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Top 7 Best Sounding Digital Piano Reviews 2020

February 3, 2020 Catchy

When choosing which digital piano you should go for, the sound quality is always one of the most important factors that you should consider. So, we’ll be reviewing the top 7 best sounding digital piano and offer a buying guide to help you to choose from.

Digital pianos are a result of innovation and advancement over the years. They are better than past used pianos mainly because they have a high-quality sound and are cheaper compared to acoustic pianos. This makes them a better choice for many players.

best sounding digital piano


Top 7 Best Sounding Digital Piano Lists


Top 7 Best Sounding Digital Piano Reviews

A digital piano is an electronic keyboard that is used as a substitute for acoustic and other traditional keyboards. The digital pianos are designed with a different number of keys but are all weighted to provide great music sounds. The digital keyboard also comes in different styles where some are made in a portable form for easy carrying around, and others are suitable for people who need stationed keyboards.

1. Best Overall -Yamaha YDP184R Console Digital Piano


Brilliant features

  • Very excellent sound quality like a concert piano
  • 88 hammer-action keys
  • Extra accessories like a well-padded bench
  • LCD for clear navigation purposes
  • 3 pedal unit for a realistic playing experience

Watch out for

  • Quite heavy so not easy to move around

Yamaha YDP184R digital piano is a perfect option for people who need a reliable piano to play with. This piano has the right keys that allow you to achieve different music tones and genres.

Playing this piano is quite authentic thanks to the equipped synthetic ivory keys on the top areas to ensure the lower keys do not slip when playing. The 184R is a great option for learning as it has an LCD screen. The LCD helps you to have a reliable viewing point when navigating the keys and notes on the piano.

Yamaha YDP-184R is a longlasting investment for all levels of players thanks to its advanced technology and high-quality piano essentials.

This piano has a total of 128 polyphony and the technology of Virtual Resonance Modeling to enhance sound quality. Additionally, other than the keyboard, the pack comes with other accessories such as the bench, a music stand and also a power supply. There is also a sheet book for note guidance ideal for beginners.

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2. Best for Beginner -Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano

best sounding digital piano for beginners


Brilliant features

  • 88 hammer-action keys with ivory and ebony key surfaces
  • Wide variety of sounds
  • Versatile recording, practice, and performance functions
  • Four-speaker system for offering high-quality sound
  • Comes with everything you need
  • Great digital piano for using when taking lessons

Watch out for

  • No Bluetooth connectivity

The beautiful black color of this piano makes it look elegant and add a touch of elegance to your living room as well. It is easy to use including for beginners since the pack comes with an instructional book for guidance on how to play the piano.

The keyboard has a total of 88 scaled keys that have ivory and ebony textures for offering authentic touch feel. You can achieve different sounds with this piano if you like playing different music genres as it has around 18 tones.

Casio Privia PX-870 is perfect for playing in concerts as well since it is equipped with four speakers for excellent sound audibility. It is versatile in terms of use as you can use it for recording, practicing, and even performing in concerts. The piano has a slide key cover that protects it from dust when not in use.

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3. Best Cost-effective -Yamaha P125 Sounding Digital Piano

best piano sound keyboard


Brilliant features

  • Super high-quality sound in this price range
  • 88 fully-sized weighted piano keys
  • Portable and compact
  • Versatile in use
  • Affordable price

Watch out for

  • Flimsy sustain pedal

If you are looking for a piano that does not take up much space in the house, or for easy carrying around then Yamaha P125 (full review here) is the perfect piano to buy. It is light in weight and does not require a stand when playing.

This amazing piano has a total of 88 weighted keys for playing when either training or practicing at home. This piano fits both professional and beginner users because it comes with an instructional book for guidance on how to play different keys and tones.

The P125 is classified in the category of the digital piano since it has heavier keys hence making it an ideal piano for aspiring beginners and advanced players to play with. With the tempo tune ranging from 5 to 280, you can easily achieve and create different tones.

If you are a pro pianist, you can easily play different tones using your hands since this keyboard has split mode selection for this purpose. You can record and even share your recorded tones on this piano thanks to the available USB port. It is compatible with MIDI and other audio connectivity.

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4. Best for Learning -The ONE Smart Piano

best sounding digital piano for learning


Brilliant features

  • Very easy to play for beginners to learn
  • 88 hammer-action keys and professional stereo sound
  • It is compatible with other smart devices for easy sharing of sounds
  • Comes with many educational tools for learning step by step
  • The keyboard has ports for connecting with headphones

Watch out for

  • Heavy for moving around

The ONE smart piano features multiple learning tools for you to learn the piano easily. Playing this piano is quite easy since it has LCD screen display for guiding you when playing. There are multiple guide sheets deal for beginners or anyone who need instructions on how to navigate different keys when playing the instrument.

The piano also comes with videos, games and other free apps for learning purposes. Do you want to transfer your recorded music or tones on other devices like smartphones? Well, this piano is compatible with iOs and Android phones for easy transferring.

It also comes with other necessary parts like the pedals and 88 weighted keys for effecting playing. This piano suits majorly the teachers or students who are learning how to play the instrument since one can save and even record different tones for future reference.

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5. Best Affordable -Casio Privia PX-160

best cheap sounding digital piano


Brilliant features

  • 88 hammer-action keys with ivory and ebony textures
  • Resonant and rich sound
  • You can play two different sounds using both hands thanks to the split mode
  • It has a recorder for keeping your played records and tunes
  • Very affordable price

Watch out for

  • Navigating around the keyboard or the first days is a bit hard

Casio Privia PX-160 (full review here) has excellent features and parts that make playing different tones a success, and it is retailing at an affordable price. The keyboard has a well-equipped keyboard that makes playing different tones easy and efficient.

The keyboard has Tri-sensor scaled hammer action 32 essential for providing well balanced and varying play speed and accuracy. You can use this keyboard to play for a large crowd since it features a large speaker to deliver excellent and reliable sounds when playing.

You can play two different sounds with your hands as the keyboard has split layer capability so you can be able to use both hands to achieve two different sounds. For teachers and students, you can use the two-track recorder for recording your lessons for references.

If you are on a budget and yet you need a reliable keyboard of your lessons then get this model from Casio.

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6. Best 73-key -Yamaha P121 Digital Piano

73 key digital piano


Brilliant features

  • 73 fully-weighted keys
  • Very portable for moving around
  • CF Sound Engine for imitating the sound of a concert piano
  • USB to Host for connecting
  • Great for stage performance

Watch out for

  • The sustain pedal is flimsy

Yamaha P121 is a great portable keyboard option for people who need a piano they can travel with or that does not require large space. It comes with a stand for support in case you want to set it up, or you can opt to place it on the lap when playing.

It is super light in weight ad has amazing weighted keys for achieving different tones. There are a total of 73 full-sized weighted keys on this piano.

If you want to transfer your sounds or tones of other devices like a smartphone you can easily achieve it with this piano. The keyboard has a connectivity port for connecting with other devices for easy transfer. This piano fits both trainers and students because it has connectivity so you can transfer your recorded notes and sound on other software devices.

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7. Yamaha YDP144B Best Sounding Digital Piano

console digital piano sound


Brilliant features

  • Great console digital piano set
  • High-quality sound
  • 88 weighted keys
  • Smart Pianist app
  • You can easily transfer and save your sounds and tones to other devices

Watch out for

  • Quite heavy

This keyboard is classified as one of the best sounding console digital pianos sold at affordable prices. It comes with 3-pedal unit, a bench and a stand.

Yamaha YDP144B has a total of 88 weighted keys that are authentic to press when playing. The piano is versatile in terms of use since you can use it for practicing, training and even for performance.

This piano has a connectivity option that is compatible with MIDI for those who may need to transfer their recorded notes and sounds to other software. Note that you can also use this piano with headphones in case you want to maintain privacy when practicing in the house.

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Why its Important to Get the Best Sounding Digital Piano?

For Beginners: It is important to get the best sounding digital piano for a beginner since it minimizes the chances of the player to quit playing. Beginners do not have the skills to understand if the piano is sounding well and giving them sub-optimal pianos can make them get used to the band sounding. This means that they will not be in a position to tell how a good sounding piano should be.

A good sounding playing will encourage the person to learn more about playing and they will be motivated to perfect their skills. A good sounding piano offers a level of responsiveness and range of dynamics for the player. Therefore, the individual will learn the right keys and tunes and this can be pleasing to both the player and the listeners.

For Intermediate Players: Intermediate players have skills in playing the piano. They are in a position to tell between a good sounding piano and a not so good sounding piano. Providing the best sounding digital piano for intermediate players increases the urge to play and be experts. This is because the sound that comes from such pianos are pleasing to the ears. The player will have the urge to practice and be an advanced player.

For Advanced Players: The best sounding digital pianos motivate advanced players to practice and perfect their skills.


What Other Features You Should Consider When Choosing the Best Digital Piano?

best digital piano under 1000

  • The Feel of the Keys

When choosing a digital piano, it is recommended that you for the 88 key fully-weighted models. The keys of acoustic pianos may feel heavier at the bottom end and lighter at the top end. This is because of the length of the wooden arm that pivots, causing the hammer to hit the strings. Many digital pianos have this similar feature, as they have a keyboard weighting system known as “Graded Hammer Action.”

The decent weighting of the keys in a digital piano is crucial. Using digital pianos to learn will require you to develop muscle memory, which is essential for playing dynamic music. This will only be made possible only if the feel of the keys of digital pianos are like those of acoustic piano when playing.

Plastic keys are standard with many digital pianos. If your budget is high, you can search for “Ivory feel” keys. These keys are fully plastic and composite keys that possess a weightier feel than the standard hollow plastic keys.

There are manufacturers who have introduced “real piano keys” that have the most convincing feel of a piano. However, these are premium priced making it hard for many people to afford them.

  • Educational Features

These are normally necessary for pianos to be used in schools. Skills in playing digital pianos create a sense of achievement for the students as well as the teacher. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the piano that you choose is easy to use for the students. The other features ought to be considered as well to make the learning process easier.

  • Sizes and Portability

If you want to travel or take your digital piano to wherever you want, it’s great to have a portable keyboard piano.

Digital pianos are lighter and more compact when compared to acoustic pianos. Even those that have a cabinet weigh less than their counterpart acoustic pianos. Most digital pianos can be broken down for storage and those used for stage performance are portable and small in size making it easy to travel with it.

  • Stage Piano Features

A stage piano is a unit of digital piano that does not have fixed stands and it is designed to be portable. These are often used by musicians and stage performance pianists. They need an extra foot-pedal since most have a damper pedal.

Stage pianos are cheaper than other digital pianos and have equal functionality as the other pianos. Most stage pianos that have fixed stands units as accessories are better and should be considered when buying a stage digital piano. A skilled pianist is likely to appreciate the advanced capabilities that come with some stage pianos, such as the Nord 3 Stage Piano.

  • Extras

There are some digital pianos that have extra features that can be advantageous. These include the ability to record, their cables can be split into two, may have different voices, and have ports for connecting to iPads, laptops or computers.

When purchasing a digital piano, you should ensure that you look for features that are a must-have for you and that fit your aesthetics. Having features that fit your aesthetics is important as it increases the intensity of how you play and helps you to love your craft even more.



If you are looking for a convenient and best sounding digital piano for home practicing or training purposes, consider the above-reviewed models.

They provide great music sounds just like the acoustic pianos. So, choose the piano that meets your needs depending on the number of sounds and keys available.