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Top 7 Best Kawai Digital Piano Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Kawai is a company that is based in Japan, which is the leading company in the digital piano world. In this article, we’ll be reviewing the top 7 best Kawai digital piano on the market and informative guide for you to decide.

best kawai digital piano


Top 7 Best Kawai Digital Piano On The Market


Top 7 Best Kawai Digital Piano on The Market Reviews

1. Best Overall -Kawai KDP110 Digital Piano

kawai best digital piano


Brilliant features

  • The design of this piano is simple and elegant
  • Fast and Responsive 3-sensor keyboard action
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • The speaker system is powerful with 40W
  • Five built-in songbooks
  • Different options for Virtual Technician

Watch out for

  • It does not possess a Split Mode

The Virtual Technician feature is competitive. It allows the user to alter the tone characters that better suit the different genres and personal tastes of the user. The Virtual Technician in Smart Mode helps with the pre-set settings that modify different characteristics of the instrument’s sound. These include brilliance, hammer response, damper resonance, and touch response that are used to change the character of the sound.

Additionally, it features two speakers that are 20W. They are loud enough to convey an acoustic piano sound. When the sampling technology of KDP110 digital piano is combined, its ability to tweak elements of the sounds becomes impressive and is the best.

KDP110 digital piano has five built-in books, that is, Alfred’s basic piano library level 1A, Czerny 30, Beyer 106, Burgmuller 25, and Alfred’s basic piano library level 1B.

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2. Best Portable -Kawai ES110 Digital Piano for Beginners

kawai best portable digital piano


Brilliant features

  • Super high-quality and resonant sound
  • Authentic feel of key action
  • The price is great compared to the high-quality keyboard
  • Great for serious beginners and players with experience
  • Recording function

Watch out for

  • The key action is a bit noisy

Kawai ES110 is an excellent piano for someone who has never used Kawai pianos before. The sound, as well as its playability, is similar to that of a grand piano since it is slim, compact and the price is affordable. It provides a realistic feel of real piano keys in a portable piano due to the Responsive Hammer Compact. It weighs 26 pounds. Its system software enables the user to modify the parameters of the piano’s response to touch.

This piano provides 19 instrument sounds that have 192 note polyphony, which is inclusive of electric piano, vibraphone, organs, pianos, strings, and acoustic and electric bass. The Dual and Split modes of playing allow two different instruments to be played simultaneously. It has standard MIDI In and Out ports, integrated Bluetooth MIDI for wireless connection with any smart device.

ES110 has an internal song recorder with the capability of storing three songs with a maximum of 15,000 notes. It also possesses built-in Alfred piano lessons as well as 12 built-in demonstration songs. Each channel of the instrument had 7-watt power amp as well as two by 12 cm oval speakers. Its stereo line out jacks to connect the piano to a mixer or a PA system. Additionally, there is a pair of headphone jacks.

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3.  Best for Stage -Kawai MP11SE Piano

kawai best stage piano


Brilliant features

  • 256-note polyphony number
  • Highly resonant and rich sound quality
  • Incredibly realistic touch feel
  • Limitless due to the production of similar chordal intervals in all the twelve keys

Watch out for

  • A bit heavy

The action of this piano is that of the Kawai Grand Feel. The feel of this keyboard is complex and realistic, making it expensive. MP11SE piano comes with a well-built metal chassis whose sidearms are wooden. 

The control panel of this piano is laid out, and the related functions are grouped using a large LCD screen. There are four knobs for controlling that allows the pianist to modify different parameters at the same time. It also includes the GFP-3 multiple pedal unit.

The piano has 40 instrument voices, that is, twelve electric pianos, twelve acoustic pianos, and sixteen other instruments inclusive of basses, strings, other sounds, and synth pads. Its maximum polyphony is 256 notes. Additionally, there are ten song note recorders, built-in drums with 100 patterns, and a USB audio recorder. The line inputs of MP11SE have a level control, XLR, and quarter-inch TRS output jacks.

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4.  Best 88-key Weighted -Kawai ES8 Digital Piano

kawai best 88 key digital piano


Brilliant features

  • Responsive hammer-action keyboard
  • A sustain pedal included
  • Onboard rhythm section
  • 256-note polyphony number
  • 34 instrument voices

Watch out for

  • The LCD screen is a bit small

Just like the ES110, it comes with a Responsive Hammer III keyboard action. The key surfaces feature that of the Ivory Touch of Kawai. Its Virtual Technician provides room for adjustments of the string and damper resonance, hammer and key release noise, and touch weight.

It includes the sound of two Kawai instruments, that is, midsize SK-5 studio grand and the EX concert grand piano. Its sample memory is large and thus uses the Harmonic Imaging XL standard. It features a sum of 34 instruments. The piano sounds of ES8 is excellent. Additionally, it has tonewheel organs, vintage electric pianos, choir, strings, synth pads, harpsichord, mallet percussion, and electric bass. The Rhythm Section offers one hundred accompaniment patterns in different styles.

ES8 has six different reverb settings that restore several environments of performance. The other effects that are available for ES8 make the sound better, such as tremolo, auto-pan, delay, and chorus. The Amp Sim speaker models will add realistic bite and distortion which is perfect for tone when an organ, as well as electric piano, pre-sets.

The LCD of ES8 has a character of 16 by 2. The USB interface means that the user can connect the instrument to a computer or they can save and recall information from the USB.

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5. Best Upright -Kawai CA48 Digital Piano

kawai best upright digital piano


Brilliant features

  • The sound and feel of the piano are realistic
  • Decent upright digital piano
  • Great for putting in your home
  • 192-note polyphony number

Watch out for

  • The speaker and amp could be bigger

The shape of the piano is similar to that of an upright traditional piano quality. The cabinet is modern-looking with minimalist toe blocks and curved legs. The cabinets are available in three finishes providing options to fit the home décor of the user. It is 18 inches deep, thus, making it suitable for smaller houses. The angle of the included music desk can be adjusted to ensure there is optimum viewing. Additionally, it can be laid flat to ensure that there is a notation of musical ideas.

It is the first Kawai piano that incorporated the innovative Grand Feel Compact keyboard action for a response that is very realistic. It replicates the position and weight of the damper, soft, and sostenuto pedals of the SK-EX concert grand piano accurately.

CA48 offers two world-class sound pianos in one instrument. The sound of the flagship SK-EX concert Kawai grand piano, which is regarded as the finest instrument in the industry. Its Virtual Technician Smart Mode provided ten pre-sets that alter different characteristics of the piano to complement various styles of music.

CA48 digital piano offers a modest selection of extra instruments such as tonewheel and pipe organs, electric piano, strings, 192-tone polyphony, and choir, and synth pads. Each channel amp is 20 watt with two 2-inch treble speakers as well as a five-inch bass speaker. The headphones outputs utilize Spatial Headphone Sound technology to ensure that there is improved realism of the instrument when the user uses headphones.

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6. Best MIDI Controller -Kawai VPC1

kawai midi controller


Brilliant features

  • A top-flight, keys that are wooden, grand piano action
  • Five touch curve presets that are specifically crafted for top piano VI’s
  • Elegant design
  • Comprehensive velocity editor software

Watch out for

  • Flimsy sustain pedal

Kawai VPC1 can be equated to a great MIDI controller where everything is weird and, at the same time familiar. It does not have a control save for the one power button. There are a USB and MIDI in and out ports at the back panel of VPC1 but it lacks audio jacks.

These ports help in powering the unit and reduces the need to power supply except when the user is controlling the source of sound using the five-pin sound. Once it is connected to a good virtual software piano, the sounds are incredible and right.

The piano is minimalist that leaves an exquisite grand piano that has real wooden keys as well as key surfaces that look like ivory. The net-effect provides a first-rate piano feel that when used in conjunction with software pianos, it becomes better as the user plays. This encourages the mastery of musical passages that offers a feeling of anxiety.

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7. Best Professional -Kawai MP6 Stage Piano

kawai professional digital piano


Brilliant features

  • Perfect for recording
  • Realistic experiences
  • Comes with a headphone
  • 256 instrument voices

Watch out for

  • It does not have built-in speakers

The instrument offers USB connection capabilities that can be used to connect computers as well as that can be used for playback and saving that in other devices. The USB port is important when the user wants to record as well as listen to the organ simulator that comes with MP6 stage piano.

The piano serves as the master keyboard in the recording studio since it gels with hardware and software that is important to produce music. When it comes to ancillary devices, MP6 provides a normal and simple process. This is important for pianists who are career-oriented as the owner becomes a true deal.

MP6 stage piano gives pianists the option of mixing different music. It is regarded as a recording device making the owners happy for the purchase. The listeners can understand the quality is exquisite.

The instrument is hand-built, and the corners of the design were not cut. The black and white keys give the instrument a realistic feel. Purchasing the piano will provide an exciting existence by ensuring that the production of the sounds is ultimate.

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Why Choose Kawai Digital Piano?

Kawi produces the best pianos in the market and this makes the company the leading innovators of digital pianos. The manufacturer maintains competitive pricing for high-quality pianos.

kawai digital piano

Kawai Digital piano should be considered because of the following reasons:


#1. They Have Higher Stability

Over the years, Kawai pianos have undergone steady and constant improvements in design and craft. Currently, Kawai digital pianos are standard as it leads with the action from the Millennium III ABS-Carbon Fiber. The company made bold decisions years back, where they decided to produce active components of the pianos by using ABS-Styrian.

The step of changing from wood was seen as surprising when it came to the industry of traditional piano. This move was not embraced at first. However, the move was seen as the best and it showed that the accuracy and stability of the new parts. This led to accepting and recognizing the pianos in the industry.


#2. High-Quality Sound and Touch

 The warmth and quality tones from Kawai quality pianos make them be the number one choice for pianists. The piano produces broad sounds that have a rich fullness, making it pleasant and does not have undesired harshness. Non-strenuous feel to the ears over a prolonged performance is the outcome of the sound from these instruments.

Kawai digital pianos have also enhanced the touch and the keys are longer giving pianists more reasons to play skilfully. Pianists are also able to play with ease due to the stability of Millennium III.


#3. Good Value that Exceeds the Expectancy of Many

Kawai focuses on musical instruments, most specifically pianos. The focus provides room for the production of instruments that are of quality and are offered at a reasonable price. Also, there is a ten-year warranty that is provided for each Kawai digital piano. The combination of good value, craftsmanship, and a touch of tech-savvy makes the instruments to be a preferred choice of many.


How to Choose the Best Kawai Digital Piano?

weighted piano

Typically, different things should be considered when purchasing the best Kawai Digital Piano. These include:


#1. Look and Feel and sound of the Keyboard

This describes the feel of the piano’s key action. Pianists have the ability to understand is the keyboard offers an expressive feel and how they feel when they play the instrument. There are different types of keyboards, that is, there are those made of plastic, wood, or a combination of plastic and wood.

Generally, Kawai pianos build acoustic pianos to develop a family of mechanical actions that imitate the experience of playing the EX grand piano. Lower-cost models use the Responsive Hammer Compact (RHC) action design. No strings utilize sensors, which controls the movement of the hammer for the best touch. The weight of the hammer is different for every RHC keyboard. The user is able to modify various variables such as velocity response curve, damper resonance and noise, and fall-back noise produced by the hammer.

High-end instruments use the Responsive Hammer III (RH III) action. Hammers that are graded- weight provides a heavier touch in the bass. Also, counterweights and a triple-sensor key detection system embedded in each key improves realism. RH III replicates an after-touch of the measure of an acoustic grand piano.

The best Kawai digital piano should be able to provide exceptional and realistic playing experience. The keys should be generated from long pieces of wood that pivot on a central balance pin. Most keyboards of Kawai digital piano have Ivory Touch key surfaces. Therefore, it is important for the best Kawai digital piano to have smooth rather than slippery matte finish to ensure that there is the absorption of moisture from fingertips. This improves the control and the feel of the pianist.


#2. Sound

The sound quality is an essential feature for any digital piano. The sounds that each digital piano is different from each other and this is because of two components, that is, the sound generation and the amplification. It is important to ensure that the sound coming from the piano is pleasing to the ears.

The process where Kawai pianos produce digital tones is referred to as Harmonic Imaging. Kawai digital pianos offer more than one acoustic piano sound. Kawai digital pianos use individual audio samples of each of the 88 keys to accurately emulate sounds from other acoustic pianos as well as the EX piano.

This is made possible through the utilization of Harmonic Imaging technology that promotes a smooth tonal transition from one end of the keyboard to the other. Additionally, the transition from the softest to the loudest notes. Power ratings should also be considered since power affects the quality of sound in each piano.


#3. Extra Features

Some pianos can do recordings, cables can be split into two, may have other voices, can it be connected into a computer or an iPad. When purchasing a piano, ensure that you eliminate features that are not necessary as per your aesthetics. The best Kawai digital piano should have features that are aesthetically pleasing to the pianist.



Kawai digital pianos are reliable and innovative for beginners and professionals to use.

Putting an upright digital piano at home is really enjoyable, Kawai KDP110 is an excellent model that you can go for.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a portable digital piano for easy carrying, you can choose Kawai ES110.

If you wanna one Kawai digital piano for stage performance, Kawai MP11SE Piano is a great option.