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Top 10 Best Piano Bench Reviews 2020

December 18, 2019 Catchy

Are you a professional or aspiring piano player? It is impossible to enjoy the best ever experiences without the incorporation of the right benches for the job. That is because the benches play the role of maintaining you in the best posture possible for the job. We’ve selected the top 10 best piano bench available on the market for you to choose from.

best piano bench


Top 10 Best Piano Bench List

Photo Title Price Buy
Best Padded X-style Piano Bench -Yamaha Pkbb1 $29.99 Buy on Amazon
Best Wooden Piano Bench with Storage -SONGMICS ULPB55H $57.99 Buy on Amazon
On Stage KT-7800 Keyboard Bench $44.95 Buy on Amazon
Yaheetech Piano Bench for Duet $56.99 Buy on Amazon
Best Classic Piano Bench $169.99 Buy on Amazon
Best adjustable Piano Stool -RockJam KB100 $34.99 Buy on Amazon
Best Piano Bench for 2 Person -HomXom $82.99 Buy on Amazon
World Tour Keyboard Piano Stool $34.95 Buy on Amazon
Best Black Piano Bench -Yamaha BB1 $57.99 Buy on Amazon
Best White Piano Bench -AW Keyboard Stool $148.70 Buy on Amazon


Top 10 Best Piano Bench Reviews

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best piano bench reviews and decide which one you should go for.

1. Yamaha Pkbb1 -Best Padded X-style Piano Bench

Best Padded X-style Piano Bench

Brilliant features
  • Yamaha is a highly reputable brand
  • Capable of facilitating long hours of music
  • Its definitive black finish adds beauty to your room
  • The eight adjusts to allow for added comfort
  • A good traveling companion indeed
Watch out for
  • Has a limited weight-bearing capacity

Why we choose it

If you happen to change locations every now and then, this portable bench is the one we would recommend. That is because it works well with any portable keyboard or synthesizer . Moreover, it is also lighter and compact enough to handle and haul around. This is not to mention its tough nature.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Lasting Comfort

The seat delivers lasting comfort compared to the others of its stature. The comfort is mainly brought about by the stable base and the soft seating area. It works so perfectly that regardless of how long you sit, you won’t sustain the feeling of numbness. The bench is hence good enough for long term use.

  • Ultra-thick Padding

Its seating area bears the ultra-thick padding besides being extra wide. These two arrangements go the extra mile of making this chair extra comfortable. In light of this arrangement, you stand to enjoy an added layer of comfort and vitality all the while of use. This lets you enjoy unprecedented long hours of music.

  • Definitive Black Finish

Lastly, its exterior exudes some definitive black finish that is truly breathtaking to behold. Thanks to this arrangement, the bench plays the secondary role of enhancing the aesthetics of your room too! You will find it a nice companion to look up to for your living and guest rooms.

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2. SONGMICS ULPB55H -Best Wooden Piano Bench with Storage

Best Wooden Piano Bench with Storage

Brilliant features
  • Simple yet elegant enough to lay your hands on
  • Relatively easier to assemble and deploy for use
  • Adds a touch of elegance to your home décor
  • Resistant to both water and dust
  • Does not slip or fall off when in use
Watch out for
  • Not really portable

Why we choose it

Other than merely resting your butt, it would definitely be a wise thing for your bench to be able to store gears and items of all kinds. Only this particular bench may guarantee you that very benefit. Why? It does come about with a storage compartment to serve that very role.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Padded Bench Top

Its top is padded for added comfort and support. The padding comes in the form of the high-resilient cushion that yields the utmost comfort indeed. They are further complemented with some selected faux leather that is truly comfortable and stable enough for your firm support all the while.

  • Solid Wood Construction

In all, the bench enjoys a solid wood construction. Thanks to this arrangement, it holds a whopping 300 pounds with absolute levels of reliability. On the whole, it is stable and sturdy enough for long-term sitting. Some rubber pads do exist to minimize any scratches on the floor that may impede the surface thereof.

  • Music Storage Compartment

As explained above, this chair also comes along with a music storage compartment. The compartment is truly spacious by the virtue of measuring 19.1 inches long by 10.9 inches wide by 2.4 inches deep. Thus, it is roomy enough to store all the accessories and musical instruments you might need.

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3. On Stage KT-7800 Keyboard Bench

On Stage KT-7800

Brilliant features
  • Good enough for the fold-and-go usage
  • Mounts in three positions
  • Relatively affordable to come by
  • Handles many purposes
  • Useful at home or in the studio
Watch out for
  • May injure you if handled carelessly

Why we choose it

Searching for a piano bench to use for an extended duration of time? A durable one of this kind is, by all means, the one to look up to. It is overall strong and durable enough to manage repeated usage and applications. This is what makes it perfectly suited for professional on-stage performances.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Three-Position X-Style Bench

It does come about in the three-position X-style bench stature. Other than providing the comfort needed, this style also makes the seat extra stable. This is not to mention that it is durable and perfect enough for those applications that require on-the-go use. Choose it for your consistent travels.

  • Awesome Weight Capacity

An awesome weight capacity yet again comes in to enhance the functionality of the bench. In all, it is capable of handling 300 pounds of weight reliably. Notwithstanding this, the bench is still lighter in weight and durable enough to take you longer for further.

  • All-purpose Appeal

Generally speaking, the bench exudes an all-purpose appeal in the sense that it handles many applications without faltering. You may use it in the studio, at home, or for many gigs. On account of this, the chair yields higher returns on investments as it brings about many added benefits for the amount you put in.

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4. Yaheetech Piano Bench for Duet

Piano Bench for Duet

Brilliant features
  • Spacious enough to seat two occupants at a time
  • Highly unlikely to damage your floors
  • Holds all the gears you need firmly too
  • Strong and durable enough to take you longer
  • Resists water and other forms of damage
Watch out for
  • Does not accommodate any further accessories

Why we choose it

Want to play the piano in the company of another person? This is the bench for the two of you! It is spacious enough for some two people to sit on it. Then again, it is strong and stable enough to allow for long-term use and applications. You badly want it for your practicing.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Sturdy and Durable

In all, the bench is sturdy and durable enough to allow for prolonged use, as we have already stated. The reasons underlying these two are the high-quality faux leather, MDF material, and the stronger structure. Expect hence to spend less to care for and maintain it in the long run.

  • Spacious Storage Box

A spacious storage box exists under the lid of the bench. You use this storage compartment to safeguard all the musical paraphernalia you might need along the way. Examples of these are the music sheets and other vital accessories. This way, you keep your room tidy and minimize unnecessary losses too!

  • High-density and Thick Sponge

A high-density and thick sponge also exists this bench. The role of these two accessories is to provide you the comfort you need to stay seated for an extended duration of time. In doing this, the accessories go a long way in eliminating fatigue and the possibility of numbness.

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5. Best Classic Piano Bench

Best Classic Piano Bench

Brilliant features
  • Adjusts to fit varying seating positions
  • Weighs a paltry 20 pounds
  • Thick and soft enough for your maximum comfort
  • Enables quick and easy assembly
  • Its walnut and glossy finish adds a touch of elegance
Watch out for
  • Requires excessive levels of attention on your part
  • Lacks a storage compartment

Why we choose it

Want to add some fervor to your musical training? Well, we have this particular bench for your consideration. Other than merely being strong and functional, the bench also exudes some truly appealing appearances. Thus, it serves to enhance your interior décor as well, a fact that saves you money too!

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Heavy-duty Mechanism

All factors considered, the bench features a truly heavy-duty mechanism. The mechanism comes in the form of the solid hardwood makeup. Thanks to this mechanism, the bench is tough and resilient to the common forms of damages that ordinarily come about. Moreover, it adjusts to suit various seating postures.

  • 100% Premium Genuine Leather Covering

Throughout the exterior of the bench is some premium genuine leather covering. The covering basically shields the interior of the bench from the wiles of potential damages that may be thrown towards it. In this way, it maintains the seat in a reliable stature that allows for long-term use.

  • Top-quality Leather

Only the top quality leather has been used to adorn the seating area of the bench. Owing to its top-notch quality, the leather and the bench as a whole does stand the test of time. Further to this, the seat also reduces the costs of operations and repairs if the same arises.

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6. RockJam KB100 -Best adjustable Piano Stool

Best adjustable Piano Stool

Brilliant features
  • Manages the intended goals in a simple way
  • Lets you play for hours without tiring
  • Maintains you in utmost comfort throughout use
  • A padded seat allows for your maximum comfort and support
  • The four levels of adjustments allow for snug fitting
Watch out for
  • Cannot store sheet music under the seat

Why we choose it

Is your search for the right piano bench dictated by the desire to meet the needs of many people? Get your hands on this specific bench as it is the one that will most likely yield that very end. The bench does adjust to accommodate many in the seating position.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Supreme Comfort

On all accounts, the bench does ensure supreme comfort. This comfort arises from the large accommodating seat that bears the high-quality extra thick foam padding. By reason of this arrangement, the seat allows for endless hours of use without any undue pains. It lets you master your gaming with an added layer of reliability.

  • Highly Adjustable

As we have hinted, this seat adjusts to accommodate the different heights and sizes of the users who opt to make use of it. It makes use of the four fixed positions to guarantee this one. These positions interchange easily to make it possible for many users and environments to leverage its benefits.

  • Convenient and Portable

When all are said and done, the chair is truly portable and comfortable. For one, it comes fully assembled and ready for use. That means it absolves you from the lengthy and sometimes laborious instructions that you have to adhere to while setting it up. Its lightweight allows for smooth transportation.

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7. HomXom -Best Piano Bench for 2 Person

Best Piano Bench for 2 Person

Brilliant features
  • Light enough to move about easily
  • Relatively simpler to keep clean
  • Resists water damages with absolute reliabilit
  • Good for training and apprenticeship
  • Sturdy enough to ward off fidgeting and possible fall-offs
Watch out for
  • Does not fold and hence demands excess space

Why we choose it

Do you want a bench that will easily help a tutor to take you through the lessons? You have this one to choose to work with. It has sufficient space for two people. As such, it easily allows someone to sit right next to you and guide you through the entire process.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Comfortable Seat

Its seat is by far the most comfortable of all that is under our review today. The seat basically comprises the smooth faux leather. This leather is structured in some elegant and straight lines to give off some truly breathtaking appearances. Its beauty complements the awesome functionality it yields.

  • Sufficient Room

As noted earlier, this seat has sufficient space for two adults to lay on. In light of this arrangement, the seat does make it possible for anyone to easily tutor throughout your use. You will hence find this seat particularly suited for the starters and small children.

  • Glossy Black Wood Finish

A glossy black wood finish rounds up the list of the goodies that this bench does bring along. Owing to this elegant finish, the bench is a good one to enhance the décor of your living room. All you have to do to leverage this awesome benefit is to place it strategically at a place where all might behold it easily.

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8. World Tour Keyboard Piano Stool

Keyboard Piano Stool

Brilliant features
  • Offers a pretty large seating area
  • Guarantees maximum comfort for your keyboard playing
  • Its high-density foam bench padding provides added comfort
  • Eliminates fatigue when used for longer
  • Handles many people at a time
Watch out for
  • Has bad smell at the first

Why we choose it

Are you obese? Choosing any bench randomly might not be a good idea. As a matter of necessity, you have to insist on that one which is strong enough to bear as much weight as possible. We welcome you to attempt this one that has the capacity to bear 250 pounds comfortably.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • 3 Adjustable Height Positions

It is possible for you to adjust the bench to three positions. To do this, you will make use of the three adjustable height positions that exist on the equipment. Thanks to this trait, you will be able to enjoy the desired levels of comfort you want at any given time.

  • Non-slip Rubber End Caps

At the ends of the bench are some non-slip rubber caps. These ones play the role of shielding these caps from direct contact with the floors. In doing so, they minimize any possible damages that the floor may have to endure with use. At the same time, they also ward off any imminent fatigue.

  • Heavy-duty Steel Construction

In its entirety, the bench is made of heavy-duty construction. It is the use of the super hard and resilient stainless steel material that makes this possible. In fact, this is the trait that enables the bench to be able to bear the 250 pounds we have talked about.

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9. Yamaha BB1 -Best Black Piano Bench

Best Black Piano Bench

Brilliant features
  • Truly beautiful to behold with the eyes
  • Affordable yet elegant enough to operationalize
  • The thick padded seat imbues maximum comfort
  • Good enough for the seasoned pianist
  • Pairs with other musical instruments as well
Watch out for
  • Only for one person

Why we choose it

Do you have a limited amount of money in your possession? Fret not! You have an affordable companion to look up to here. This one contains only the bare minimum set of features that are needful at any given time. In light of this, it does not require that you spend too much of your money.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Quality Wood Construction

A quality wood construction tops the list of the awesome benefits the piano has to offer to anyone. The construction basically makes it possible for the item to stand tall to the extremes of weather elements. Moreover, it also allows for repeated use for a prolonged amount of time.

  • Thick Padded Seat

Its seat is padded for extra comfort on your part. The padding is thick enough to bear excess weights and retain its luster at the same time. Thus, the padding negates the need for the numbness to arise and hence ensures a smooth flow of blood and vital nutrients at all times of seating.

  • Strategic Air Vent

Lastly, a strategic air vent also exists on the bench. The purpose of the vent is to allow for the smooth circulation of air. In doing this, it guarantees unconstrained preservation of the seat from the adverse agents of tears. This definitely contributes to longevity and reduced costs of repairs.

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10. AW -Best White Piano Bench

Best White Piano Bench

Brilliant features
  • Has a storage compartment for safeguarding your gears
  • Provides the comfort you need to play your music
  • Truly simple in scope and vitality
  • Good enough for beginners and professionals alike
  • Lasts longer than many other seats
Watch out for
  • Unsuitable for remote usage

Why we choose it

Want to derive the highest returns on your investments? This is the piano bench to set yours on. It is multipurpose in the sense that it has the ability to serve many purposes at a go. The keyboard bench, a piano bench, and the vanity stool are top examples of these purposes.

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • Awesome Weight Capacity

It does have the capacity to bear 264.55 pounds of weight. This is definitely sufficient to meet the needs of even the weightiest person around. The capacity is further bolstered by the sturdy legs that exist to maintain you in a complete state of stability and comfort.

  • High-quality PU Leather

A high-quality PU leather exists to provide the comfort you need to enjoy your sitting and enjoyment. Other than the comfort, the leather also makes for easier cleanliness later on. All you have to do is to use a damp piece of clean cloth to do the trick.

  • Plug-and-play

The seat comes about as plug-and-play in the sense that it does not require assembly before use. Instead, you just have to deploy it for you as such. On account of this wonderful arrangement, you will not have to struggle and go through many hassles to deploy it for use.

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Buying Guide on Choosing the Best Piano Bench

If you are planning to start with piano classes, other than focusing on finding the right piano for your lessons, and the perfect instructor, the other key thing to consider is a piano bench.

A piano bench plays a role in ensuring that you are comfortable while playing your piano and even enjoy your time as well. So, whether you need to learn the piano for fun or as a professional hobby, choose a bench that will offer you the right comfort regardless of the time you practice.

best piano keyboard bench

The following are the top buying guide on choosing the best piano bench:

  • The type of piano (grand and upright)

Pianos are classified into two categories, which are the grand and upright piano.  If you are using a grand piano, choose a grand piano bench and vice versa. This is essential because these types of keyboards come in different heights, and therefore, you will require the right bench to sit at the right height. For example, the perfect bench for a grand piano should range from 32 to 36 inches.

  • Cushioned bench

Your comfort while seated will determine how much you can focus and endure long hour lessons. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a bench that is well padded or cushioned. Some benches come with inbuilt cushions, while in others, you have to purchase it separately. But, buy a chair that has inbuilt padding as this guarantees you durability and comfort as well. Sit on the bench while still at the shop to test its support.

  • The size

The size of the bench is another crucial factor to look out for when choosing it. You require a seat that you can sit well without straining. The seats come in a variety of sizes, which range from small for kids to large for adults. Test the bench at the shop and ensure it leaves more space on the sides while you are seated.

  • The price

How much are you willing to spend on buying the bench? These items are sold at different prices depending on the type, the brand, the quality, and many other factors. Therefore, if you need a piano bench crafted with high-quality material and padding that will last for long, be sure to spend a couple of bucks in acquiring it.

  • Adjustable

Sometimes you may not get it right when choosing the correct height of a piano bench. Also, if the bench is to be used by more than one person, you need to select furniture with reasonable height to fit all people.

So, to be on a safe side, choose a piano bench that has an adjustable height. This is a crucial feature to consider if you are buying the piano bench for your students.

  • Foldable benches

Do you have enough storage space in your home or the class? Well, if the answer is no, you need to consider getting a foldable piano bench. A bench that can compress to a small size saves on the storage space.



upright piano

Having concluded out reviews and the guide, we are now truly confident that you have the empowerment you need to make the appropriate choice of a piano bench. Why don’t you now go ahead and do just that? Still, stuck as regards the best way forward? Kindly speak to us for further inspiration!