Best starter keyboard for kids

Best Starter Keyboard Piano for Kids Reviews

September 6, 2019 Catchy

The piano is usually the instrument that helps kids to take the first step into the music world. Parents can feel very happy if there is a little burgeoning pianist appearing in the family.

The best starter keyboard piano for kids offers realistic playing experiences as well as interesting features. It allows your kiddo to get interested in the music world and develop their skills.

It’s not necessary to spend a lot on buying a starter keyboard pianos for kids. So, before you know your kids have committed to the piano, it’s better to buy a beginner keyboard with a low-risk expense. But make sure that they are in good build quality.

Best starter keyboard for kids


Here we have a list of Top 5 Best Starter Keyboard Pianos for Kids:



Top 5 Best Starter Keyboard Pianos for Kids Reviews

1. Casio SA-76 44-key Keyboard

Kids starter keyboard

Brilliant features
  • 44 mini-sized keys
  • 5 drum sounds & 50 drum beats
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • 100 instrument voices
  • 10 songs with lesson function
Watch out for
  • No power supply included (You can buy it separately)

Casio is a well-known instrument manufacturer that is famous for producing high-quality keyboards and digital pianos. So, there aren’t quality issues you should worry about. Casio SA-76 is a 44-key keyboard which has an optimal balance between playing experiences and fun features for kids and family members.

The size of the keys are smaller than a standard piano, so it can perfectly fit for their little fingers. 44 keys allow your kiddo to play lots of children songs.

There is an interesting feature for kids and family to have fun together. Casio SA-76 comes with 5 drum sounds and 50 drum beats, which can be used with the piano sound simultaneously. So, your kid can play the piano sound while you’re playing the drums!

It also comes with 100 instrument voices. Kids will enjoy hitting the drum buttons and changing the sounds.

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2. Vangoa Premium 49-key Electric Keyboard

Beginner piano lessons for kids

Brilliant features
  • Attractive pink appearance
  • 200 voices & 200 rhythms & 50 demo songs
  • Free one-year warranty
  • Record and playback functionality
  • A small microphone included
Watch out for
  • Not great for kids above 10-year-old

Vangoa Premium Keyboard is a 49-key keyboard in a very cute pink appearance. Most baby girls will be attracted to its lovely design, which drives them to get more interested in playing and learning it.

Record and playback functions allow your kiddo to record the tunes they play and then playback to enjoy their own performances.

Do your kids love singing? Impressively, the keyboard comes with a small microphone in the package. So, they can enjoy both playing and singing!

Overall, Vangoa Premium 49-key keyboard is one of the best starter keyboard pianos for kids and toddlers to have fun and sing with it!

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3. Casio LK-265 Lighted Keys Keyboard

Kids beginner keyboard

Brilliant features
  • Powerful educational features
  • Lighted keys for learning
  • 2 levels of touch sensitivity
  • Chordana Play App for learning your favorite songs
  • 400 voices & 150 rhythms
Watch out for
  • No recording function

Casio LK-265 Keyboard is one of the best keyboards for beginners due to its powerful educational features. For kids, this keyboard offers lighted keys for learning guidance so that they can learn in a funny and easy way.  Plus, Casio LK-265 is a solid keyboard with high-quality sound and responsive keys.

Lighted keys‘ is the main feature that attracts players. You can follow along with the light-up keys to learn your favorite songs.  In Easy Mode, the background music will play after you select the song. The keys will light up to let you know which keys you should play. If you can’t follow the speed, the background music will stop until you press the keys.

Casio LK-265 is equipped with 61 touch-sensitive keys. It has 2 levels of touch sensitivity, which means the harder you press, the louder sound you’ll get. Therefore, your kids can feel the melodies going up and down and enjoy every song.

This model also offers a bunch of features and functions to help you to learn the piano skills, such as Chordana Play APP for helping you to learn your favorite songs.

With the touch-sensitive keys giving you the correct response and lighted keys for learning in a simple way, Casio LK-265 is a great gift to buy for your kids!

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4. Casio CTK-2550 Beginner Keyboard

Best beginner keyboard for kids

Brilliant features
  • 61 full-sized keys
  • Aux line input for playing along with favorite songs
  • Dance music mode
  • 400 voices & 100 rhythms
Watch out for
  • Non-weighted keys

Casio CTK-2550 keyboard is an easy-to-operate keyboard with great-sounding voices.  And why we think this model is a really good starter keyboard for kids is because it’s very simple but it has some features for kids to have fun and explore.

400 voices and 100 rhythms give your kids insight into different instrument voices and get interested in exploring.

The most outstanding feature is probably the Dance Music Mode. It allows you to create electronic dance music fun and simple. The keyboard comes with  50 built-in dance rhythms and lots of different voices. All you need to do is pressing the keys in the bass end. Plus, you can add the music effect on it as well. Kids will be very happy that they can create music and rock with it!

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5. Yamaha P71 88-key Weighted Digital Piano

Piano for kid beginners

Brilliant features
  • 88 fully-weighted keys
  • Realistic keys
  • High-quality acoustic sound
  • Cheapest keyboard piano with weighted keys
  • Easy to operate
Watch out for

Watch out for 

  • Poor quality sustain pedal included

Now we’re getting sort of serious. If you’re looking for a proper keyboard piano for your kids to improve piano skills and build finger techniques for when the time comes to perform on an acoustic piano, you’ve find your option here.

Yamaha P71 digital piano is an 88-key digital piano. It is probably the cheapest digital piano with weighted keys on the market.

Additionally, the model is equipped with Yamaha’s famous GHS weighted action, which means players can have heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end.

Every note is recorded from an acoustic ground piano, allowing you to feel the realistic sound like a real piano.

The main attribute of Yamaha P71 is it comes with all the pianist essentials in good quality while there is no bells and whistles to distract you. So that you can fully concentrate on it while practicing.

Yamaha P71 is a perfect fit for serious kid starters. If you want to get a proper keyboard for your kids to practice, it’s a solid option.

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Buying Guide for Best Starter Keyboard Piano for Kids

It’s often very daunting while purchasing a keyboard for kids because it’s annoying if you choose a wrong keyboard and your kids will no longer use it.

So, before buying, you should know what kind of keyboards are you looking for? Whether you want your kids to have fun or learn the piano seriously?

If you want them to play for fun, then you should choose a keyboard with interesting features and functions for kids to enjoy playing with it. For example, a keyboard with a microphone is great for those who love singing. Dance Music Mode allows your kiddo to create their own dance music by simply hitting the keys.

On the other hand, if you want your kiddo to learn the piano properly, a keyboard that performs as close to a real piano as possible is your option. So, the quality of the sound and keys should be the most important factors to consider.

What’s the best age to start learning the piano properly?

Study shows that 4-year-old kids are able to take piano lessons. Taking finger muscles and cognitive ability into consideration, 5-year-old is considered to be the best age to start learning the piano. So, there is no need for parents to worry about if their kids can handle a proper piano.



The idea that playing instruments can exercise kids brain and improve their ability in spatial intelligence and mathematics can be proved in many studies.

Among the instruments, the piano is deemed to be the great first instrument for kids.

Our list covers all the important factors while choosing a keyboard for kids. Choose the right one that you think your kiddo will love!