items such as a comfortable furniture-style bench, pair of headphones, a guidebook, a cloth for polishing the piano, and a DVD for instructions. Therefore, it’s a complete package unit of great value for your money.

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2. Best Portable -Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano

casio budget digital piano


Brilliant features

  • Tri-sensor hammer action 2 keyboard
  • 88 keys with textured surfaces
  • Affordable price under $500
  • Compact size and sleek design, making it portable
  • Dual headphone connectivity
  • Two-track recorder
  • Split mode
  • String ensemble sounds

Watch out for

  • No inbuilt lesson mode

The PX 160 digital piano is a full-sized digital piano weighing about 24 pounds. The unit features acoustic as well as intelligent resonator air source, which delivers the sound of a genuine concert piano.  It functions under Tri-sensor 2 scaled hammer action, which includes ivory and ebony textured keys with the 3 sensors grabbing the performance dynamics with exceptional speed.

PX 160 also offers 18 different tones that you can choose from while enjoying your music. Moreover, it features a two-track recorder that helps to lay down the ideas nicely and quickly. Additionally, the inbuilt metronome of this unit is perfect for practicing as well as the stereo line outputs, making it easy and nice to take as well as setup.

Its elegant slim body with 2watt speakers delivers an excellent rich quality that any music lover will admire. Furthermore, it features 60 inbuilt tunes that you can work with as per your requirements. The split mode divides the keyboard into two halves perfect for leaning side by side with the teacher or another student.

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3. Best for Beginners -Casio PX-770 Digital Piano

casio px 770


Brilliant features

  • 88-key fully weighted keyboard
  • Great sound quality with 128-note polyphony
  • 2-track MIDI recorder
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Concert play with 10 recordings
  • You can connect it to any Windows or Mac device
  • A powerful stereo amplification system
  • Tri-sensor scaled hammer action 2

Watch out for

  • A few options for sound customization

If you’re a beginner looking for a piano, then the Casio PX 770 digital piano is the one that will fit your requirements. It comes with an integrated stand as well as a triple pedal unit. Plus, the digital piano features a redesigned cabinet with fewer seams as well as a more minimalistic design. The cabinet is of wooden texture, making it feel and look excellent.

Casio PX-770 is equipped with 3 pedals, which simulate the functionality of soft, sustain, and sostenuto pedals. It also features an inbuilt sliding cover that protects the keyboard from dust.

The instrument is also very easy to put together; with only that you need is a screwdriver, and within 20-30 minutes, you should be done.

Impressively, the PX-770 uses a Tri-sensor scaled hammer action 2 keyboard, which has an excellent feel with unmatched speed and accuracy. The duet mode also splits the piano into two, allowing easy use for a student and teacher for beginners to use the instrument.

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4. Best Versatile -Casio CDP-240 Digital Piano

casio 88 key digital piano


Brilliant features

  • 88 full-sized weighted keys with Scaled hammer action
  • 64 note polyphony
  • Optional CS-44 stand
  • High-quality sound
  • Compact and portable
  • Step-up lessons as well as music challenges for learning
  • Over 150 songs and 700 voices
  • LCD screen display

Watch out for

  • Too many buttons that can confuse
  • Line out jacks not present

The Casio CDP 240 digital piano is arguably the most versatile instrument you can own. The instrument comes with 88 full weighted keys, meaning it emulates the feel of playing a grand piano. Furthermore, the keys allow selecting from various weights to provide flexibility.

It weighs about 42 lbs., making it a relatively portable digital piano. The model also comes with several accessories; including an SP-3 sustain pedal, a manual, a stand, a quilted bench, a stand kit, two-sheet music booklets, and a mini audio cord.

The step-up lesson mode is another excellent feature of the Casio CDP-240, meaning you can get some piano lessons.

The unit has over 150 inbuilt songs to learn as well as 700 voices and features the CDP-240’s Music Challenge, which encourages personal improving abilities.

The piano also has 16w onboard speakers, which provides fine-quality sound emission. It features two audio outputs that you can plug the earphones to avoid distracting others.

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5. Best Professional -Casio AP-700 Celviano Digital Piano

casio high end digital piano


Brilliant features

  • 88 weighted hammer scaled action keys with ivory and ebony textures
  • AiR Grand Sound Source with 256-note polyphony number
  • String and damper resonance for optimizing sound quality
  • Concert Play Mode
  • Educational features
  • USB and MIDI connectivity
  • Auto power off

Watch out for

  • Expensive than others

The Casio AP-700 Celviano digital piano is a model almost designed for professionals. The unit offers the best sound and feel required. It features a unique mechanical keyboard, 3 world-class piano sounds as well as unique furniture-grade aesthetics.

The instrument incorporates tonal characteristics of three full concert pianos, meaning you’ll get 3 legendary pianos in only one elegant instrument.

Its Tri-sensor 1 88-nites scaled hammer action makes the AP-700 have an astonishing mechanical feel and doesn’t have any springs. The unit is also outfitted with premium-quality simulated ebony as well as ivory-textured keys.

The emulated string or damper resonance, as well as the lid adjustments, add some extra realism. It also includes over 24 excellent sounds.

The Concert Play mode will also let you play along to about 15 high-quality orchestral recordings. Besides, it helps to create extra complex performance instruments with splits as well as layers.

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6. Best Cost Effective -Casio PX-S1000 Digital Piano

casio privia px s1000


Brilliant features

  • 88 full-size weighted keys
  • 2-track MIDI recorder
  • 17 temperament options
  • Touch sensitivity
  • Smart scaled hammer action keyboard having ivory and ebony textures
  • Great sound quality with 192 note polyphony and acoustic simulator
  • Can work with batteries
  • Portable and affordable

Watch out for

  • Not the loudest
  • No full Bluetooth connectivity

Casio PX-S1000 is the slimmest model, and it is budget-friendly. It features 88 keys, and 192 notes polyphony as well as hammer action keys that simulate the feel of a grand piano.

Portability is not an issue as batteries can power the unit. It’s also made of high-quality lustrous plastic that makes it look futuristic.

It has 18 instrument sounds and a multi-dimensional morphing AiR sound source with over 60 inbuilt songs. Additionally, you’ll get several connections such as 2x headphones, USB MIDI, sustain pedal as well as line-out R/L mono; Bluetooth audio is also present.

The PX S1000 doesn’t also disappoint when it comes to layering as well as slitting functionality. The layering allows playing of 2 different instrument sounds at the same time.

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7. Best for Home -Casio AP-270 Digital Piano

best casio digital piano under 1000


Brilliant features

  • Comes with everything you need
  • Flexible with Chordana play app
  •  Tri-sensor II scaled hammer-action keys
  • AiR sound source
  • Concert play with 10 recordings of orchestral performance
  • USB connectivity
  • Incredible piano tone

Watch out for

  • No Bluetooth connectivity

One of the crucial things you look for in a piano is touch and sound response. The Casio AP-470 digital piano will provide you the best quality. The unit uses an AiR sound source that will give you realistic sounds each time you strike that key.

The piano features 256 notes of polyphony, meaning you can play them all at once, especially when playing complex music. Furthermore, it features a lid on top of the cabinet that easily opens up, which, when opened, exposes the speaker, giving the whole system an elegant but highly practical look.

You’ll also get a Tri-sensor scaled hammer action keyboard that feels responsive to touch. Moreover, you’ll as well get textured ivory and ebony feel to keys to help the fingers with a better grip of the keys.

You can also link it up with the Chordana Play app, a Casio app that allows you to learn to play the favorite songs in an interactive and fun way.

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Why Choose Casio Digital Piano?

best digital piano under 2000

In music, folks will always have their opinion as well as give their loyalty to a given brand. However, will all fairness, a Casio digital piano stands tall amongst competitors. But why?

To start with, Casio pianos usually have an excellent design highlighted by engineering expertise on every model. Their products also come cheap and catering for both inexperienced as well as professional users.

Also, its products are affordable, and especially for beginners looking for the best instrument, you’ll get that with Casio. Besides, Casio produces a variety of digital pianos, meaning irrespective of the type of musician you may be, or what you want from a piano; you’ll surely get what suits you.

Furthermore, they have designed cutting-edge technologies with their pianos sound as well as feel better, still, at affordable prices. Therefore, Casio digital pianos are loaded with the best innovations you can think of in the industry. All the way from the sound engine, its digital features, its keyboard, to the general components.

The innovation has led to the production of digital pianos with great functionality that gives them that sense of realism, bringing them on par with top digital piano brands on the current market.

Also, Casio pianos have nice, high-quality construction, and useful digital features that make them absolutely functional instruments for any application.

Moreover, the Casio’s Tri-sensor scaled hammer action includes 3 different sensitivities with the keys feeling heavier depending on how you set it up as well as whether you’re playing high or low keys.


Best Casio Digital Piano Buying Guide

play keybaord piano

Long gone are the days when the only form of a piano was the large acoustic piano. Thanks to technology that portable and digital pianos are now available. The Casio digital pianos are arguably among the best you can buy.

However, there’s a plethora of them in the market, making it difficult to choose the best model, but here’s how you can select the best;

  • Sound Quality

A digital piano is meant to emit sounds, which are as close as an acoustic piano. Therefore, when looking for you Casio digital piano, you should ensure that you consider the quality of sound produced by any given piano your way.

Ensure that you look at the digital memory of the piano. The greater the piano’s digital memory, the more realistic sound it will produce. Moreover, you’ll also have to look at the quality of the inbuilt speakers as well as amplifiers as they will have an impact on the quality of the sound.

  • Learning Tools

Most digital pianos usually have lessons that can help most beginners. Therefore, a Casio digital piano that’s equipped with an inbuilt metronome can be of handy to help stay in rhythm. Some come equipped with displays showing the key being played to ensure you press the correct key all the time.

  • Polyphony

Polyphony is the capability of a digital piano to produce several individual tones at once. Therefore, on that note, you should be looking at a minimum of at least 32-note polyphony, especially for beginners, as it is easy to learn.

  • Number of Keys

Usually, acoustic pianos have keys. And therefore, it will be wise to go for a Casio digital piano with 88 keys, especially beginners, for an excellent learning experience.

  • Touch Response and Keyboard Action

A digital piano should look like the real thing, and the type of keyboard action will determine. Most digital pianos feature either semi-weighted, fully-weighted, or hammer action. While the semi-weighted and fully-weighted are excellent, the hammer action will be the closest you can get to that feeling of an acoustic piano.

The touch response should also be better so that you can achieve a closer feeling of the real acoustic piano.

  • Portability

Digital pianos were generally invented to reduce the bulkiness experienced with an acoustic piano. Therefore, considering your needs, such as if you’ll be traveling, then a light and compact Casio digital piano should be the option.



Purchasing a Casio digital piano is an excellent choice, but given the variety of options on the market, you need to understand your needs as well as specific capabilities clearly. Identify what you’re looking for exactly in a Casio digital piano and enjoy the experience.