5 Best Synthesizer for Pads Reviews for 2020

Do you wish to determine the Best Synthesizer for Pads? It is the best time for you to consider being a music producer. Many virtual instruments are evolving in a variety of ways. Most of the modern software synthesizers are offering unique features. They are assisting in creating and shaping sounds.

There is a learning curve that is worth considering. It will assist you when you wish to spend a week making music or learning on the new synth. Many sound designers and music producers have a variety of synths for various jobs. For instance, most of the music producers are dedicating synth for pads, basses, and leads. It is because most of the synths are bearing characteristics and features which are suited better for dealing with given sounds.


5 Best Synthesizer for Pads On the Market


5 Best Synthesizer for Pads Reviews

Selecting Best Synthesizer for Pads is quite hard. There are a variety of synthesizers that are offering fantastic music and immersive features. All you need is picking the most appropriate synth for your various needs. There is a necessity of looking for something that fits your workflow.

This review has five Best Synthesizer for Pads you may consider purchasing. These synthesizers are affordable. This means that there is nothing to deter you from acquiring one of the products. They are durable and will play a major role in assisting you in your music industry.

1. Best Overall -Dave Smith Prophet 12

synthesizer for pads


A unique product that has been built using 35 years of synth master building. It is bearing twelve different voices with the lightest polyphony of each of the instruments being designed using Dave Smith. Additionally, it features a knob for each function interface. As a result, it is making sound design easier. There is no need for digging through the various menus.

Many people are in love with it as a result of the 4 Oscillators and also have sub-oscillators in each of the voices. The character section is unique and is thus playing a major role in sound shaping. Amplitude and frequency are modulating oscillators by the use of incredible accuracy. You will be assigning the oscillators freely in each modulator and operator configuration that you may choose. You may as well consider assigning every oscillator to assist in modulating filters, envelopes, and LFOs.

The module has a streamlined interface that is inviting easy and quick control of each parameter present on the synth. Every synth section is normally selected through a button pressing with each of the editable parameters from the OLED crisp display. Its designing and manufacturing are done in San Francisco as it has a glorious combination of function and form in elegant, portable, and sturdy built.

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2. Runner Up -Moog Mother-32

moog synth for pads


It has a semi-modular design that requires no form of patching to create music. The voltages are controlled using 32 sequencer steps with 64 various sequence locations. It has a high pass and low pass Moog Ladder Filter with a resonance that is voltage controlled. External audio is input involving the processing of the sound sources present outside.

The Moog oscillator is definitive with sawtooth and pulse wave outputs. The sound is drive synchronized with 32s mother powerful setup sequence. It is useful in the utilization of assignable output and modular patch bay in spawning a living.

Mother-32 has been put in an enclosure of extruded aluminum with wooded sides. You will be relocating with ease to a Euro rack enclosure that is almost similar. With all said and done., you must have seen the uniqueness of this item. As a result, there is nothing that can deter you from purchasing it. As a result, purchase the item, and it will help you a lot in your daily deeds.

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3. Behringer Synthesizer for Pads

behringer synth for pads


Paraphonic synthesizer boasts authentic dual with 3340 analog oscillators for reliable creation of music. The signal path is pure and long based on VCO legendary design to assist in recreating the sound and classic performance. The waveform and oscillator control is seamlessly blending between five different shapes. The various shapes are including sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse, and tone mod. The individual pulse tone/width has mod controls that are providing ultimate and reliable sounds.

During the 1970 and 1980s, there was the spawning of the first portable wave of analog synthesizers. You will quickly be adopting using bevy of majorly known artists, including Keith Emerson, Isao Tomita, Jean-Michel Jarre, Rick Wakeman, Chick Corea, and Jan Hammer. They were highly temperamental and also quite expensive. An incarnation was updated by predecessors using the original features.

This product will assist you in conjuring up virtually any kind of monophonic sound which is imaginable with incredible ease and finesse. The signal path is purely analog, as it has its basement on authentic VCA, VCF, and VCO. The variable filter is designing with multi-wave and flexible LFO and BBD.

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4. Korg Minilogue XD Synthesizer

korg synth for pads


 It has an analog synthesizer circuit, which is shattering expectations in use by the polyphonic voice analog synthesis. The circuit known as the analog synthesizer is of the minilogue kind. Its sound is genuine and thus has a huge impact on the present synth world. Additionally, it has been developed further for use by Minilogue. Every program is providing a program and sort function, which is including the voice mode settings.

The depth voice mode setting is allowing various parameters to be varying for every given mode. Minilogue was introduced back in 2016 and was known for being a game-changer. It is a polyphonic synth that is truly analog for $500. No product with cable is suiting in the current market. Three years later, it is among the most preferred product present in the market.

Currently, the market is moving at a fast rate. Korg is not allowing the lapping of competition. As a result, it has been introducing the Minilogue four-voice XD. It is taking the most preferred parts in the Logue lineup. Sequencer and micro tunings are coming from the monologue. The oscillator is multi-digital and is coming from prologue flagship. Besides, it is combining them in one package that is affordable and stunning.

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5. Moog DFAM Semi-Modular Synth

analog percussion synthesizer


 Analog sequencer bearing eight steps with velocity and pitch in every step. The sequencer panel control is including stop/run, advance, trigger, and tempo. The sound resources are including two oscillators bearing triangle and square waveforms. It is including one external audio output and one white noise generator. DFAM is one of the first additions of synthesizers of the mother-32 family. It is semi-modular synth bearing a built-in sequencer. All have been designed to assist in the creation of more unique and percussion sounds.

DFAM is playing a major role in adding to the mother’s ecosystem of present synthesizers. It is presenting an expressive and hands-on approach to assist in pattern creation. There is no need for any patching, and there is no experience required for human-beings bearing any age. You will begin synthesizing unique and new rhythmic compositions. It is normally activated by the use of DFAM’s analog sequencer. The emotive sound is beginning with two wide-range and white noise generator of analog oscillators. You will be transitioning effortlessly between resonant bells, resounding bass, and rhythmic pulsations.

Distinctive DFAM’s voice is normally reshaped using a filter with a classic Moog Ladder bearing two different selectable modes. Low pass mode is imparting on impact and the dimension of every sound it is touching. High pass mode is opening the door to the natural expressive strikes, clangourous, and spikes accentuations.

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What’s the Best Synthesizer for Pads?

pad synthesizer

Acquiring synth, which is designated for pads use, will be depending on the nature of the music you require. Some synthesizers are known for producing classic sound pads that musicians are trying emulating from time to time. They are hardware synths and not modules and VST’s. Dave Smith Prophet 12 is a product that is favorite for most of the people. However, there are other many sounding synths for pads use that are both digital and analog. However, it is advisable to look for an analog-sounding synth that is great for pads use. There are a variety of digital and sounding synths also for pads use.

Dave Smith Prophet 12 has a guarantee of a three-time warranty. Therefore, in case the item is in bad order, you will get a new one to replace it. It is highly revered in the synth world as it contains beautiful sequencers and pads. The synth is hybrid since it is bearing analog filters and digital oscillators.

While performing, you will not tell the difference between whether the product is from old school analog and digital oscillators. You will be telling the difference between the different studios. The prophet is bearing digital oscillators since individuals believe they are more precise and powerful. The synth is highly recommended for studio and live use since it is among the best pads out there. It contains 61 keys and features, and effects numbers are greatly insane.


How to Create Pads On a Synthesizer?

best synthesizer for pads

  1. Starting from the initialized patch. You will require to choose a wave of the triangle for one oscillator and a square wave from the second oscillator.
  2. Balancing of cutoff filter, envelop, and resonance settings altogether. You will be adding PCM/digital airly-sounding wave and adding longer release of the filter/amp envelops. It will assist in the flattering of the analog layer.
  3. Addition of digital layer by use of a breathy/flute sample. You will be balancing the volume for testing purposes. Besides, there is a need to add a portamento touch.
  4. There is a need for adding reverb on the pad to give depth and space. You will be adding delays to determine what it will be doing on your sound.
  5. Use movement, 3D depth, and extra depth. The addition of subtle chorus will be effected on the whole pad and experimenting in panning of every layer with the use of the entire sound.
  6. Tweaking away and sound massaging until it is as you wish. You will be saving on sound. Besides, you will be experimenting using controllers for mapping such as mod wheel and after touch pedal.

Synthesizes have the capability of copying an instrument and producing sounds through the generation of sound waves of different distinct shapes. They also have the capability of changing the volume on the product sound-producing varying ASDR and envelop shapes. Oscillators are producing varying sound waves. They are also combining with waves to assist in the generation of complex waves. Through attack control, sustain and decay, the synth has the capability of copying particular instruments.

The envelop generator will be giving its timbre fall or rise. The modulation source will be carrying out the last act, which is involving the introduction of vibrato. It is in this way that various components in a synthesizer are capable to synthetically produce a sound that is similar to a different instrument. In the case of the use of digital synthesizer, it is normally achieved by the use of digital signal processing.



The synth is in use for a greater range of projects. Major of iconic film scores were made using legendary synthesizers. They are in use by performers, producers and DJ’s in stage and studio.

Synths are, in most cases, in use in adding bass lines and lead lines. They assist in tracing a variety of genres from funk to pop. You will be using synth in the thickening of a track through the addition of the synth pad present underneath it. While playing digital pianos, there is a need for thinking of analog and LFO’s signal paths. Synth assists in adding synthesizers to the mix. You will end up opening a new world containing endless and sonic possibilities.

There is a high need for keeping it walk and simple before running. In other terms, while getting the basic synth tips, they will not be diving the head first in the synth in the high-end. There is a necessity of starting simple and learning properly. You will end up developing a stronger understanding of the way various modules envelopes, waveforms, and work.