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Top 10 Best MIDI Keyboard Controller On the Market 2020 Reviews

November 4, 2019 Catchy

There are hundreds of Best MIDI keyboard controllers in the market today and the problem is that of making a choice. Unlike years ago, when there are a few such systems in the market, most innovative brands are products and this makes music production easier, and faster.

If you are finding it hard to get the best MIDI keyboard controller for personal or professional use, you have made the right decision by visiting. Here are the ten best MIDI keyboard controller you can buy with money. Keep reading to find out why they are recommended and why you must vouch for them.

best midi controller keyboard


Top 10 Best MIDI Keyboard Controller On the Market


Top 10 Best MIDI Keyboard Controller Reviews

1. Best Small -Akai 25-key USB MIDI Keyboard

best 25 key midi controller keyboard


Brilliant features
  • Best for music notation
  • Wireless
  • Highly portable
  • Works with popular applications
Watch out for
  • No professional key feels

Why we choose it

This MIDI keyboard controller is great for producers, musicians as well as DJs. If you are involved in music creation, you can consider using this product. Akai is a great name any time and this model comes with 25 keys. One of the things that make it great and better than others is the size. When you are looking for this kind of product, one of the key factors to consider is the issue of portability. This measures better than others as it is smaller and more portable than others.

You can use this method to express yourself anywhere you go. The design is good for different kinds of performance and music tones such as bass lines, melodies as well as chords and so on.

Furthermore, the model comes with a dedicated octave up as well as down button. With this, you can control the quality of music coming out of the system. It is good because of expressive performance. Additionally, it comes with four programmable memory banks and this is a great feature because it makes a quick mapping for DAWs, effects as well as a virtual instrument. To power the system, you need a USB cable. It is very easy to operate and it is a question of plug and begin to play.

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2. Best Affordable -Midiplus 32-key Portable MIDI Controller Keyboard

best cheap midi controller keyboard

Brilliant features
  • Attaches through USB cable
  • Great switch interface
  • 32 note velocity keyboard
  • Highly portable
Watch out for
  • USB cables can disappoint

Why we choose it

This is the mini size as you can see from the design. Besides, this comes with 32 keys and the master keyboard can perform better than similar models out there. It comes with modulation and pitches. Furthermore, there is the volume slider as well as the octave button for control of the volume up and down. Besides there are the transpose buttons and this also makes for up and down movement. To connect that, you have to use a single USB cable. Furthermore, it can work with different kinds of operating systems, and this makes the product to be highly versatile.

Other great attributes make the product great and they include the mini keys as said earlier. Furthermore, the product is velocity-sensitive. There is also the volume slider. All these indicate that it is easy and simple to use the system.

When you order the system, it comes with everything you need. Even the operation instructions are included. Furthermore, the product is lightweight and that makes it portable and compact. It is one of the best and that is why it makes the list of the best ten.

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3. Best for Professional -Akai 61-key Semi-weighted MIDI Keyboard Controller

Brilliant features
  • The key feel is great
  • It plays wonderfully well
  • Affordable price
  • Very portable and compact
Watch out for
  • The keys are semi-weighted instead of fully weighted

Why we choose it

Perfection engineering and construction make this model different from others. The design is that it is a one controller solution. When it comes to a quality product like this, Akai is a name to beat. They have been in this kind of product for a long time and they know what their customers want. It is better than most other models. First, it comes with 61 keys and this means that you can get the kind of music performance you want.

Even professionals are going to love the quality because it is going to offer them everything they want. This combines software integration, as well as enhanced workflow. Additionally, it comes with core technology. Akai 61-key professional MIDI controller Keyboard comes with a professional software music production system. Plus, it is user-friendly as you can see from the professional interface.

The interface is also customizable and this means that you can just turn it the way that suits your purpose. It is also easier for the user to manipulate virtual instruments and so on. The plugins, as well as the DAWs and other, will work perfectly. This comes with 49 semi-weighted keys.

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4.  Best for Ableton Live -Novation Launchkey 49-key USB MIDI Controller

Brilliant features
  • A Class-compliant MIDI controller
  • Sensitive pads
  • Fully USB bus-powered
  • Multipurpose use
Watch out for
  • The layout is a bit confusing

Why we choose it

Many users would vouch for this keyboard controller because of the high quality that comes from the system. It is unique and it is noted for ease of use. If you want to enjoy the best of electronic music in your home using Ableton Live, then you can always consider this wonderful product. It works through the USB plugin. it comes with knobs, faders as well as keys. Perhaps the most outstanding feature of this product is the velocity-sensitive RGB pads.

You can have complete control of the session view as well as instruments, mixer, and effects. Additionally, it comes with control FX, launch clips and play beats.

You can achieve the best of this using 16 pads and so on. It is designed in two rows of eight and the design is such that it can suit the Ableton Live session. The product is also velocity-sensitive and you can put some feeling into your beats.

The design of the Novation 49-key MIDI keyboard controller is such that you can easily customize your sound to suit your purpose very well. It is easy to control the music and control the virtual effect as well. The product is lightweight and that makes it user-friendly. It is not surprising that the model is very fast to play. If you want to best in terms of performance, you can always consider this model. It is meant for you.

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5. Best for Beginners -Roland 32-key MIDI Keyboard Controller

best midi controller keyboard for beginners

Brilliant features

Sturdily constructed

Comes with the right amount of key

Connects through Bus USB device

Very portable and compact

Watch out for
  • Not sysex messages documented

If you are a beginner looking for the best MIDI keyboard controller, you can start from this Roland product. It comes with 32 keys. The design is such that you can use it in different circumstances. If you like, you can use it in the home, in the studio and you can also use it in stage, or any other place you like. All these are possible because the music instrument is portable and that its versatility useful.

Also, you find it out that the model is very easy and simple to use. It comes with all the features you need as a beginner, and with the time you become perfect in music production or DJ services. If you want the best for your music performance, then you must always start with this model because it comes with everything you desire. Other fantastic features make the product great and useful.

It comes with 32 velocity-sensitive keys. In addition to that, it comes with 45 assignable controls such as the buttons, sliders as well as knobs. The model is lightweight and you can easily transport it to any place of your choice. In addition to that, the system is USB bus-powered. Many people can lay hands on that.

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6.  Best Mini -Korg 25-key MIDI Controller

best 25 key mini midi controller keyboard

Brilliant features
  • Low profile product
  • Versatile function
  • New track selects features
  • Comes dedicated transport control section
Watch out for
  • Does not work with sleep computer

Why we choose it

Several attributes make this product great. The first is that it is very convenient to use. This is because of the wonderful design. The second is that the product features a compact control surface. The implication of this is that you will find it easy and simple to use the system. Furthermore, it does not take anything before you set it up and begin to use it. The design is good and everybody irrespective of the level of experience is going to be very happy using this kind of product.

The design is such that it can fit in any device you use it such as your laptop computer and any other device that you want to use it with. Besides, it offers 8 channels of control, and because of that, it is easy and simple to control your music. The system also comes with a dedicated transport control section. The buttons are carefully selected and it is going to be very useful in the software and that makes it easy and simple to control.

Furthermore, the product can easily support many software titles such as DAW programs. There is the need for any complicated settings when you use this. The model is user-friendly and it is good for any user.

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7.  Best Under $100 -Nektax 25-key MIDI Keyboard

Brilliant features
  • It is compactly constructed
  • The model is portable
  • It is iOS compatible
  • Easy control
  • Very affordable
Watch out for
  • Keys are stiff

Why we choose it

It is portable and compact. Despite that, it offers the best features. It is the MIDI keyboard controller in the market today because of the wonderful design which makes it easy and simple to control the system. One of the things that make it great is the ability of this product to hook up automatically. It is compatible with several devices out there and the DAW integration system is the best. When it comes to digital performance, the controller also offers the best to the users.

The other thing that you like in the product is the functionality, and it operates through the USB cable. It is very simple and easy to use. Furthermore, it comes with all those things that make you creative in your music production.

The product also loaded with 25 expressive keys as well as onboard pitch bend. Additionally, the performance is enhanced using the modulation wheels. Most importantly, this comes with eight hyper sensitive backlit pads and it is compatible with several operating systems. The system is very simple and easy to control and some of the features are automated. If you use this, you get the best in terms of music control and quality.

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8.  Best Under $200 -Nektar 49-key Controller Keyboard

best 49 midi controller keyboard under 200

Brilliant features
  • The model is versatile
  • It is easy and simple to control
  • Velocity-sensitive keyboard
  • Sensitive backlight pads
Watch out for
  • It is not durable

Why we choose it

This is jampacked with all the features that enhance your overall music production and performance. Even the quality you find here is not readily available in the premium models on the market today. If you want to take your music control to the highest level, then you can always think of this great product.

It is custom-designed to be compatible with a digital performer, Cubase, bit wig and so on. Also, this model is compatible with studio one, sonar reason, reaper, Nuendo, logic as well as a garage band and fl studio. You would enjoy the best of music if you use any of these products because they are designed for your best.

Better performance is possible because of the key features which include 49 note velocity-sensitive keyboard. It is covered and protected from elements and vagaries of nature. Some other great features stand the model out. It is not surprising that it makes the list of the best ten.

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9.  Best Weighted -M-Audio Hammer 88 MIDI Keyboard Controller

best 88 weighted midi controller keyboard


Brilliant features
  • Quality performance
  • Driverless class compliant
  • Convenient to use
  • 88 fully weighted keys
Watch out for
  • Keys are not durable

Why we choose it

M-Audio 88-key MIDI keyboard controller is one of the best MIDI keyboard controllers you can buy with money. It comes with 88 hammer-action keys.  Some other great features and attributes make the product great. It is affordable even though it comes with the best features. Furthermore, the model is fully weighted and hammer action makes it suitable for professional music production. Even amateurs and students can use it because of the wonderful features which make for enhanced performance of the system.

The buttons are assignable and you find real value for your money.

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10. Best 88-key -Nektar USB MIDI Controller Keyboard

best 88 key controller keyboard for live performance

Brilliant features
  • Easy to control
  • 8 sensitive backlit pads
  • Versatile use
  • Portable
Watch out for
  • Keeps dropping communication

Why we choose it

The last but not least in this category is this product. It comes with 88 piano keys. This is very easy and simple to use. The model is meant for professional use. Even nonprofessionals can use it.

The product is highly intelligent and keys are meant to improve your music production performance. It can do a lot of things for you and it can take your music performance to the highest level.

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Ultimate Guide on Choosing the Best MIDI Keyboard Controller

  • What is a MIDI Keyboard Controller?

A MIDI keyboard controller is an electronic musical keyboard. It is designed in a piano style, coming with sliders, wheels, as well as buttons. Usually, these are used to send commands or signals through a USB or pin cable to other computers and musical devices. All these are connected through the MIDI protocol. The keyboard does not produce sounds since it does not come with any onboard sound engine. It works through a receiving device which could be the digital audio workstation. Furthermore, the receiving device could include a standalone AU/VST instrument. It is also possible that you route the MIDI signal through other devices.

A sound module could serve as a receiver just as a digital piano or stage piano can serve the same purpose. You have to look for those hardware instruments which are MIDI compliance like the drum machine and so on.

Both the analog and digital hardware keyboards especially those mentioned above could serve a MIDI receiver or controllers once they are MIDI compliance. However, it is important to emphasize that the level of integration is not the same.

Working with DAWs

best midi keyboard controller

The product can work well with music-making devices. It operates using different software such as virtual instruments VST as well as plugins and contact libraries and others. This means that once you possess a virtual piano VST integrated into your system, you can likely use the MIDI keyboard system and you can perform with this in real-time. The sound you see is generated through the software while you use the keyboard to control the music and sounds that come out of it. By design, certainly, regular keyboards, as well as hardware synthesizers, works well with the MIDI keyboard controller.

To enhance the performance, various MIDI keyboard models in the market today come with sliders and knobs. You can control the performance of that virtual instrument through different programmed parameters. Even without the MIDI keyboard, you can still play music, but the performance is better when you play that with the MIDI keyboard controller.

Many DAWs come with note view and this is known as Piano roll. This is where you can place your notes one after the other through the mouse. In the same way, some DAWs features FL studio which is inbuilt in the system. It is the same thing with what you find on a regular computer.

When it comes to making a choice, there are different kinds and models of MIDI keyboard controllers you can choose from in the market. The choice depends on what you want. It also depends on the number of keys that are available on that keyboard. For instance, there are 25 keys, 49 keys, 61 keys, 88keys and so on. Sometimes some people prefer to use models with weighted keys just as the case with the real piano. There are also unweighted as well as the semi-weighted. Furthermore, one can consider the number of programmable knobs, sliders, and available buttons. You must consider the price when you are making your choice of the piano.


  • How to Choose the Best MIDI Keyboard Controller?

MIDI keyboard controller is perhaps the basic home studio equipment that every music maker would have in the home. It is very important irrespective of your level of experience in music.

There are various kinds of products in the market, and you must search diligently to make the correct choice. If you do not have previous experience in this kind of product, it may not be easy to make that correct decision. This information is, therefore, to guide you in making that decision. Continue to read to know how to buy the best when you are looking for this kind of product.

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Here are the most important factors to consider when you are making your choice.

best portable midi controller keyboard


1. Cost

The most important factor to consider is your budget. You must make out your budget when you are making your choice. Before you begin to look for this kind of product. You must first determine the amount of money you are willing to spend for this kind of product. This can assist you in knowing the quality you are looking for.

You should be assured that there are different kinds of models in the market and these are within the various affordability level. The price of a MIDI keyboard controller ranges from under $100 to $3000. Therefore, it’s necessary to make your plan before purchasing one, especially how much you can afford when you are looking for this kind of product.

2. The Use of DAWs

The DAWs (digital work station) is another critical factor to consider when you are making your choice. This has to do with the kinds of tools that you require to work with the software. There are important programs to look out for which can guide you in the final choice you make such as the availability of Ableton Live, AVID Pro Tool, Apple Logic, FL Studio, Propeller head Reason and several others.

Look for the available tools and ensure that these are what you need for your music product purpose. Most of the controllers in the market are not designed with any specific DAW. The DAW determined the functionality. It is, therefore, necessary that you look for those that are designed with functionalities in mind when you are making your choice.

3. The Features of a MIDI Keyboard Controller

When you talk of features your mind should go to the buttons, faders as well as knobs. It is easier you think of the functionalities and the kind of control. These are possible with the faders, knobs, and buttons. It is easier to control so that it would be easier and your music production process would flow very well. And, it is important that you look for those models that come with these modern features and it is certain that most modern designs in the market today come with these features.

affordable midi controller keyboard


4. Action type

Most importantly, you must bear at the back of your mind the keyboard action type that you are looking for. This is very important and it is often overlooked by people looking for this kind of product.

There are different kinds of actions to be looked out for when you are making your choice. They include semi-weighted, synth as well as weighted hammer action. In the same way, you must consider the width of the key when you are making your choice.

5. Aftertouch

The aftertouch experience is also critical when you are making your choice. There are two kinds of aftertouch including the polyphonic and the monophonic. You must put all these factors together to ensure that you make the correct decision when you are making your choice.



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