7 Best Yamaha Upright Piano Reviews for 2020

Perhaps you may be searching to find a great deal of the best Yamaha upright piano in the market, especially the digital ones. Still, you need to take time before making any perchance for you to get the best product that will certainly meet your needs.

Consider your choice characteristics into account by looking at what features that are or are not necessary for a piano; this is helpful especially to those individuals that are not conversant with keyboards as you have to get the product that will serve to meet your needs and desires.

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7 Best Yamaha Upright Piano On the Market


7 Best Yamaha Upright Piano Reviews


1. Best Overall -Yamaha YDP164B Digital Console Piano

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Yamaha YDP164B is an upright piano that will make you and your loved ones love music and get adopted to playing pianos with its ability to make all things done and musical. This product is weighted in action relatively massive with low keys and light in high keys similar to Acoustic piano.

Its vital black tops are nice looking and designed in a way to absorb moisture when it comes to contact with it, and one can use it for a long time without becoming slippery. This machine can recreate the voice power and tone, and the damper pedal has controls that allow a continuous increase in the amount of sustain as it is depressed.

The Yamaha digital console piano has a smart Pianist app that gives the user full control over its significant functions. As well it analyzes one’s favorite songs from the music library by use of a chord tracker technology. With the help of the Pianist App from the manufacturing company, it is an easy and straightforward way for one to control its functions, making it a great advantage.

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2. Best Budget -Yamaha P45 Weighted Digital Piano

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Yamaha P45 is one of the best Keyboards for Beginners as it is an entry-level digital piano containing a full weighted keyboard plus ten built-in instrumental sounds and compact in its design. The product is relatively low in price, making it be the most affordable digital piano. This has been very popular among learners and intermediate piano players for as it is very simple equipment with high quality and real sound instruments from Yamaha.

The product is featured with increased polyphony, improved samples, and a USB terminal. It contains 88 keys and is a fully weighted piano with black key-tops that are matted. Graded Hammer Standard action has a fixed, soft, medium, and hard touch sensitivity plus ten piano songs and demi songs, making it a perfect choice.

This machine is easy to be transported as it can easily fit in smaller space, making it an excellent addition to one’s home interior and is 52.2 inches wide, 6 inches high, and 11.6 inches deep and weighs 25 lbs. If you prefer traveling, it is recommendable for you to go for this product as you will be experiencing an excellent encounter with it.

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3. Best Weighted Action -Yamaha YDP184 Upright Digital Piano

yamaha digital piano with bench


Just like a most professional digital piano, this product recreates both the power and tone of Yamaha’s flagship piano. It contains quality synthetic ivory keys that give a tactile surface with the ability to absorb finger moisture, thus making it not to slip when playing it.

Yamaha YDP184R piano has (VRM) Virtual Resonance Modeling, which enables vivid and richly-varied expression that reflects limitless factors that create sounds similar to that of concert grand piano. It has an LCD Display that allows smooth navigations of the instrument’s functions and features.

The YDP-184 Yamaha piano is one of the most advanced Arius digital pianos, and the interface is designed to let you browse the entire available 24 instrument Voices without any hassle using shortcuts. Having this product will definitely deliver sounds of stereophonic optimizer experience that creates a real sense of spaciousness when listening through headphones.

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4. Best for Beginners -Yamaha YDP103 Arius Upright Piano

yamaha piano for beginners


If you are leaner and you want to enjoy the realism and high-quality digital sounds from the stereo speaker system, then this is the product that you have to go for. This sound system has a heavy Gus weighted action in the low key and light in high keys. Have matte key tops that are black in color, designed to absorb moisture from one’s fingers, making the surface remain tactile when playing it for long periods.

The equipment has an advanced wave memory for stereo sampling that enables it to recreate natural instrument sounds with controller application for iOS devices, which adds up rich graphical interface for the users hence making it fast and easy to navigate and to configure. Lastly, it is a dual-mode that you can combine two voices at a go. For example, one can merge the piano and strings together hence giving an inspiring new playing experience during the play.

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5. Best Professional -Yamaha U3 Studio Upright Piano

yamaha u3 upright digital piano


Yamaha U3 Upright Piano is a very comprehensive designed product from Yamaha Company, and it is a world-class instrument that will definitely meet all your needs. Having it will definitely make you better than before as it is enabled with advanced quality materials and construction make. It is a refined scale make with improved tonal performances than most pianos in the market; hence it enhances both strength and durability, qualifying it to be a high-quality product.

The product will certainly provide you with an extra-wide range of music desks with plenty of rooms for sheet music. Above all, it sets an extraordinary standard of excellence and elegance, plus its ability to incorporate concepts adapted from most Yamaha grand pianos.

The product has well had an advanced Scale in Design for Refinement in every element of sound production by it with an even balanced timbre across the whole keyboard. The Soundboard and Frame have a special rib configuration that adds up the strength to this soundboard plus a back post and features other advances that further enhances resonance, rigidity, and the general body structural stability.

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6. Best Compact -Yamaha YDP S34 Slim Upright Digital Piano

compact yamaha upright digital piano


The Arius YDP-S34 digital Yamaha piano is a very important high-quality product that will certainly provide the expected creativity through its stylish design. It is a compact product that brings elegance to your room, and it features sound of flagship Yamaha concert grand piano, has a renowned keyboard action that helps to bring out most important elements required from a piano.

This upright piano is equipped with 88 hammer-action keys, heavier in the low key, and lighter in a high key. The String Resonance has the ability to recreate sympathetic sounds of any other strings resonating in it similar to the behavior of the acoustic piano. Acoustic Optimizer can be adjusted physically to attain an acoustic flow with the help of a special position and design within it to control the resonance and to enrich the overall sounds.

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7. Best for Learning -Yamaha Arius YDP-144

yamaha ydp 144 review


Yamaha YDP144R is one of the new members of the Arius line of a digital piano. It is a new model with a complete upgrade of the sound engine. The product is an equipped CFX Grand Piano sound, which is a very clear upgrade similar to the sounds of acoustic piano. It is installed with a Mellow Grand Piano sounds for playing classic tunes, which add up to its model, and the settings are great for all that are in love with playing professional songs.

The Yamaha Arius – 144 features 88 keys full keyboard, and the black keys contain matte finish for making sure that the fingers of those who play it don’t slip. It also has a Soft-Close Fallboard that prevents the fallboard structure from dropping abruptly against the keyboard hence guarding it against accidental injuries and damages.

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How to Choose the Best Yamaha Upright Piano?

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Choosing a piano can be a bit difficult, especially for someone who has never done it before. Let’s look at some of the factors you should consider when choosing an upright piano.

1. Choose the Right Size

It’s good to always go for a big piano because it produces a good sound although nowadays with this technology, we have small pianos with good music. You only need to be careful while choosing them; you might end up choosing the wrong thing.

If you have enough space, you can choose an upright piano because it’s a bit big compared with normal keyboard piano. But is considered the best, for the right piano, look at the size and the tone. If you have a little space, then choose a small upright piano.

2. The Brand

Brand matters a lot; you might find that some brands make quality products while others make fake ones. Look for a brand that you’ve read or heard about and buy a piano from that brand.

The quality of a product is what matters most, choose a product that is durable/long-lasting, something that can last you for a longer period of time before you think of buying new ones. Be careful when choosing to avoid choosing a piano that would damage easily.

4. Price

When choosing always, consider looking at the items price. An expensive item doesn’t indicate that the item is of good quality. Sometimes, you’ll find that a much cheaper product is the best.

Most of the people make a mistake when it comes to this, be very cautious when it comes to choosing something. If it’s your first time purchasing a piano, then you should talk to someone who has had one before so that you can get some help from you.

5. Beginner or Professional Players?

Are you or your children using the piano? Are you a beginner, or a pro? These questions will help you make the right decision. If you are a beginner, buy an upright piano because they are cheaper, great and saves space.

6. Choose the Finish you Want

Some people do not think about the color they want for their piano; what they consider is the size and tone of the instrument. It’s important to know that color matters a lot, imagine having a piano with a dull color in your room. Probably a piano should be colorful, especially if it’s for your kids.


Final Thoughts

Choosing a piano might seem easy, but if you are not keen enough, you will end up buying something that you didn’t intend to. I think the above factors have helped you a lot, and next time you will be buying a piano, there will be no troubles experienced. For the piano lovers, you can try buying a Yamaha upright piano; it will really serve you for a longer period of time as it’s one of the best pianos so far.

A good piano should have a good sound; if the sound is not good, we will not enjoy the music definitely. You can have a decent touch, but if the condition of the piano is not good, the experience will be discouraging.